My Vampire System
428 The struggle in the next evolution
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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428 The struggle in the next evolution

Just like the times before, the evolution process had begun, and a shooting pain was felt throughout Quinn's body. At the moment, he couldn't move as it was due to his stamina issues and now it was even worse, as a strong sensation spread through his body. All of his muscles were cramped and felt tensed up. His body felt so tight it was as if his very own muscles were trying to strangle his own body.

'Damn, this is bad!' Quinn thought. If a beast was to come now, there would be no chance he could fight back. He would be killed in the middle of the evolving process.

His body continued to spasm, and Quinn tried to focus his mind to concentrate. Perhaps he could use the mediating method he did for his Qi. However, he soon found out that it was almost impossible for him to focus with the amount of pain he was going through.

Compared to all the previous evolutions, this one was three times worse than the last one, and for some reason it didn't seem like it was getting better anytime soon. As time passed from second to second, it was as if the pain was getting worse. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours.

"Quinn, you need blood now!" The system shouted in a worried voice. "The fight took too much from you, and maybe you could have used your blond bank, but it's completely empty. If you don't consume blood to help with the evolution process. There is a good chance your body could resort to self cannibalism. Slowly eating every part of you away, until you shrivel up to ashes."

'But… I… Can't… Even… move… How am I meant to get blood!?' Quinn thought desperately, as he slowly managed to dig one hand into the ground and pulled himself, dragging his body across the floor. Moving at a snail's pace, he felt like it was hopeless. He slightly turned his head and could see Clark on the ground a few meters away on the floor as well.

He wasn't moving, but was pretty sure he was still alive. Using the inspect skill, he had confirmed he was only unconscious. There was a good chance that Clark had a stash, or a base of some sorts where he could get blood, or at least a teleporter to head back to the vampire world.

He tried his best to shout out to Clark, but it seemed like now the muscle spasms had gotten to around his neck and throat. His diaphragm also wasn't working well, making it harder for him to breathe or say anything.

"Buinn!" A voice shouted out. "Sorry, I mean, Quinn, are you okay?"

Looking up, Quinn could see Rokene's small body standing above him while his Rabbit stayed on top of his head. He tried once again to desperately say that he needed blood and he needed it soon, but the words just wouldn't come out.

Rokene started to look around and he soon could see instructor Clark on the floor. He didn't quite know what happened, but rushed over once he saw the strange shadow dome start to disappear. Still, he wasn't a fool. Instructor Clark had obviously come for one reason, because of the dead students.

But he couldn't believe what he was seeing, if Clark really did come to try to bring Quinn in for his wrongdoings. Did the two of them have a fight? If so, somehow Quinn was able to beat him, but this was the strange result.

Suddenly, a few coughs from behind were heard followed by the sound of a few spits to the ground. Turning his head back, still difficult for Quinn, he was surprised to see that Clark had regained consciousness, but he was in no state to be freely moving about, which was a small sigh of relief for Rokene.

For a moment, he thought he might have to do combat with the instructor if he wanted to protect Quinn.

Turning his head to the side, Clark could see the distress Quinn was in, as he was clawing at the ground, and his abs and body tensing up.

'He wasn't that injured, what's happening to him?' Clark thought. 'Could it be, is he going through an evolution now, right after our fight.'

He slowly tried to lift his hand, but it was useless. Although he wouldn't die from such wounds, it would take him a long time to heal without any blood and with no other vampires around, if a death bat was to come to their location he would be dead.

"Teacher, please, I don't know what happened but tell me how can I help him." Rokene asked with a desperate plea, knowing that it was quite possible that the person responsible for everything was the very person he was trying to save. "I promise, if you tell me what to do, I'll come help you as well."

Clark continued to look at Quinn, struggling. It was clear by the yells and his now torn fingernails and tips that the pain was getting worse. Usually, some vampires could push through without the need for blood, but due to the fight the two of them had, it was clear he would not make it through this.

"Head north east for five hundred meters, or so, you should come across a strange hill. Inside there is a cave. There is then a door made of glathrium, the pass code is 128362. Inside there are packs of blood that are kept on this planet just in case of any emergencies that were to happen. Bring the blood back to him as fast as possible. The quicker you are, the more chance he will have to live." Clark explained.

Leaving the rabbit behind for protection of the two, Rokene sprinted off in the direction that he was told, looking for the said items. While doing so he would repeat the numbers in his head over and over again. The good news was the base didn't seem to be too far away, so if there was any need for desperate attention, Rokene could come back quickly.

Continually looking at Quinn by his side, Clark was wondering if it was the right thing to do, helping the boy that had practically beaten him. But the truth was, Clark had a special link with his familiar. At the start of the assessment, he had sent it out to look over Quinn. With his link, he was able to see and hear everything that happened.

He knew it wasn't Quinns fault, and if he was to judge correctly, it looked like the strange Boneclaw had acted out of its own actions, yet in their fight for some reason it hadn't. On top of this, there would have been a slight gap between an evolution and the end of their fight, a chance for him to have been killed.

'The punishers, are you really a part of them, and have they returned?' Clark thought. If so, then this is even bigger news than the tenth family getting a suspected leader.

It only took a few moments but, Rokene was able to return with two blood packs that held in his hand. He had brought one for Quinn, and one for Clark. One of the blood packs was placed down near the black rabbit away from Clark.

While Rokene Quickly went over to Quinn's side. He pierced the bag with his fingertip, and blood started to spill everywhere, but he didn't care about this for now. Rapidly pouring the blood back over Quinn's body, he managed to get most of it in his mouth, but not without causing a mess over his body.

"Please work!" Rokene started to pray to himself, as all of the blood was now gone from the single blood pack.

Quite quickly, results could be seen as the strain on Quinn's body and face started to lessen. The tight grip on his fists started to relax, and the groans started to stop. Finally, Quinn felt like he was regaining control of his body and shortly after everything had come to a stop.

[Evolution process was successful.]

[Congratulations you are now a vampire noble]

[You have received a new quest]

[Become a Vampire leader….]



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