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567 A leader is needed
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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567 A leader is needed

After the special announcement was made, there was excitement in the air for the whole shelter. It turned out incidents like this didn't happen much. Killing beasts like this would give them top-level gear and would increase the strength of the whole faction significantly.

The two quests hadn't been put up yet on the quest board because this would be a group quest rather than an individual team quest. A group quest was where multiple teams would work together to take care of the beast.

According to Sam, there were a few different rules for this. Everyone who went on the quest if successful would be awarded some type of compensation mostly credits. The member that killed the beast delivering the last blow, their team would be given the beast crystal as a reward. It was then up to them to decide who would receive the said crystal.

At times, due to how tough a beast would be to be killed, multiple people would attack one at once. If this was the case, then the leader, who was present, would decide which group he felt contributed the most.

This was one of the reasons why it was taking a while. Both Blip and the heads of the faction were talking about what level to set the quest at, while also deciding who the leaders would be.

While waiting, Sam, this time had come over to Quinn and the others to join them. Since he was only a Rank C like them, he was not invited to these types of meetings like the others.

"Hey, you don't have to hang out with us cause you feel bad bro," Fex said with a smile. "You can join other groups, you know they hate us."

The group sat down at their own table, as were many of the others as well. Sam looked around before taking a seat. "Actually I'm not the most popular around here," Sam replied back.

"What do you mean?" Quinn was interested, he had seen the people outside treat Sam quite well. If he was referring to him not being popular, then he meant inside the shelter.

"You see, I have quite a low level ability," Sam said. "I was never able to train my wind ability above a level five, but, I have advanced gear all over me, and my cape is now at the king tier level as well.

"The others think the only reason why I am where I am is because of Nate. They think I piggybacked off him and ranked up." Looking at his face, Quinn could see this perhaps troubled Sam a lot.

But it wasn't because of the way people were treating him, no Quinn had seen this look before. It was Sam who actually believed the words of the others. Sam felt like he was weak, just like Quinn had once done as well.

"In a way, it's true." Said Sam. "When we defeated a king tier beast by chance, Nate had chosen to give the crystal to me. The only reason why I'm allowed to hang around the B ranks and Blip is because of Nate's position. So the others don't exactly like me around here."

"Hey, join the club," Fex said. "Don't worry about that too much man. We're finally Rank C's as well. Which means we can go together."

This is why Sam was a bit happy. He had always been with Nate, and perhaps this would be the first time he could do something independently. A group that wouldn't judge him of his past achievements.

Over in the assembly hall, the upper leaders of the Crows were having a discussion. There was Blip the only A rank in the base and the founder. Linda, Blip's sister and co-founder a Rank B. Then there were three more Rank B's Nate, who hadn't been there long.

Then there was another Rank B female warrior who went by the name Megan. She had light brown hair that was long and curly. It was hard for her to keep maintained, so it looked as if she had just given up. On her back were two small axe's.

Then there was Mitchell, he also had curly hair, that was a dirty blonde in colour, on his face square like glasses with his arms crossed listening intently.

"Now that we have decided on the Emperor tier group, I have some plans I want for the ones going for the king tiers." Blip said. "Linda, I would like you to secretly go along with the lower ranks on this quest. Protect whoever you must, but I want you to do it secretly. "

"I'm okay with that," Linda replied. "But does this mean you want someone else to be a leader for this?"

"Yes, that's the idea. We need more people ranking up. More people to be the same level as us, at the same time, I don't want to just invite anyone into the upper part of the Crow's. We need to see leadership skills. Us four will be going after the Emperor tier alone.

"The two king tiers we will only allow Rank D's and C's to go on this one. While Linda will go with them hidden. If you can, try to stay away from the limelight as long as possible. I don't want the group getting nervous or becoming over reliant, knowing you will be there."

"Then who is going to lead the other expedition?" Megan asked. "It would have to be a Grade C correct."

"What about Sam?" Nate asked.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Mitchell chimed in. "I know he is your friend, and I have to admit, he has indeed shown impressive qualities. I would say maybe he is more fitting to be where you are right now, in terms of running the base." Mitchell said, pushing his glasses back onto the bridge of his nose. "But there is a problem that you might not know about."

"Which is?" Nate said with a little anger in voice, annoyed that his friend was being looked down on.

"The other Travelers, they don't look up to him. They don't respect him. Someone can not lead a group if they don't respect him. Every decision he makes, there will be those that don't listen to him and try to undermine him.

"He has a good clear mind and can make tough decisions, but at the end of the day, he has only been in the Crows for two months. The others will not like the fact that he is made leader."

"How about Kong?" Megan suggested. "If we're going by who has been here the longest, he has also been a Rank C for the longest time as well."

"Kong, that's not a bad idea." Blip said.

"Kong!" Nate said. "That guy is a little, rough. Are you sure he will be good for these guys?"

Nate remembered that he had gone questing only a few times with Kong. He was strong and skilled, but he was tough on those that made mistakes and didn't exactly do things his way.

"Do you have a better suggestion, other than your biased friend Sam?" Megan asked.

Back in the main quest room, Blip and the others had come out to make an announcement. He had told them all that the Emperor tier beast would be dealt with by the B ranks and A rank, while Linda would be left behind to look after the base. The reasoning that they didn't want anyone to die, and it was too risky to take any lower ranks.

"As for the second request, teams of five are able to go, but they can only consist of Rank C and Rank D members. As for the one leading the quest, we have decided on Kong."

A few cheers and whistles came from the room as they heard the name. When Quinn's group looked over. They could see a large muscular bald-headed dark-skinned brown man with a tribal tattoo over his face.

But it didn't look like everyone was happy about the decision as half the room had remained silent over it. "If you wish to register, then please go over to Kong, and we will start the preparations." And the announcement was made. The two quests had popped up on the quest board with the requirements.

While the other groups had gone to Kong to go register their teams, Quinn was still sat down thinking. There was no rush, and it wasn't like Kong could deny their team of going. They were all Rank C's. What Quinn was thinking about was the reward instead.

Because it was a new type of king tier beast they had never discovered, it meant the crystal would have to be given over to the Graylash family. In return, their group would get something else.

But Quinn didn't like this, and he felt like the king tier crystal given back would be something of a lower quality. From what Nate had said, sometimes they were just given king tier weapons that had already been heavily used.

On the other hand, at least their team would get points for completing the quest, but would that really matter. There was also the fact that their team would have to clearly either get the last kill or contribute the most to this hunt.

That's when an idea popped into Quinn's head. Perhaps a way for him to get both the king tier crystals for himself without having to give them over. If this plan worked, then maybe he would also have a chance to grab the emperor tier as well.

"Quinn, I'm not liking that creepy smile on your face right now, calm it down as touch or two will ya," Fex said.


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