My Vampire System
564 Paul“s ability
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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564 Paul“s ability

Paul was the best person for the job when it came to guiding them to new areas. Although he wasn't as knowledgeable as Freddy and had never been on this planet before, there were many times in the past where he would be required to lead a team and explore a new planet.

On top of this, because of his high rank, they would often be some of the most dangerous planets. But back then he had his full power, while now it was safe to say he was weaker than before.

He was unlike the others, they weren't high-level ability users, nor were they greatly skilled in using their abilities. For them, being turned was actually a boost. For Paul, not being able to learn the same ability, it was a complete reset.

This time they had come across a quiet area. The red soil was only seen in patches as tall green grass was covering most of the land. There were a few trees, but they were far apart. What stood out most though was they could see beasts as soon as they arrived in the area. Large creatures as big as an elephant, only they were completely covered in white fur that also covered their eyes.

They moved slowly and were eating patches of grass to the soil using their fluffy trunk. Even when they entered their territory, it didn't look like the beasts were reacting to them at all.

"Hey, I'm all for killing beasts and stuff," Fex said, "But don't you think this is kind of bad? If it's not trying to kill me, I'm going to have a real big problem taking care of them."

Suze started running up to one of the beasts that were busy eating the tall grass. She gave it a big hug and started to shake her head in the fluffy white fur while smiling.

"It's so nice."

Kazz went up to the beast as well, the beast turned its head while munching on the grass looking at Kazz for a second before turning away.

"Can I touch it?" Kazz asked.

"Sure, these are known as Pomplees. They're a basic tier beast that are harmless unless you try attacking them. It's rare to find beasts that don't attack on sight. It's a shame they can't be domesticated though, as soon as you try forcing them to do something or try to move them, they'll fight back." Suze explained.

She reached out her hand and was a little scared at first, but the white fur looked so soft, she couldn't resist. As soon as she touched it, the fur felt so soft, that she just needed to plant her whole body into it.

"Don't worry, we are not here to kill them," Paul explained. "The intermediate beast we are looking for just happens to be in the same area here, it's linked to the Pomplees."

Paul pointed at where one of the Pomplee's was eating. It uprooted the long grass with its strange snout, shoving it into its mouth. Now the red soil beneath the ground could be seen, and it was moving slightly.

A few moments later, something popped up from the ground. It was red in colour with green antennas and as large as a basketball. It rose up in the air and started to flap its light green wings at incredible speed hovering in the air. Then, with its green eyes, it had locked onto the girls.

It started flying through the air and headed straight for them. The boys were further away, and Quinn was ready to use his shadow. Images of what happened with Freddy started to come up.

However, before the bug could reach them, Fex had thrown out his red string. He pulled on it slightly, slicing the beast.

Suze looked at the beast on the floor and could see it was no longer moving. 'That rank D killed an intermediate beast so easily. Who is he?"

The red soil from where the bug beast had come from started to shift and change, only this time the long grass began to grow in the area again until it was back to what it once was.

"I don't know the relation, but the book about the beast just says that in certain areas where the Pomplee eats, an intermediate insect beast called the Kakuen will appear."

There was a family of about thirty or so Pomplee. Still, an intermediate tier beast wouldn't appear from every patch of grass. Once again, the group started to split up to make the hunting easier, only this time, Quinn had decided to go with Kazz and Suze.

On this trip, Quinn was prepared to use the shadow to make hunting easier. He didn't care anymore, and his main goal was to level up and earn a load of credits. Still, he would hide his blood abilities unless necessary. For if anyone was to see them, he was sure Kazz would attempt to silence them.

But these beasts were few, and using the shadow in a situation like this was just pointless. If he didn't have to, what was the point?

They focused on the Pomplee, and when a beast would rise up, they would grab and try to take care of it. One of the bugs had risen from the ground, and Quinn grabbed its head. Activating his gauntlets, giving it quite the shock.

Like a zapper, he was dealing with them one by one.

Kazz, for the first time, had brought out her whip that Quinn had given her and as soon as one had left the ground, a loud bang was heard. Slicing the bug in half. Upon hearing the loud noise, the Pomplee turned to have a look, but when they saw there was no trouble they chose to ignore it.

Suze didn't even get a chance to use her ability, nor fight any of them, for only a few seconds after they had left the ground, the beasts were defeated.

She didn't understand what was going on with these low-rank Travelers. The beats they were fighting against were intermediate beasts because they were hard to track with their eyes. The beast's movements were fast, but the troublesome thing was more how radically it would change direction in a single moment.

It was similar to a fly, yet it seemed to be no trouble at all for any of them. This was due to their special eyes. It was no trouble at all for vampires.

The group had defeated around 14 intermediate beasts, and they decided to take a small break as quite some time had passed.

"Wahhh!" Suddenly they could hear a moan, and they noticed it was coming from Suze. "You guys, I haven't been able to take out a single beast. I feel useless." She said.

The others had seen what was happening, both Quinn and Kazz were taking them out before Suze got the chance. Quinn wanted the exp and didn't want her to get hurt, as, for Kazz, she seemed to be enjoying the whip.

"Why don't you swap with me?" Fex said, feeling bad for her. "You can go with Paul."

Paul was doing well, but he was the slowest out of them all. He wasn't using any range abilities, so he would physically have to try to strike the beast with his clawed gloves.

Quinn was hesitant, but as long as he had Shadow on, it should be okay, he thought.

"That's fine. Just stay within eyesight of each other. Don't wander too far." Quinn said.

With the swap done, Suze realised that this was the perfect opportunity to try to see Paul's skill. She had been taken by Linda to see the real abilities of Paul, after all.

Out from the grass, one of the bug beasts had come out. Paul went for a swipe but missed it, as it moved away, then he swiped again with his other hand, and it looked like it had missed a second time. Suddenly, the beast started to move about slower. Its flight path wasn't as erratic as before. It looked almost as if the insect was drunk.

"It's all yours," Paul said.

It was now easy for Suze, the insect was flying slowly and lowering itself. Grabbing her dagger, she jumped up and stabbed it to the ground. That's when she could see there was a strange substance coming out from the insect's mouth.

"What did you do?" She asked.

"It's my ability," Paul replied. "It's not too strong yet, but these beasts with a small body are perfect for testing my poison out."

It was repetitive and boring for them all, but Quinn liked it this way. It was safe and easy for them to get a lot of crystals, possibly ranking them up to Rank C even quicker. Once they were at Rank C, they could go on hunts with Sam, and they wouldn't have to worry anymore.

For this reason, Quinn decided to stay out as long as possible. But in doing so, he had forgotten about a grave detail.

Paul and Suze had continued their method, allowing him to get the surprise attack on the beast, while she would finish it off. The next bug came up from the ground, and Paul went for a strike, then suddenly, his hand's movements slowed.

Slower than he had ever felt it before. His body felt weak, and it was like he could no longer stand on his leg's anymore.

The beast dodged the attack and charged in, using its small clawed hands and large head to fly into Paul, banging him onto the ground. Then with its forceps, it was ready to aim for his throat.

"No!" Suze shouted and threw her dagger, She hit the beast dead on, making it fall to the ground.

"Are you okay?" She said, rushing over. Paul was covered in sweat and was pale. He didn't look good at all.

Turning his head at the commission, Quinn could see that another bug beast had risen from the ground. It wasn't only fast, but its wings were silent, and it was aiming right for the back of Suze's neck.

"I knew something like this would happen. The world has been giving me bad luck lately. So you want to test me. But you won't get your way today." Quinn said.

[Shadow on ]

[Shadow control rise]

Too distracted by Paul's wellbeing, she hadn't noticed the beast moving forward and going in for the attack. But it didn't matter, for she was protected. The shadow underneath her feet flickered once more and rose up, stopping the beast mid-air, as it slowed down blocked by the shadow.


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