My Vampire System
553 Travler Grade
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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553 Travler Grade

Yeah, Linda was fast, but Quinn had seen faster. With his boots and stats, along with the activated skill. He too should be able to achieve a speed similar to hers. Not being able to use his abilities, in itself this was quite a fun challenge for him.

Charging in, Linda matched him going in as well, and the two met in the middle quickly.

"So what if you have speed. That's just your ability, for me with just this equipment I have more power than you." She shouted.

Linda threw another fist, however, being prepared this time, Quinn had avoided it. He dodged the attack, and his eyes had locked with hers. He threw a punch of his own, but she too had moved out of the way.

This continued, and Quinn didn't break eye contact. While fighting, he was thinking, he could have used the phantom punch right now, he could have tried using Daze. Blood swipe. And then he even had his shadow ability.

It looked like there was no winner as the punches would continue to avoid each other to the outside. Still, for Quinn, he was satisfied, knowing there were several things he could do. He had grown stronger.

After feeling he had shown enough, he pretended to stumble, gritted his teeth and prepared himself for the next punch. He could tell she was putting full force into each of her hits now. She was going too fast to not be able to. Whereas the first time, she must have held back a little, worried that she might kill him.

But now, all she wanted to do was hit Quinn, as she had gotten carried away. The blow had hit, and once again he was thrown across the room to the same place as before, hitting the container. This time his body had made a large dent in it, and he fell on to the cold floor.

[-30 HP]

[50/100 HP]

Quinn was still conscious, but he pretended to lay on the floor lying still.

"Quinn!" Fex said, running forward and picking him up off the ground. When he turned him over, Quinn gave Fex a wink showing that he was all alright and to play along.

Shaking his head, Blip was a little worried he might have been gravely injured. After a few moments though, he could see that Quinn was waking up and Fex was carrying him over his shoulder. Quinn gave a quick thumbs up to Blip showing he was okay.

"You guys are some good kids." Blip said.

After everything, the assessment was over, and the four of them were told to wait patiently while they discussed things over. It looked like they would be getting their grade there and then.

"How do you think we did?" Fex asked while they were waiting.

"I'm really not sure." Quinn replied. "I don't know how they judge these Traveler things, but I think we can trust these guys. They seem like good people. It would be best if we all started at rank D. We could then go on the higher grade hunts and gather funds quicker."

Finally, it looked like the decision had been made. The three of them stood up, and Blip was in the centre with his tablet in his hand. For the first time, he looked a little nervous, making them a little nervous. Even though it didn't really matter what grade they got.

"First, for Paul. We have decided to give you the grading of a Rank F Traveller." Blip said. Paul didn't think he would care about such a thing, but for some reason, when he had heard those words. His fist automatically clenched up, and a strange feeling was felt in his stomach.

Rank F, the lowest rank for a Traveler. That wasn't something fit for a head general. But that was right, he was no longer a head general.

"Please don't be disheartened about this. You showed great skill and honestly, with the obstacle course, you performed at a speed and time quicker than average. But with only an intermediate tier weapon as beast gear, no soul weapon and no ability. These are things that even rank F travellers have, even if they aren't so strong.

"So it was impossible to give you a higher Rank based on just your fighting and physical skills alone."

After hearing the reasoning, it made sense to them, but now Quinn realised that there was a high possibility that they would all get a low grade based on those requirements.

"Next, Kazz. At first, we thought that Nate was being over-generous with your score. He thought you deserved to be in Rank D. But honestly, us two just couldn't see it. However, he does get a say in all of this, and you do have a healing ability. Reluctantly, we had finally come to a compromise and awarded you a Rank E."

Both Blip and Linda didn't want to award this at all. Especially since she had only shown skill on the same level as Paul. Perhaps a little better. But their discussion had already gone on for too long, and Nate refused to budge. Love was a strange and powerful emotion.

"Quinn." Blip said. "Your speed ability helped you immensely in the obstacle course, and we saw you use it well in the fighting assessment as well.

We look forward to seeing what you can do in the future here. However, the speed ability is a common one and easily countered by other ability users. It also doesn't have much effect on beasts.

"It would have been nice to see what your soul weapon would have been, perhaps then you would have gotten a higher grade, but because of this, we too have awarded you with Rank E."

It wasn't the worst result, and it wasn't the best result either. The artificial grade didn't matter much to Quinn. After fighting Linda, a Rank B Traveler, even though she didn't use her ability, Quinn could guess if he was to go all out, he would probably be around the B to A level. If his system was correct in gauging how strong she was.

"Finally Fex. You were very creative in using your string ability. We never thought someone with such a strange-sounding ability would be able to use it so well. Your fighting abilities were extraordinary as well, and your string was strong.

"There won't be many who will be able to see your string, at the same time, I could tell my king tier dagger struggled to cut it, I thought it would be easier. Which means it's quite the strong ability. For all of these reasons, even though you have no soul weapons. We would like to award you with Rank D."

"Yes!" Fex jumped up, shouting. "In you face losers. Who's the best, who's the man. Me!"

For a second Fex had lost it. He really didn't know what had come over him. When seeing the faces of the others and Quinn's strange look. He realised it wasn't anything to celebrate over. They had all held back during the assessment.

"Sorry." Fex said as we went to sit back down.

"Remember this Grade isn't the end. Just because you didn't get a good initial assessment doesn't mean you can't rank up. The first three ranks are the easiest to rise through. So if we have made a misjudgement, you can prove it to us very quickly." Blip explained. "You can use Sam as an example. He was given a Rank F in his initial assessment and is now a Rank C in only two months. He proved that we really did make a mistake."

This was good to hear, for if Quinn and the others started to rank up quickly. They wouldn't be too suspicious of them.

"I look forward to seeing all of you. I'll get Nate to show you around the shelter, and base and he can show you all where you will be staying."

Nate walked forward and led the four out of the warehouse.

"I think those kids will grow quickly." Blip said as he went to leave but then noticed that Linda wasn't coming with him.

"What's wrong?"

'I'm just going to stay here and train for a bit." Linda replied.

"Don't work too hard, sis." Blip said as he left to perform the rest of his shelter duties. He would have to now input the grades given into the system and hand out the Travellers Tag's later on.

When Blip had finally left the warehouse, Linda didn't go to train as she said. Instead, she went back to the desk and started to watch back her own fight with Quinn. She watched it a few times, and then also watched what Kazz had done.

'These people are strange, even Paul in the end. But why the need to hide their strength?' Linda thought. 'If they were just honest, we would welcome them even more with open arms. They would even have a better chance of going to the big three.'

Her curiosity had gotten the better of her, and she had stopped watching the videos. Deciding to go online instead.

On the screen, she had written the words. "Blood Evolver."

The first search result had appeared.

( Is there a hacker named Blood Evolver in Power fighters? )

It was a forum post and she noticed there were many other topics on thier about the Blood evolver. It seemed to be quite the hot topic a while back, so she decided to click on the forum post, and the first thing she could see was a video.


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