My Vampire System
534 Home sweet home Part 2
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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534 Home sweet home Part 2

Entering through the doors, every time someone entered, Kazz straight away ran to where they were and introduced herself to everyone with a handshake. Her actions and the aura around her, everything just seemed so harmless.

However, Quinn couldn't get it out of his head that the first leader that seemed so against him at the time, would never just give anybody such an important role, so he decided to do it.


[Kazz Cane]

[Vampire knight]

But after using his inspect skill on her, he was on his guard once again. Someone who was a vampire knight couldn't be harmless at all.

'They really went so far as to put a vampire knight to watch us?' Quinn thought. Without Leo and Edward going on this trip, it was quite possible that Kazz would be one of the strongest people with them.

If Quinn wasn't there to keep her in check. Then he was worried about his friends. If they did something she deemed wrong, she was strong enough to deal with them herself.

Just another worry on his mind.

Everyone was in the room, including Paul and Leo, even though Leo wasn't coming, he was here to see everyone off. The only ones they were waiting for were the girls.

"What's taking them so long?" Fex said, annoyed tapping his foot. He was more excited than ever to be leaving this place again.

The doors then opened again, and three girls had entered, as usual speeding across the room. Kazz was the first one to greet them all. She shook the hand of each person there before leaving.

As Kazz turned and left, Cia had paused for a second.

"Have I met that girl somewhere before?" Cia said.

"Well I haven't been her before." Layla replied.

Walking up to the teleporter where everyone was waiting, Cia looked around the room at everyone. It was the first time she had seen Paul so close as well, and then it had hit her. Now she remembered where she had seen that girl before.

It was in her vision she had not too long ago. From Teacher Phil, she had learnt that her visions were part of a possible future. The only thing was, when or how far into the future, they didn't know.

At the time she had disregarded the whole thing. The reason being there were people in the vision she had never met before. She simply thought that it was something so far ahead in the future that she wouldn't have to worry about it for now.

What if this was what she had seen?

The worry had entered her mind, and the black smog could be seen above her by Layla. She could tell something had worried her after seeing the Kazz girl.

"What is it?" Layla whispered. "Is it another vision?"

Looking around, Cia was wondering if she should tell them or not. She had a dreaded feeling of something terrible happening if they were to go through that teleporter.

"No." Cia replied. "I think we should stay."

"What do you mean?" Layla asked, taking Cia to the side. She could see the worried look on her face.

"I can't explain it, but I saw something. If we go through that teleporter. I feel like something bad is going to happen to us." Cia explained.

"Did you see this in your vision, or is it just a hunch?" Layla asked.

She paused while thinking. It really was just a hunch based on the previous vision she had seen. She had already told the other girls about it, but all of them were seen alive in the vision, so they didn't think there was much to worry about on their end.

Placing both of her hands on Cia's shoulders, she tried to calm her down.

"Remember, the future you see isn't permanent. It's just one of the options you can see, we can change it. That's what Phil said, right? But it's important you don't keep these things to yourself either. Whenever you see something tell us. Who knows maybe one day it will save our lives."

Layla's words had managed to calm down Cia considerably, and the two of them decided not to make a scene. Especially when everyone was already happy and excited about going back. They just didn't want to damper the mood.

Everyone lined up in front of the teleporter, and Dwight gave a quick brief to everyone. It was a repeat of what he had told Quinn, but he made sure that everyone knew the consequences and weight of this mission as well.

They were now working for the Vampire Council, and he wanted to remind them all of that.

"Where will the teleporter take us?" Logan asked.

"You will appear directly at the island of military base two." Dwight replied.

Island? The others thought.

Paul, hearing this now knew the vampires had more intel on them than he first thought. They knew that the military bases were located on separate islands, and somehow, it seemed like they had teleporters that would link them to each one.

"No we don't have teleporters linking them to each one." Dwight said out loud as if he could read Paul's mind. "We have teleporters linking to seven of the military bases. We were never able to locate the location of military base one. I hope when you find out this information you can pass it on to us."

"The teleporter will drop you off in the middle of the forest. Located near the centre of the military base. I believe that it is next to your beloved school. I wish you all good luck, and I hope you don't experience the same fate as the vampires that were there before you."

The last words that were spoken made their excitement die down a little. They weren't going on a field trip. Instead, they were to do an important task, and if they were found out. There would be severe consequences. They all needed to remember that.

Finally, While Erin, Leo and Edward waved goodbye. The others started to walk through the teleporter one by one with they're hands on each other's back.

Cia who was stationed near the back of the group. Had her eyes closed all the time with her lips slightly moving, as if she was saying a prayer.

"Don't let me down, Quinn." Dwight said. "I look forward to your return."

They had all gone through teleporters so often that the experience didn't feel new to them. Still, it was a discomforting thing to feel your body being warped as if it was being squashed and pulled apart.

Nonetheless, the feeling would only last a few seconds and finally, when they heard their feet land on the ground. They knew they had made it back to earth.

The first thing that was felt for each of them was the warmth of the sun hitting their body. A feeling they had greatly missed.

"Give me that vitamin D." Vorden said with a smile.

Just like Dwight had said, they were all in some type of forest.

Looking around they were trying to gather thier bearings of where they were, and that's when some of them noticed something.

"Hey, look at this, was there a fight in the woods?" Vorden asked.

The group looked, and they too could see it. Many of the trees were burnt, uprooted from the ground or had been outright destroyed.

"It must have happened recently." Paul commented. "Usually the team is quick on fixing things like this. It seems they have been quite sloppy in my absence."

Paul too had been away for some time, he had spent most of his time with the supreme commander on the bat planet. Then, even more time after discovering the teleporter. He had been away just as long as the kids.

"This is the sun!" Kazz said. "My eyes, my skin! I'm melting."

When speaking, she was doing dramatic actions and saying this in a sarcastic tone. She too had the ring, so they knew she wasn't affected by it. She was just trying to get a laugh from everyone, but it wasn't received well. Still, it was the first time they were feeling such an odd sensation even with the rings.

"Remember the rings that you guys have only let you stay in the sun for so long." Quinn said as a reminder. It turned out that the ring Quinn had given to Leo was quite rare, and before he left, Leo had returned it to Quinn.

After finding out it was so valuable, there was no chance he would be giving it to the others and would be keeping it for himself.

"Let's head this way." Kazz said, pointing at a pathway she could see in the distance. She had immediately started walking but then noticed she couldn't hear the sound of anyone else's footsteps.

When she turned around, she could see that they were all staring at Quinn. Expecting him to do something.

"Quinn, you have to show that you're the leader." Fex whispered. "If you let her walk over you and start deciding things, then she's going to think she's in charge."

"Oh, right?" Quinn said.

He thought that when he returned to school, he would be a student once again. Taking orders from the teachers and listening to what they said, but his situation really had drastically changed from before. He wasn't just a student. He now even had the leader of the whole military base under him.

"Let's all go this way." Quinn said, pointing in the same direction as Kazz. "Let's see if we can spot where we are."

The rest then started to do as Quinn instructed and started to make their way out of the forest. Kazz wasn't stupid. She knew what the others were doing.

As a group, they had all exited form the forest one by one, and finally, they could see it. They had exited a part of the forest that allowed them to see the school on there left and the city.

However, their jaws nearly dropped to the ground at what they had seen, and tears started to drop from some of their faces. Cia was right, her vision had come true.

"What happened here!" Quinn said.

All of them were looking at a wholly destroyed school, and the city had shared the same fate. It was the appearance as if a war had broken out.

End of Arc 3

Thank you, everyone, for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy the next arc just as much as you did this one.


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