My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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530 My answer

Quinn wanted to let it all out, and he finally had the chance to do so with no consequences to hold him back. He always wanted to talk to the people at the top and ask what they were thinking, why didn't they try to help people like him, and now he could.

"No, I wasn't always a vampire, to answer your question," Quinn replied with a clenched fist.

"Quinn, calm yourself," Leo said, seeing this. "I know you have a lot you want to say, so just tell him. Let it out."

Taking in a deep breath, Quinn calmed down a little and started again.

"My parents died in the war against the Dalki." Quinn said. "I was left on my own with no money. I wasn't even able to afford an ability book which classified me as a level one. Do you know how life is for those low levels? We get treated like trash every day. Picked on and beaten."

"Even those that are only slightly above us, they push their anger and frustrations on those below them."

"We know what happens," Paul replied. "That's why we offer the earth ability for those that need it. It's why we take them in and protect them."

"Protect them?" Quinn laughed sarcastically. "You use the earth ability as a tool to dangle in front of them, to use them. What happens to those that don't wish to continue doing your bidding? You refuse to let them grow. You toss them aside and let them stay back where they were. Did you know what General Duke was doing? How he was controlling things behind the scenes. Getting others to do his bidding?"

"I didn't.." But Quinn wouldn't let Paul reply.

"Why if you had the strength, the power, why didn't you stop it. Why did you have to impose who was strong and who was weak on each other? And do you know about Truedream?" Quinn asked.

Hearing Truedream's name, the look on Pauls's face suddenly changed. Of course he knew about Truedream. Their relationship was a special one. Done on purpose to keep on his good side.

"Your face says it all," Quinn said in disgust. "There is a girl in this castle, that had to come here, had to run away with Leo, had to go through hell all because that sick bastard took her abilities away. Then they wanted to get rid of her, put her in the school dungeon, for what? Because she didn't have any parents, because you knew there was no one who would complain if these people had their abilities taken away."

"Peter nearly died, I had no choice but to turn him!!" Quinn shouted, raising his voice even more.

Leo now stood in between the two and asked Quinn to step back. He was afraid if he got too riled up, he would perhaps even kill Paul. And if that did happened, then their whole plan would have disappeared.

"I think you should answer the boy," Leo said. "He has been through more than you can imagine. During my short time there, I too had noticed some strange things. Sometimes when you are at the top, we don't see the affect our decisions make on the people below."

"We just see the final outcome or think about the final outcome. But here we have someone who was at the bottom, finally able to speak to you about these things. I hope you can give him some answears."

Paul took a moment to think, and what Leo had said was true. All the decisions made by the other generals and the supreme commander was based on achieving their goal. They just thought about what was best for them at the time.

Was it really so bad? He really didn't know. But this person had saved his life, and his people's lives so he could at least answer him honestly.

"You might not like the answer I'm going to give, it might not be the answer you are looking for, but it is an answer," Paul replied. "When the war with the Dalki started, we felt helpless. And when the originals came and saved us we looked up to them as some type of gods. Maybe it went to some people's heads and they did what they did for that reason, but I don't think so."

"At the time, the human instinct went into survival mode. The humans did everything they could to survive. So we decided to cut off what we saw as a heavyweight. We needed the quickest way to fight against the Dalki."

"It caused chaos, and Truedream was our answer to that chaos at that time. Yes, I did know about Truedream's doings. But every time I told myself we were sacrificing the few to save the many. The new society is the way it is now. If we were to take Truedream out of it, do you know what would happen?

"The Dalki would no longer be our biggest threat. Instead, it would be each other. Even here, with all your power. I can tell that there was distress at that table. People on one side and people on the other. That's just how things always have been."

"Especially now, where power is everything. The strongest ones are the ones that are deciding the people's path."

'It's the same.' Quinn thought. The vampire council, the humans, they were all the same. So everything was bad because the leader at the top was bad, was it?

Then what was the answer? How would he be able to solve this problem?

"You know, when I became a vampire, I used to think it was a curse. But more and more I'm starting to think of it as a blessing. Fine, to your stupid reply I'll give a stupid answer then. I'll just get stronger, stronger than the humans, stronger than any vampire, so no one can go against me."

"What I say is right, is right, and what I say is wrong. Is that correct? Is that the way the world works? As long as the person making the decisions is good of heart, it will be fine for everyone."

It wasn't the point Paul was trying to make, but he could tell Quinn was already beyond listening. He had been broken down by the life he had experienced. Maybe once he reached the top, or was put in that position. He would realize how hard it was, or maybe Quinn would go to prove him wrong.

Dwight, who was sitting by the side, had heard everything. He found it all interesting. Quinn wasn't really as close with the humans as he thought. It was interesting to hear how he felt because he had been a hard one to read until now.

Protecting Fex a vampire, then protecting the humans. He couldn't decide whose side he was on.

"Okay, times up," Dwight said, getting out of his seat. "We can't waste anymore time. First, let me explain a few things to you. We haven't decided the exact time frame of when to call you back. It could be one year, it could be ten years. It could even be as short as a month.

"But when we do, you are to return immediately. Once a month a vampire will be sent to your location to update us on what you are doing. If you deem there is anything urgent to report or the person who will be with you thinks it's necessary. Then they will use a portable teleporter to head back to us immediately. If you are found out by the humans you are free to deal with that as you wish, you are a leader after all, but you are also to report it to us."

"Especially if it might be anything that could lead back to us or this place. If Paul is seen speaking to the humans about anything to do with vampires at all, without the permission of the tenth leader or us. We shall kill every last human here immediately. It won't be a quick death either. We will drain their blood every day, letting them starve until they finally collapse."

"Tomorrow morning is when you leave, and it will be when you meet your new ally from the first family. Remember, he will be keeping an eye on everything you are doing.

"So let's hurry up and get this over and done with."

They moved Paul in front of Quinn, and Leo stood by his side, while Dwight grabbed him by the shoulders from behind.

Then Quinn, cutting his hand, allowed blood to drip into his mouth. The system was activated.

[Blood ritual has been activated]

The process was painful, just like it was for the people before. Paul was quite well built and a skilled fighter, but he was nothing compared to a fighter like Leo. Most of his power came from his ability, so the process seemed to hurt him a lot more. On top of this, Paul knew nothing about Qi.

Quinn was starting to wonder just what Paul would turn into. He would no longer have his Earth ability, which would mean he would lose his soul weapon as well, or at least something would happen to it, due to his soul weapon being based on his ability. COme to think of it, Quinn didn't actually know what would happen.

Still, Quinn didn't need a strong ally; he just wanted someone to use his position of power in the military, but it could never hurtt. After all, Quinn was his turner. If he ordered him to fight, he would have to.

[The blood ritual has been completed]


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