My Vampire System
513 Strong Family knigh
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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513 Strong Family knigh

After performing his slash, Leo was already walking back to where the others were. This was even before the door had fallen.

From the other side, loud shrieking cries were heard coming out, many of them had started to pound on the door. This reminded Logan and Vorden of their dreaded chase from last time, but at least they had Leo…right? Was there thought.

However, Leo had continually walked until he was now standing behind them.

"I won't be helping you with this one." Leo said, "You guys should be able to deal with this. I should preserve my strength in case there's something stronger up ahead."

Now, the kids looked really nervous, Borden hopped down from Vorden's shoulder and started to slam his fist into his other hand. "Let's do this!" he was the only one out of the group who was excited for what was to come.

With the amount of wendigo's presumably on the other side, Logan had decided to switch to his defensive suit. What he didn't want happening was one of those crazy creatures to be able to get a chunk of his fresh flesh.

Finally, part of the door had fallen, and it had fallen towards them. Lady luck wasn't on their side, If the door had fallen onto the other side, maybe it would have crushed a few of them. Which made Logan think maybe Leo had done this on purpose.

At first, a single wendigo could be seen jumping up to and landing on the thick part of the broken hanger door. Soon after, a horde of them was climbing and jumping over the wall running towards them.

There was a good twenty meters or so between the wall and the group of boys. From their side, the only one that had moved forward and was charging in, was little Borden.

"Wait!" Timmy shouted. "Is he going to be okay?" he looked at the others waiting for them to move, and was deciding whether he should go out and charge with him.

"If you have chosen to fight a large group such as this one, it is best if you stick together, cover each other's backs; otherwise, you will be surrounded in an instant," Leo said.

"Does he think he's giving one of his lessons again back at the school!" Vorden complained.

In between the two groups, Borden had finally reached the Wendigos. They seemed to have mostly ignored him, as the first one completely overstepped him and had dribble coming from its mouth. Its eyes were attached to only one thing. The group in front of it.

"Don't you ignore me!" Borden shouted, he jumped up in the air, and hit the wendigo that was directly beneath him right in the groin area. The creature went flying up in the air like a rocket, not only hitting the metal ceiling, but the force was so strong that it had been splattered like a bug.

"Maybe we don't need to worry about him and start worrying about ourselves," Vorden said, as the rest of the creatures continued to go towards them.

Standing slightly in the front of them all was Logan, he knew his suit was carefully crafted, and even if it couldn't hold against a vampire knight, it still should be able to hold off against the wendigos. Using his energy blades in both hands, consuming two intermediate crystals he was able to slice a couple of them before they reached him, soon after, the rest started to pile on top of him one by one,

His thoughts about earlier didn't last long, as the wendigos' strength were starting to make huge dents. It would only be a matter of time before they ruined his armour.

Timmy, seeing this, started to form a cloud of mist in front of Logan's mech suit. It confused the creatures for a while as they changed direction but still didn't stop those that were on top and were piling on.

For this, Vorden was there to help, his strength felt was far greater and he remembered when he had struggled to fight against just one of these creatures, but in that short amount of time he had learned how to use his blade's greatly and at the same time had taken the red pills increasing his stats, making him almost superhuman.

Most of them were distracted, still going after Logan's mech suit, so Vorden could deal with a couple of them with ease, but soon their attention turned, and it was his time to face them.

'Come on Timmy, be brave, be brave!." Timmy said, charging forward, hoping to block the rest of the horde. He could feel he was stronger, and he could see their movements were slower than his currently.

He had jumped in, standing between the mist and the others. Then a single Wendigo, out in front came upon him. He looked at its dead eyes and large sharp teeth. Instinctively, Timmy looked away out of fear, curling up and placing his hands over his head.

"I may be able to increase your strength and stats, but courage has to come from one's self," Leo said, as he cut the wendigo directly in half.

When Timmy turned back around after hearing the voice, he was surprised to see the bald-headed vampire in front of him. He had killed the wendigo, but on closer inspection, he hadn't just killed one.

That single slash he had done, when looking behind it, a direct row of torn limbs and split wendigo's could be seen on the floor.

Swinging out his blade a few more times, Huge long lines of Qi mixed in with the blood swipe could be seen. Due to him using his sword, he was able to widen the range of a regular blood swipe and also the speed.

It only took a few moments, before the horde of around fifty or so wendigos were none.

"Training time is over, we should get moving," Leo said.

Timmy looked in amazement at the new tenth knight, his eyes were sparkling. 'This man, he will be one of the ones to bring the tenth back up to its former glory. I know it.'

The other two had also finished dealing with the ones on their end, and they too were looking at what Leo had done. While the two of them were struggling with five, Leo had killed the rest of them.

They knew he was strong, but it seemed like his strength had increased greatly after becoming a vampire.

For a brief second after looking at what he was capable of. The two boys were starting to wonder if it would be such a bad thing if they turned into vampires. However, that thought quickly escaped their minds.

This was not their way, or dream. Vorden, he would never be able to explain it to his family if he gave up something like this, more so than that, he was worried about something else. If he turned into a vampire and lost his abilities, Would he disappear?

As for Logan, he cared too much for electronics. Communicating with them was his passion and love. They were his friends and were there for him when no one else was. He couldn't get rid of this ability, especially as the only son of the Green family. He would, later on, need to pass this ability as an original just like they did when giving it to him.

"Borden, where's Borden I can't see him!" Vorden shouted.

"Don't worry, he is here." Leo said as he held him in his hands. Once again, a soft sound of snoring was heard. He had somehow managed to fall asleep in the middle of battle.

"I thought something like this would be the case," Logan said as he took Borden out of Loe' stands and placed him in a small container that looked like a tool box. The little box was then attached to Logan's back as they would carry him.

"I didn't think he would be able to keep such a small body yet still have the same strength without any consequences. It seems like he can do so but only in extremely short bursts. Push himself too hard, and this is the result." Logan explained.

The group continued to move forward and climbed on top of the large hangar door, dropping in and down. The room was dark and had a strange smell to it. After some investigating Inside, the only thing that could be seen were bones, human bones and other dead wendigos.

"A storage room of Wendigos?" Logan commented as they continued to move towards the only set of doors that were smaller than the first, stationed at the back of the large square room.

"I think what you're looking for will be through here," Leo said.

"How are you so sure?" Logan asked, as Leo had been acting a little stranger since going past the hanger door.

"I don't want to frighten you guys, but I feel it. A strong energy past these doors." Leo explained. "But there's something different about this energy. I am unsure if it's anything we have to worry about. Yes, I can feel a strong energy, but it's almost as if it's…dead." Leo tried to explain.

This was one of the reasons why Leo had chosen to stay back and wanted the others to fight first. He was trying to save as much energy as possible. Because he felt that there might be a chance that they would be in for the fight of their lives, and he would need to use everything he had.

If he felt it was too strong, he would have told them to all turn away.

In truth, he was struggling to sense it properly with the large hangar door in the way, now they had gotten past he had a better sense of things. With the way the strange energy was, for now, he thought it was okay for them to proceed.

Just for the sake of trying, Logan thought he would put his hand on the machine doors again. It hadn't worked so far, but he still wanted to try to see if he could find out anything. On the right side of the door, there was a hand scanner.

Usually, Logan was able to bypass such things, unless it was created by Eno.

Placing his hand on it, he had expected it to do the same as always, but instead, the two doors opened, and at the same time the computer had said something.

"Welcome back Mr Green."


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