My Vampire System
502 Through the eyes of another
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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502 Through the eyes of another

The weak feeling completely took over Quinn's body and once again his vision had disappeared. The last time something like this had happened to him, was when he had first obtained the book. His mind was currently conscious, but he could see nothing.

It was strange to describe because it wasn't like when one's eyes were closed. There was no color, nothing. It wasn't like when he would meditate and go to an empty space; he felt like he was nowhere.

Until finally, something started to appear.

'Am I waking up again?' Quinn thought.

But it was strange since his mind was already awake, so why weren't his eyes and body acting as if it was already awake. Finally, Quinn could see himself in a room, however, it wasn't one that he recognized. The room was dark, with a shade of blue lighting that would continue to flash from the side.

"Vincent, it seems like there is an incident going on down below." A voice was heard from his side.

Then, Quinn's vision had changed without his control, looking to the man on his right, who was in a nice black and white suit. He couldn't believe it, but the person he was looking at now looked like a young version of Edward. An Edward that was at least fifty years younger.

Once again, without Quinn's control, his body was moving and everything he could see wasn't part of his doing and his body walked over to the large glass pane by the side. And he could finally see what he was in, or at least had an idea.

Looking down, there were people, too many people to count and all of them were dancing while flashing lights were going in and out. It was to a kind of music Quinn had never heard before. It was a place known as a nightclub.

At that moment, Quinn knew what was happening, based on what he was seeing, based on the younger looking version of Edward and how he had called out his name. Quinn was in the past. But it wasn't like how the Boneclaw had shown him. Where he could see from high above everything that was happening.

This was different, Quinn right now was Vincent himself, and he was experiencing everything that Vincent did back then. They were in the past.

Although he was in Vincent's body, he had no control over the actions or what he would say. It was like a personal VR movie experience, where you watched everything as the main character.

"What are you trying to show me, Vincent? Is it something I need to see rather than just tell me?" Quinn said, but there was no answer as everything continued to play out.

Just then, a man came running into the room, slamming the door open.

"Sir, I think the situation might soon get out of hand, it's best if you to come down yourself."

Looking out of the glass window, Vincent watched what was happening. There seemed to be two girls standing by the bar, along with two boys. While another larger group of just boys were arguing over something. A group of about eight in size.

It was clear if the two groups would get into a scrap, which one would come out worse, for one was bigger than the other. And even the two boys who were with the girls didn't look exactly confident. As there was a single black haired girl standing in front of her three friends that seemed to be shouting at the larger group.

"People are already starting to leave, and I think if a fight was to break out even more people will leave." The man said worriedly.

"Would you like me to deal with this one?" Edward asked.

"No, it's okay," Vincent replied. "I can handle it."

Outside on the club floor, the arguing had gotten to the point where the group of people dancing had spread out and made a circle around the two groups who were arguing. On the group of eight males, there was one man holding his face that appeared to be quite red, while his friend was stood in front of him shouting back at the girl.

"You think you can just hit whoever you want to because you're a girl!" The man shouted.

"Are you crazy! Are you just going to completely disregard what you did back there?" The girl shouted back. "My friend already told you she wasn't interested. She tried to leave the seat by the bar and get away before you grabbed her hand. She told you to let go! Let go! Then what did you do? You pulled her towards you and put your lips on her."

"I should have done a lot more than slap him!" The girl with the black hair shouted, and her friend stood behind her, in tears being comforted by the boy. As for the other boy with them, he looked uncomfortable as if he was trying to pull away, pretending he didn't know anyone in the group.

"She had been flirting with me all night!" The man with the red cheek said. "And she didn't say no when I was offering to buy her drinks all night. But when it comes to ask for a kiss or to go out with me, she says no. if she wasn't interested, then don't accept the drinks."

Katie knew what her friend had done wasn't right, but that still didn't give the man the right to do what he had done. And when she saw that her friend was asking for help and trying to push the boy away, of course she would come in and help.

Finally, the boy who was wondering around and hadn't come in to say anything had stepped in. The one who was stood behind Katie. The two didn't really know each other. He had just been invited along for a double date with his friend's girlfriend, so all he wanted to do was not get into trouble.

"Look, is there any way we can solve this, and just forget about this. Enjoy the rest of the night?" He asked.

Then a smile appeared on the boys' faces. "Of course there is. Just leave those two girls with us and we will show them what a good night is all about." The boy walked forward as he said this and reached out his hand to grab Katie's wrist.

As soon as the other saw him walk forward, he had already backed off, for fear of getting into a fight with eight of them.

She pulled her hand away and looked behind her for her friends to help, but the boy's and even her supposedly best friend, weren't coming forward to stop them. 'What a bunch of ars…'

Suddenly, the hand was slapped away, and someone's back had stepped infront of her.

"I think it's best if you guys leave this place. You have had your fun."

"Who the hell are you? Can't you see it's none of your business? Stop trying to be a white knight and get out of the way." The man said as he tried to shove Vincent to the side and grab the girl once again.

But when he went to shove him out of the way, by banging his shoulder into Vincent, it felt solid and his arm felt sore. It was like he had just barged into a solid wall. Looking at Vincent, he could tell he couldn't have weighed much, so how had he not moved?

"Do you not know who I am?" Vincent asked and his eyes started to glow with red.

"The eight of you will leave this place immediately." He said, and soon after they were following his orders, without saying a word.

Turning around, Katie was waiting to see who her saviour was, but when she saw him, she wasn't expecting to see such a handsome good looking man dressed in a high quality tailored suit. It suited him perfectly, and his looks were one of a model.

"Thank you." She replied as she bowed down.

"Leave," Vincent said.

These words had shocked her, wasn't this man here to just protect her seconds ago?

"You can wait in the lobby for ten minutes while that other group goes and then you can leave after them. All of your drinks will be paid for the evening, so don't worry. I just don't want another incident to happen with you and your friends. It's bad for business, so just leave." Vincent said in a cold tone.

Katie couldn't believe it, their group hadn't started it. Although she was the first one to attack and her friend did lead the other boy on. So she couldn't say they weren't totally not to blame. Either way, whoever this man was, he had made a fair deal for her group and besides her mood was soured for the night, anyway.

Getting their things, they decided to leave the place as had been asked of them.

When the group was busy leaving, Katie's friend had quickly ran on over to her, grabbing her around the arm. She had the biggest smile on her face and one wouldn't think she had just gone through what she had done seconds ago.

"Do you know who that was?" Her friend said with a smile. "It was the nightclub owner, Vincent. It seems like the rumors are true about him. He really is a cool hot stud, did you see how he saved you from those boys?"

"Saved us, I don't think he saved us," Katie replied. "It looked more like he was trying to save his business."

While still down on the nightclub floor, Edward had appeared by his side and whispered into his ear.

"They have been gathered in the back, sir." He said.

Leaving the night club floor and the tow went to go into a separate room. They went through a heavily locked and secured door that was guarded by staff men outside as well. When they entered the room was incredibly dark, pitch black almost, but this was fine for both Vincent and Edward.

Going through the room, at the very back, eight figures could be seen bunched up together. Looking at them, each of them had their hands tied up behind their back and one of the boys had a red cheek on his mark.

"It looks like you boys were a little unlucky today," Vincent said. "For you will be going to a special place. A place away from everyone else."

While Quinn was seeing everything, he was wondering what the importance of it all was. They were in the human world but not the vampire settlement, and what exactly was Vincent doing owning a nightclub, and it looked like seeing these boys here, he would have his answer.


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