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494 Proof of the tenth leader!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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494 Proof of the tenth leader!

The group had gathered up and were standing in the reception area of the castle. Even though they now felt confident that the outcome wouldn't be the same and Fex had a fighting chance. They couldn't help but feel nervous that something unexpected might occur. Especially since it seemed like unexpected things were happening more often than not lately.

Standing at the front of the group, Arthur had opened a large shadow on the floor.

"I think it's best if you hand all your weapons over to me. They won't let us in that room with all this equipment on." He explained. "If it's on me, I can use my ability to hand it over to you at any time." Giving a wink to them all.

It was a way for them to still have their weapons in case of emergency, while not having them at the same time, following the rules.

"Of course, the grand judge of the vampires would best know how to bend the rules," Fex said.

As for Quinn, he never had weapons on him to start with since he could use the skill shadow equip.

Exiting from the castle, around thirty or so vampires were standing outside lined up opposite each other in two rows. With them, was Muka, the ninth leader.

"We are here to escort you to the king's castle." Said Muka. "Everyone who was involved with the incident yesterday evening is to be present."

After saying these words, the group was escorted along with the rest of the vampires standing by their side. When walking through the settlement, the vampires made sure to walk in synchronised form, blocking the view of the people going towards the king's castle.

"Everyone?" Layla said, a little nervous.

"Yeah, does that mean even the people we were fighting against are going to be there?" Vorden asked.

"I wouldn't worry too much." Arthur replied. "The king will be present for this. The vampires respect the king quite greatly. Even if they don't agree with his ideals or such, they will still follow his orders. It's only after he disappears where the cracks that weren't apparent before, start to appear."

Finally, the group had arrived and they were continued to be escorted into the large room. It was the vampire king's table. The fourteen seats were all empty at the moment.

"Looks like we are here first." Arthur said as he naturally went towards one of the biggest chairs that was stationed on one end of the table. It was opposite the king's chair, and he sat down. It was as if he had done this a thousand times before.

Muka looked at him as if Arthur was a bit of a mad man, but then he guessed that chair was always for him after all. Just he would have thought Arthur would have asked for permission from the king before doing such a thing. Did he know how long that chair was empty for? The other vampires would not react well to this move.

The vampires that were with Muka had gone to line up along the side. Muka had also ordered those with Quinn to line up by the side as well, towards the back of the wall. Muka explained to them some basic rules. That they were not allowed to speak at all unless being spoken to. It was strange, but Logan was happy to see that even for Leo, Silver and Fex had the same rules applied to them.

It wasn't like the humans were being treated any differently during this meeting. Quinn naturally went to line up with his friends on the back wall.

"What are you doing?" Arthur said. "Your place is not there." He then pointed with his finger to one of the seats.

"Arthur, you can't be serious?" Muka replied.

"If what you have told us is true Quinn, then that seat is rightfully yours. You sit there and show the rest that this is your rightful place, it is important to not let the vampires push you around."

Hearing this, Muka didn't say anymore. Because perhaps Arthur was right.

"Quinn, Arthur seems to be a wise man who probably knows the council better than they know themselves. I will tell you if he gives you bad advice or not." The system said.

Doing so, Quinn walked over and looked at the seat. For some reason, it felt like a strange power was emitting from it, but it seemed no different from the others, and taking in a deep breath, he finally sat down.

"Does it feel good?" Arthur said.

But Quinn didn't reply, he didn't know if it felt good or bad. Just different.

They waited patiently until the other leaders started to enter the room one by one. This time, they had their vampire knights by their side, some with knights they hadn't seen before. Ones that weren't a part of the battlefield. Most of the leaders who had fought looked to have made a full recovery. Even Lee as he entered the room.

Both Fex and Silver looked in Lee's direction, but he quickly looked away and sat in his seat.

However, some of the leaders had still yet to recover, and these were the ones that had been hit with Qi infused attacks. Their wounds were healing, just at a slower rate.

When Edward had entered the room, he had gone over to Quinn's side and stood by his seat. Acting as if he was his vampire knight.

"You look good in that seat," Edward said with a smile. Hoping to calm the boy down. He could see Quinn got more nervous as more leaders started to enter the room.

It was undoubtedly an awkward feeling for everyone. Just moments ago, people in this room were trying everything in their power to kill each other, and now they were to look at their enemies without saying a word.

Then finally, Bryce, the first leader, had entered the room. He first saw that Arthur was sitting in the punisher's seat, a seat that had remained empty since he had become a leader. He was happy seeing that seat empty and never thought he would live to see the day when it would be filled again, especially not with someone as strong as him.

There two eyes had met, and Arthur was sitting with his leg up on his thigh and his hand on his face. He was the most relaxed out of everyone there.

Ignoring this, Bryce continued heading towards his seat, and that's when he passed Quinn and Edward.

"Huh, you are certainly brave," Bryce said. "You may think it is a smart move to sit in that chair, trying to convince us all you really are the tenth, but if you aren't, and you sat in another leader's seat. Then I will personally cut off your head. The punisher has no right to protect you from an offence as grave as this."

Hearing this Quinn gulped. He didn't feel the same as he did on the battlefield. When he had a goal in his head and was trying to save Fex. He forgot about everything. All he wanted to do at the time was to fight and save their lives, but now he no longer had that energy in him.

He could feel the power of everyone in the room. He couldn't even imagine trying to fight them all now.

"Will we really be okay?" Quinn asked the system in his head.

"Yes, do not worry. There are many ways for them to find out wherever or not, you are truly the leader of the tenth castle. Do you remember when the castle lit up when you entered? That's because the leaders have a bond they can set up with certain things. Pass them on. The castle reacting to you proved you have that bond, Quinn."

But what the system didn't mention, was there was also the chance something like what happened with the castle could happen as well. Maybe there would only be a slight reaction because Quinn wasn't ready yet, but the AI didn't want to make the boy anymore nervous than he already was.

When the leaders entered, they did so from the door that was placed behind Arthur's Seat, but there was also a large set of double doors that were placed behind the king's seat. These doors never opened, unless the king himself was attending the council meeting, and today, those doors had opened.

The two royal knights had entered the room first, and the king in the same calmed relaxed robe clothing as before had entered after them. Immediately the leaders stood up and so did Arthur this time.

All of them bowed, and Quinn, as well as his group, followed as they had been told to by Muka before. But Arthur still did not bend, he didn't need to and was never asked to. It was done this way, to prove that his position was no lower than the kings.

"Please sit." The king said, and the rest followed.

"We have gathered all the information that has been provided by all those from the event yesterday. We were always aware of what was happening but didn't think it would turn into such a serious matter so fast, at least not one involving the return of the tenth leader. In all honesty, something like this should be a joyous occasion to be celebrated, and I am saddened by the fact that it has caused this outcome instead.

"Although we haven't yet heard from the interrupters of this event yet so far, we felt like a decision couldn't be made until we found out the truth. The other leaders had brought up their concerns with the belief that this boy here is not the tenth leader.

"For one, he has the ability of the shadow, and not the same ability as Vincent the tenth before, as for the second, he is still a vampire Noble. Not yet at the evolution stage of a vampire lord. Because of this, before we can come up with a verdict, we must determine whether or not the vampire boy known as Quinn, is truly the tenth leader or not."

As the king finished speaking those words, out from behind a strange table was brought out which had a large black ball on the top. There were many strange contraptions and writings underneath it, as if they were going to perform some type of magic spell.

"The flames behind each seat react to the lifeline of each vampire. When a leader passes away, the flame diminishes. When a vampire performs a ritual and passes on the leadership to another, the flame is no longer linked to them, but the new vampire."

The king then placed his hand on top of the black ball, and the flame that was a few meters behind his seat, and above his head started to burn brighter and stronger than ever.

"I would like to invite the new tenth leader, to prove that they are the tenth leader. Place your hand on the ball. If you are who you say you are, then the flame should react behind your seat."

The ball that was on the table was then rolled over to Quinn's side where he sat. He got up from his seat, and he stood in front of the ball looking at it. His heart felt like it was going to jump out from his throat and was beating as fast as a regular human heartbeat.

Of course, all of the vampires in the room could hear this as well. The sound of his heartbeat.

'How could a vampire, who can't even control his heart, be a leader?'

'Look at him, he's so nervous, it was a lie I knew it.'

These were the thoughts of many in the room.

"Now, Quinn, please place both hands on the ball."

Closing his eyes, Quinn was too afraid to look at the results. He slowly readied himself moving his hands towards the ball, feeling that the palms of his hand were sweating, then finally both of his hands were placed on the ball and there was a result….


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