My Vampire System
491 The end of Arthur“s tale
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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491 The end of Arthur“s tale

In the middle of Arthur's story, something strange had happened to Quinn while listening to it. He could hear a voice in his head, but it wasn't in any type of language he could understand.

"System is that you?" Quinn asked.

"No, I haven't been saying any word. I too, have been deeply interested in learning about the past. There are things that even I didn't know." The system replied.

The little deep murmurs continued, and for now, Quinn decided he would ignore it while listening to the rest of Arthur's story, as it seemed like it was soon at the end.


It had been many years, and the vampire society had established itself well at this point. Eno had felt like he had already given the vampires everything he could and everything he wished for. A place of order and safety. So he decided it was time for him to rest.

Even if vampires could live forever, it was a choice old vampires often made. It was hard to explain, but after so many years, things seemed to become tiring. Instead of worrying about death, they started to welcome the idea of eternal sleep, and this very thing had happened to Eno as well.

He had already found a person in his family to past down his ability to, and now it was time to make the announcement to the rest of the leaders. When they heard the news, they understood.

Before a new vote was selected to crown a king, the old one would be put into eternal slumber first. This was so there would never be a struggle between the old and the new. There was no passing, and instead, just a new election would take place between the council.

All of the leaders were present, as Eno had chosen to go into eternal sleep. Before stepping into his prepared and made chamber. His familiar was seen coming out. It was the Bone Claw.

Eno himself wasn't the best fighter, but the Bone claw had helped him out greatly to equalise the strength if there ever was a time when he needed to fight. At the start, when he was elected king, there had been times when vampires had tried to kill him, but the Bone claw was always there to protect him.

The reason for it appearing now, was because to a familiar, going into Eternal sleep was the same as dying. The bond would be broken, and he would go off once again.

Finally, the ceremony was complete, and Eno was placed underneath the tenth castle.

This was when all the problems had started. When the second king to the people had taken over. Arthur had thought that the vote this time would have been more one-sided, and he was right.

Just it was more one-sided going in the other way. The ones who had voted for Eno last time had voted for one of the first on their side again. Choosing the second leader. As for the other side, they were able to convert the three votes from last time into theirs, making it a clear victory.

This time the 6th leader was elected as the king. Under his rule, the vampires started to expand. They were allowed to leave the settlement more. They were careful to not break any of the rules, ever so slightly while doing this.

When Arthur asked the other leaders why the votes had gone so one-sided, they had explained how many of the vampires felt bored. Their life was too peaceful, and didn't understand why, them as superior beings had to stay hidden all the time.

Watching the vampires grow in population day by day, Arthur felt like he knew what was about to happen. With his small amount of punishers, soon there wouldn't be enough to deal with them if they were all to break the rules at once.

But the young vampires weren't able to contain themselves long enough, and they had started braking the rules before it had gotten to that point.

Arthur, of course, was to punish these people, and so he did, but this had set off the ticking time bomb in the other leader's feelings, starting the second Civil war.

It was found out through interrogation that the people who had broken the rules belonged to the sixth. On top of this, he was the one who granted them permission. The vampires thought because the king had ordered it, they would be safe from punishment.

But no one was above the law, and that included the king.

This lead to two factions taking place. Those that felt like the king should be at the top, and the punishers shouldn't be treated as on par. And those who wished for the punishers to stay creating a civilised society.

At first, Arthur wanted to try to settle this rationally. The other leaders thought to stop this, they would have to fight. And Arthur disagreed with them, that was until he had learnt of the 6th's plans.

The reason he wanted to get rid of the punishers was so they could rule over humans. Arthur didn't know how many years had passed since he was turned, it was too many for him to count, but still, he felt like he had a connection with them.

He felt like they were his people. Whatever was going to happen, he wouldn't let them do what they wanted, and so the grand battle had started.

Some of the leaders sided with the punishers, while others had sided with the second king. Many vampires had died due to this civil war, following their leader's orders, but what they didn't expect, including the sixth.

Was how powerful Arthur and his punishers had become during that time. Even with fewer men on their side, with Arthur, he was able to deal considerable blows to all the opposing families.

Even the vampire leaders cared about their own families and people, and a truce was to be called.

After this event, many things had changed. The sixth leader had agreed to be put to sleep for what he had done. A limit was set for the number of vampires each family could have, and a log of every vampire created would have to be put in place.

After all these rules were agreed, Arthur realised he needed to do something as well. The vampires hated the fact that he was an outsider. The only reason they had followed and agreed before was because of Eno. But they hadn't changed there minds, the second he was gone they had decided to act out.

Perhaps, Eno was wrong in his idea. The punishers shouldn't have been treated as the same as the vampires in the first place. They shouldn't have been told to live with them and become a part of the fourteen families. So Arthur had made a choice to leave with his people.

But before doing so, he would say that he would keep an eye at them at all costs. There were two rules they ultimately had to follow. The number of vampires allowed and If they were ever to attempt an attack on the human race once again. Then he would return to stop them.

When Arthur had left, some of the vampires had come with him. All of the punishers and there families and children. As well as some who liked the peaceful place Eno had once created. That was what had eventually led them to move to a different planet.

Many more years had passed, with very little interaction happening between vampires and humans. He didn't keep up with the current affairs of the vampires personally but had people watching them. People he could trust. Finally, Arthur felt like he could rest and go to sleep.

"And when I woke up, I saw that there was no one around me," Arthur said, finishing his story. "Everyone who had come with me had gone missing. I never expected to wake up, but I at least wish to know what happened to my people."

As the story was finished being told, the others started to ask him questions within the story. Interesting parts or specific details about certain things.

As for Quinn, the voice in his head continued, and it had only gotten louder. Suddenly, he recognised the voice in his head and where it was coming from.

"Sorry, do you mind if I just head to the bathroom quickly? I'll be back." Quinn said as he rushed off.

Arthur enjoyed recalling stories of the past, and the others seemed to be interested as well. So he continued on, explaining every little bit.

As for Quinn, he hadn't headed for the toilet and instead decided to enter one of the empty bedrooms. When he finally arrived, he sat down on the floor and closed his eyes as he started to meditate.

In his mind, he was transported to a black room where he could see himself standing. It was completely empty and void of nothing, but it looked as if it would endlessly go on.

"Go on then," Quinn said. "Tell me, what do you want to tell me.."

Form his back, the mist started to appear, and the appearance of the Bone Claw was seen. During a certain part in Arthur's story, the Bone claw had started speaking, but Quinn was unable to understand it. The two didn't communicate in the same language after all.

But here, there maybe would be another way they could communicate.

The Bone claw started by lifting its arms up, and at the same time, the black room started to change. Shapes and objects, colours began to form. The first thing he could see clearly, was a round table being created and sitting there, many people present.

That's when it hit him, the bone claw was showing Quinn a scene from the past. This was the round table that Arthur had described in his story.

The question was, why was the Bone claw showing him this, or what was he trying to show him?


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