My Vampire System
482 Shadow Eater
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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482 Shadow Eater

The name Shadow eater. It was a skill that Quinn had unlocked a long time ago. When he had entered the strange underground place and defeated the king tier beast, he had received a reward. To unlock a single skill from his system.

Due to the shadow eater skill being worth the most points, Quinn thought it had to be the strongest skill and made the most sense to unlock. However, ever since he had the skill, he had no clue how to use it. The other skills had come to him in his head. He didn't need to think much and they would just work.

For Quinn though, no matter what he tried he just couldn't seem to get it to activate, and right now, he would see what it did, and how to use it.

As the skill was activated, the shadow from the floor and the wing behind Arthur's back started to come together in his two hands. The shadow seemed to be condensing themselves around both of them.

The floor was no longer black, and the wings were no more. The shadows continued to swirl around his arms, wrapping around and around until finally, he was ready. Moving both his arms back, he threw them outward towards Vadeen.

"Shadow eater!"

At that moment, both of the shadows had left his hand, creating a giant blob-like object. Arthurs two hands were separated and the part of the shadow was still attached to his fingers. As for the other end, the two blobs had split, and it looked as if it was a giant creature that had opened up its mouth.

It had completely surrounded Vadeen from all ends, and he was too frightened to even move in the first place. Then Arthur proceeded to call his two hands together, and at the same time, the two parts of the shadow creature's mouth had closed.

Completely consuming Vadeen there and then.

"Is… he dead?" Vorden asked.

A few moments later, and Arthur pulled his hands together and with it, the blob had returned to him and the shadow had gone back into himself. No longer appearing anywhere on his body. Knowing the fight would be over, he also decided to put his equipment back in his shadow void. Whatever had happened, Arthur seemed to be satisfied with the result.

However, when everyone looked over at Vadeen, they had expected him to be dead, or to have gone missing, but there was no such thing. Instead, he stood there staring blankly forward, the expression on his face unchanged.

"What was that? What did you do?" Quinn asked. Wanting to know what the effects of the Shadow eater skill were. It certainly looked impressive, but as for the results there seemed to be nothing.

"I suppose I should tell you all, not just because you are a punisher, but so every vampire here knows. It seems like you may have forgotten why we even have the name punisher in the first place." Arthur said.

"This skill is a skill that is used as a form of the ultimate punishment. On top of all this, it is a skill that was created to only solely be used on vampires. It will not work on anything else. There is one weakness that we vampires can never escape no matter how hard we try, and that is the sun."

"Sure, we have created rings and such to help us, but even me who has lived this long, the sun still affects me in a negative way. This has forced the vampires to hide in the dark for centuries. Now, what would happen if we were also to take that privilege away?"

"The shadow eater is a skill that makes it so a vampire will have the same effects it does in the sunlight as it does in the dark as well. No rings, no spells, or anything can help this. Their shadow becomes a part of our own, increasing ours.

"For the rest of their life, they shall surfer in pain, whether that be in the sun or in the dark."

"Is that really true? Does a skill like that exist?" People from the crowd started to speak. The explanation itself caused them to shake in terror as they imagined themselves being subjected to such a punishment.

"But then, why didn't he just use that at the start of the fight, wouldn't it have helped him?" Another from the crowd said.

"Good question," Arthur said, pointing in the crowd as if he was giving a lecture.

"When I was a little younger, there used to be a game, where one would capture these animals with these small balls. Now you could try throwing these balls to capture these creatures as soon as you saw them, but there was a high chance it would fail unless the creature was weak."

"However, if you were to weaken the creature and then throw the ball, there is a more chance of it working. Our shadow eater skill is like these balls. On top of this, the more shadows consumed, the stronger the skill will get. Upgrading the ball. I would like to think of myself as a master ball."

The crowd seemed to have understood, while half of them didn't. All they knew was they didn't have a clue what game he was referring to. Still to them, the more important factor was what the skill could actually do.

Looking at Vadeen, sweat started to appear on his face, his body felt incredibly weak and his skin was starting to burn. He didn't need an explanation from Arthur, he already knew what was happening to him. Would he have to live with this pain and in this weak state for the rest of his life?

Lifting up his dangled hand, he could see his thumb was still softly intact. He then grew out his thumbnail and hardened it. The next thing shocked them all, as he swiped across his own neck with the nail and after a few seconds he had fallen to the floor. Blood draining on the ground.

"Sadly, this is an option many chose once this has happened to them," Arthur said.

"Did a vampire leader just kill themselves?" Vorden asked in shock at everything that was happening.

Around the battlefield, the other fights had stopped after this as well. Jill was no longer trying to hurt both Layla and Erin, and they had managed to survive the onslaught.

As for Silver and Leo. They were hardly able to display any of their skills. Although Leo was a little sad, he knew this was for the best. For the number one concern right now was Quinn's safety. The two leaders had simply given up, after witnessing Arthur's power, and none of them wanted for him to use the Shadow eater skill on them.

A Vampire leader who was once powerful and strong would now be weaned in day or knight.

"Is it over?" Fex said, as there was silence. There was no longer the sound of fighting, and the crowd behind them was still deadly quiet.

"Can you look after Borden?" Vorden asked as he ran off in Quinn's direction. When he arrived, he had made a slit in his hand and started to feed Quinn immediately, allowing him to heal and recover from his wounds.

But, even if his wounds were healed, there wasn't much that could be done about his stamina, MC points, and Qi. They would take time before they would come back.

"Hey, we did it, we really managed to save Fex," Vorden said to Quinn, now knowing that they had such a strong ally that no one would dare to mess with them as they made their way back.

The group looked up and the blood dome was still there. Trapping them all, but with the help of Arthur, it shouldn't have been too big of a deal.

Looking at him, Quinn was thinking about the shadow eater skill. It was obvious now why he couldn't use it before if it was a skill that would only work on vampires. When he had come to the vampire world, he hadn't thought about trying to use it since he had been so unsuccessful. Besides even if it did work, he couldn't exactly stop to try to use it in the middle of a fight.

When his wounds finally healed, Quinn was able to walk slowly over to him again.

"Thank you for this, I don't know why but thank you for all your help. If you hadn't arrived maybe me, my friends.. they would have all died because of me."

"Don't blame yourself," Arthur replied. "After all, it's because of you that I am here in the first place. So you did do something. And it's best if you don't thank me just yet."

"What do you mean?" Vorden asked.

"Because it isn't over."

Behind the platform where Fex was meant to have his death. The outer edge of the blood dome could be seen. It partly cut through the stage. However, Quinn soon noticed that Arthur was staring dead ahead at this very platform.

As Quinn stared harder, he too could see something. It was people, three to be precise. Three people were walking over towards the dome.

They continued onward and first, the two men walked through, passing it as if it did nothing to them. Then finally an older man walked through the dome as well.

At that moment, all the leaders bowed down, and the vampires behind them had done the same. They looked towards the floor, not saying a single word.

The only one that hadn't bowed down was Arthur.

"So the king has finally arrived," Arthur said.


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