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481 The punishers“ skill
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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481 The punishers“ skill

Although at first, all the leaders seemed confident when going up against Arthur, not a single one of them had moved in first for the attack.

"Come on, none of you even know who I am, I can't be that scary, can I?" As he said this, the large shadow over his left-wing did a little flap. Even though it was only made out of shadows, it had caused a gust of wind that blew the others' hair.

It had a weight behind it, a shadow had weight, it was that dense. These things seemed almost impossible. And was nothing compared to the shadow the boy had used earlier.

"Fine, be like that," Arthur said. "Skill, shadow floor."

The right-wing had dropped to the ground in an instant and had splattered across the floor. It then started to spread at such a speed that it had basically covered the entire twenty-meter area from the platform in an instant.

At first, the others including Vorden and his group tried to move to get away from the shadow. They had seen what the blood dome had done, and they feared this would be something similar, but the shadow was far too fast for them to outrun.

When it eventually reached them and touched it had no such effect at all.

"What is this?" Vorden said, stomping his foot on the ground. There seemed to be no difference at all apart from the colour.

Now the entire floor was covered in black, and Arthur still had one wing on his back.

"Shadow hop"

Sinking through the floor he had disappeared, and the next second he had risen again, only this time he had appeared next to Prima, one of the leaders.

"Attacking someone from behind shows sign of no class," Prima said as he turned around and proceeded to stab Arthur with the tip of his rapier many times. It was so fast that what looked like one attack to the others, was actually ten.

His hand dashed in and out, in and out.

But for Arthur, it was no bother, as he matched in speed using his own hand, knocking the tip of the blade away each time, not allowing a single scratch to get on him.

"And going three against one shows a lot of class, right?" Arthur replied while continuing to block the attacks.

"Isn't Prima meant to be the fastest vampire among us in terms of speed?" Cindy, the second leader asked.

"Yes, and without a hit, Prima can't activate his ability," Jin replied.

"You're quite fast, but you are relying on your weapon and speed far too much," Arthur spoke. "You do know I could have just blocked all these attacks with my shadow, but I wanted to prove a point. There is always someone faster than you."

At that moment, the attacks stopped as Arthur grabbed the blade and stopped it completely. Prima tried using all his strength to move his blade, but it was useless.

While Arthur was busy dealing with Prima, Kyle had come up from behind, his cape on his back started to transform into several spikes that were still connected to his back.

Without turning around, Arthur said one word as soon as he had gotten close.


Kyle took one step, and he had fallen into the ground, into the shadow and before he knew it, he had come up from the floor and reappeared at his starting point.

Seeing that there was no hope in a battle of strength, Prima let go of the rapier. It was a sacrifice he had to have made if he wanted to break free. But in mere seconds, his leg had been stabbed by the very weapon he had let go of.

"Are you trying to escape from your punishment?" Said Arthur.

Bryce was the only leader that hadn't gone in like the other two, for he was wondering what strength this man had possessed and wanted to see it firsthand. Some of the skills he had seen today, he saw being displayed by the other punishers, but not at this scale.

The floor they were on, if one was to use it, it would be a smaller range, and on top of that they would have no more shadow to cover themselves. Yet this man still had one huge wing left. His strength and speed, it had completely surpassed the leaders.

Whereas the punisher leader from before, his shadow abilities were only slightly above the leaders, but this power he was witnessing was like that of a king. For he who wished to zeomce the next king, it felt like an insult.

He needed to prove his worth now and while in front of all the vampires.

If Arthur was good at close combat and could deal with physical attacks, then it just meant Bryce would have to try something else.

He rolled up the sleeve on his shirt and crouched down with his palm open. His face looked prepared as he was about to do something big.

'Let's see how you are against blood attacks? Blood cannon!' Out from the palm of Bryce's hand, a large circular ball of blood had come out. It was Red and black in colour and had was glowing in the middle.

"It seems with no punishers around, you all really have no clue how the shadow works," Arthur said.

When the cannonball of blood got close, his other wing started to move and shift. it had formed a small tornado of shadows. It surrounded the ball before moving it and slamming it into the ground.

At the same time, Kyle was on the move once again.

"1… 2… 3." Arthur counted and as he said 0, the cannon ball had appeared from the ground right underneath Kyle's foot.


A loud explosion was heard, and a red mist had formed where the attack had hit. It looked like a red fog of dust, but eventually, it started to fall to the ground and formed little droplets of blood when everything started to clear.

Kyle was lying on the floor. The cape was covering his body and head, but as for the right side of his arms and legs. They had completely been torn apart. If it wasn't for the cape, there was a good chance he would be dead, but he could now no longer move.

"The leaders," Jin said. "They have no chance."

At the same time, Quinn wasn't letting what was happening, distract him. The shadow floor had also come to the area where their fight was taking place, but Quinn had already formed his electric Scythes.

"Come on!" Vadeen shouted, and that's exactly what Quinn did.

Running as fast as he could, continually supplying his skill with Qi, he needed to move fast as they would soon run out.

Seeing Quinn run straight ahead, Vadeen was finding it hard to keep his smile.

'The poor boy is running straight into my trap. I surrounded myself and the second he takes a step into my circle I'll finish him.'

But as soon as Quinn had reached where he had seen Vadeen touched, Quinn leaped as far as he could over the area. It looked strange for Quinn to suddenly jump up like that, and then the thought had come to him.

'He knows my ability? But how, not just that, but he knows how it works perfectly.' But he had bigger problems to worry about.

Quinn swung his arms out wide behind him and using the shadow, he stretched them out for extra momentum. The good thing about the shadow was it was able to bend, so when he would throw it out, it would move like a whip.

And that was the very thing he had down now. Charging his arms, crossing them over each other, using every little ounce of his strength, they came out lighting fast like a whip.

"Blood wall, rise, Blood wall, rise, Blood wall, rise!"

Perhaps it was overkill, but there was something that had worried Vadeen when he had seen this skill and he was right.

As the shadow scythe hit the first wall it had shattered it in an instant and hadn't even slowed it down, and the same could be said for the next one as well.

When it had hit the third wall, it had slowed the attack ever so slightly, which gave enough time for Vadeen to prepare one more thing.

"Blood hardening."

A red thick layer of blood had formed over his arms as well as the side of his body, and then it darkened in colour, creating a solid material.


The scythes had hit his hands and had been stopped, but the power and strength of the attack was still there.

Looking at Quinn's face he was covered in sweat. It was clear this was a last-ditch attempt of an attack.

"Looks like I win again." However, Vadeen had spoken too soon, for there was a crack in the blood Harding around his hands, the red blood aura had managed to cut through, and when it finally touched his bare skin.

A strong electric shock was sent through his entire body.

"Arghhh!" He screamed in pain and it had broken his concentration. As long as the red aura from the shadow was touching his skin and body he would continued to be shocked. It allowed for his Blood Harding to weaken and the blade continued to move forward. Slicing through his hands and going through his bones. It continued to move until it had reached his wrist and at that moment, the shocks had stopped. The blade had disappeared, and the shadows holding them were gone.

Looking in front of him, he could see the boy was down on one knee, huffing and panting hard.

He had not only run out of Qi, but his stamina, his Mc points, everything was coming to an end.

Looking at both of his mangled hand's Vadeen could see they were split in two. If the boy had continued with that attack, then he could have died. This thought in his head had infuriated him.

Not caring for his mangled hands, he threw out a blood swipe from it. Not only had red aura come out, but real blood as well.

Quinn could see the attack coming, he wanted to move, use anything but he was too drained.

"Blood wall." Without moving, it was the only thing he could do.

[24/100 HP]

He used ten points of HP as he was unsure if it could block the attack, and if it couldn't then he would need some to take the hit.

The attack hit the wall, and it had shattered it. Still, at least it had slowed down the attack a little. It continued onward and hit Quinn directly on the chest, flinging him to the ground.

[14/100 HP]

Lifting the top half of his body, Quinn was able to get a look at Vadeen, but his legs weren't listening to him.

"Move, move or you're going to die," Quinn shouted out at his legs.

"That's right, I'm going to kill you here and now."

"Then I really will punish you." A voice from the side said.

When they turned to look, they could see that it was Arthur standing there, and behind him, all three leaders had been defeated, including the first leader Bryce.

"How, how is that possible!" Vadeen said, now frightened of what was to happen.

"I already told you, that you shall all be punished for harming a fellow punisher, and now you go so far to kill him? Even I haven't killed the other leaders. For I know there are many that rely on them." Arthur said, looking at the crowd of vampires. "But for you, you really now shall be judged."

Lifting his arm up, he focused it and pointed it towards Vadeen, and then quickly looked at Quinn on the floor.

"Watch closely, for if you wish to be a real punisher one day, and hope to lead the people. then this is a skill that will help you greatly. Shadow Eater!"


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