My Vampire System
474 Let me help you
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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474 Let me help you

The ring that Arthur was looking at was clearly displayed on Leo's finger, but it wasn't just any ring. The ring had been given to Leo by Quinn before he left. It was unknown to both of them that the original owner of such said ring, was standing in front of Leo right now.

Of course, the ring could have belonged to anyone, after all, his wasn't the only ring in existence. They were quite common for vampires, but there were a few things that made Arthur sure that it was the one that belonged to him.

First, the man in front of him was a regular vampire, regular vampires had the advanced tier ring. It didn't make sense to give them such a high tier ring that blocked out the sun permanently. The only people that had these, were vampire knights and above.

As for the second reason, this one was more obvious, it had the mark of a skull and a hammer. The marking showing it belonged to his family.

"Everyone, lower your weapons," Arthur said as he walked through. They did as they were told and he started to walk to the others. When he was within the distance of touching the two, he could hear their nervous heartbeats.

"Don't be afraid." He said with a smile. "You're my saviour. Please treat these two as our respected guests. I have a lot to learn from them. Treat them as you would me. Once they are released and settled in, send them to my room."

Before Ruby or the others could ask why, Arthur had already jumped back up and went back into his house. As he walked, he continued to smile. Thinking about what he could learn from this man. He wanted to treat the one that woke him well.

'Are all vampires this carefree?' Leo thought, but that didn't seem to be the case when he compared him to the silver beauty he had met before. Their powers were vastly different, and with it, their attitude seemed to be as well.

As requested, Ruby made it up to her to treat the guests. Both Erin and Leo weren't dressed the best, so they allowed them to bathe and changed their clothing. They treated them nicely, just as Arthur had asked, providing them with food and such.

The two of them wanted to ask questions, they wanted to leave, but no one would reply to them. When they were having a bath, guards were still put to keep an eye on them, especially since Ruby noticed that on the clothing that they had with them, there were marks of blood.

They didn't have much time to change and had come here in a great rush.

After, the two of them were preparing to meet Arthur and were placed in a waiting room waiting to be guided to the upper platforms.

"Leo, you looked at that person differently. I know you, and usually, you have a huge amount of confidence when going into certain situations, but not this one. Who is that guy?" Erin asked.

"That man, I believe he is a vampire. He probably is treating me like this because I am one as well." Leo replied.

"You mean like Quinn?" Then there was the horrid question she needed to ask but didn't want to. "And if we were to get into a fight with him, could we win?"

Leo didn't reply, but he simply just shook his head. There was no hesitation when he thought about it. Meaning Leo didn't even give them a chance. The one who they called a blind hero. The one who was able to defeat many of the Dalki.

Eventually, the two of them were escorted to Arthur's house at the very top by Ruby and a few others. When they finally got there, they left to give them some privacy. It looked like Arthur ran the place around here based on how he was being treated and respected.

There were a few sofas and a small table with some fruits on it in the middle. While Arthur sat on one side, he placed his hand with his palm open, signalling the others to sit opposite them. Leo sat down, and Erin decided she would follow what he was doing as well.

"The fruit is for you young girl, as for us two, our diets are a little bit different. I assume you already know that if you are travelling with the man, and considering he hasn't ripped out your neck yet, you should know." Arthur started to chuckle after but quickly stopped when he saw that Erin didn't find what he said funny at all.

"I want to thank you," Arthur said, looking at Leo. "You see when I was put to sleep, it was done so knowing that my people were safe. I left them to another, and I thought I would never be needed again. We choose to go to a planet away from all that mess of a council, and we no longer wanted to be involved in their business."

Before saying the next part, Arthur clenched his fist in anger.

"But I see that wasn't true at all. My people weren't safe, and I can't even feel any of them alive even now. Something happened to them, and I must find out. This is why I'm thanking you. Because you set me free, I am now able to exact revenge for me people, and when I do, I shall go back into my eternal sleep like I was meant to do from the beginning."

Leo didn't say anything, this was because he was baffled. He knew he had done no such thing and judging by his reaction. Arthur could tell he wasn't entirely clear.

"The ring on your finger. You got it from my tower, did you not? I placed it there as a reward. For those that were admitted to be a punisher in the future, usually, a task is given, and they will be allowed to enter the tower. As I left, I put up rewards, although I never expected someone to take the ring out of all those that were there?" Arthur asked.

"Unfortunately, you have it all wrong," Leo replied.

Leo went on to tell him how he was turned by someone else. He didn't really mention Quinn's name as there was no need. Leo knew how Quinn had become a vampire, and it seemed to be stranger than most. Considering the way Arthur was speaking, it made him sound like he had been asleep for hundreds of years while Quinn was only sixteen years of age.

Leo then went on to explain how he was left to his own devices and had arrived here due to his own goals, as they were escaping from someone. Arthur seemed to now be very interested in the person that had changed Leo.

He could sense the vampire in front of him was very strong, so he wanted to meet the person. Mostly since they were able to obtain the blood crystal that had freed him.

"This boy, do you know what ability he had, maybe then I could pinpoint him to one of the families and thank him?" Arthur asked.

Usually, Leo wouldn't delve into such information, but he felt like Arthur was genuine about what he said. And after all, Quinn had already revealed to the whole world his ability, so he saw no harm if he was to find out sooner or later.

"He has the ability to control the shadows," Leo answered.

A smile then appeared on Arthur's face. This was indeed strange, one of them was still alive. He started to wonder what reason that could be, why was their only one left, had they gone in hiding, did they survive what the others hadn't. If he was to find him maybe he could tell them what had happened to his people.

However, he still would only go to see them when he was at a hundred percent. He then looked out from his house outside, and could see some of the people walking past. There was also a second thing he wanted to do before he left. To make sure that these people would be able to handle themselves.

He didn't want a repeat of what had happened.

"Thank you for your help, well, you said you were here to train as much as you can right? Why don't I give you a hand with that?" Arthur said.


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