My Vampire System
463 Blood crystal power
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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463 Blood crystal power

While the group was walking back, Quinn was looking at the Dalki and thinking about something. He wasn't thinking about the Dalki himself. Instead, he was thinking about what Timmy had briefly mentioned before.

Now that he was no longer in the fighting raging bull mode, he had time to process everything.

"So, Timmy?" Quinn asked. "You really haven't seen anything that looks like Borden before. Or heard of the Dalki race?"

Timmy looked at Borden closely, the scales, the spikes and all sorts trying to think if he could picture it, anywhere at all. The world Dalki perhaps had been passed around a few times before, but he had no clue what it meant or was referring to.

"I'm sorry, but I really can't say I have," Timmy replied back. "Is it a special type of beast?"

Quinn supposed if one did look at the Dalki they really did just look like a strong humanoid beast. However, thinking about what Timmy had said, Quinn was starting to wonder what was going on.

In the past on the orange portal planet. The group had discovered an underground settlement. At first, Quinn thought it was a Dalki settlement, that was until Fex who was with him at the time said it looked exactly like a vampire settlement, stating that the architecture and materials used were the same.

Being in the vampire world now and looking around, there was some resemblance to what Fex had said. Although it looked as if they were able to work with the strange hard black materiel a bit easier now, creating smoother surfaces creating a more modern look. If he was to compare the two, one looked like an old settlement while the current place looked like a new one.

But it was clear what Fex had said last time was accurate. The vampires didn't really bother teaching the others about the Dalki, or what was happening on earth. Even though they had certain spies stationed on earth and it used to be their old settlement. The leaders clearly knew about it, so why choose to hide it. Or did they really not care about there past so much.

"System, before we met that Dalki that one time, did you know anything about the Dalki, and please, I want you to be honest with me?" Quinn asked.

"No, when you fought with the one on the desert planet, it was my first time seeing one as well. Remember when I was around. The human race wasn't at war with anything, and vampires still lived on earth."

The time periods of when certain events happened and such just wasn't fitting in Quinn's head, and it was starting to give him a headache. It felt like even if the system did tell him everything he knew, there would still be more that needed to be found out before he had all of his answers.

One thing at a time, right now they needed to find out why, and what the Dalki was doing here.

As they entered the castle, they once again decided to head for the large dining room and sat down in their seats.

"Wait a second. Where's Edward. Shouldn't he be here if this is something really important?" Timmy asked.

"About that, I needed to tell you guys, Edward said he was called for a meeting," Peter replied. "I'll be honest when he left he didn't have the best of looks on his face. He also said if he didn't return, remember we're trying to save Fex, not fight against the vampires."

Quinn wasn't stupid, if Edward had given Peter that message then it was more so then likely that Edward wouldn't be returning to them. So all they could do was move to the matter at hand.

The group decided that it would be best for Logan to do the questioning since he would be able to extract the most amount of information from their new friend.

"So Borden, earlier you said you had never heard fo the Dalki before, do you know what you are?" Logan asked.

"What do you mean? I'm like my brother, aren't I? He just hasn't gotten his scales out yet. I'm sure when I get better and stronger, I will be able to hide my scales and the spike in my back as well." Borden replied.

The group could tell this was going to be a hard one, and they would perhaps have to tiptoe around certain matters.

"Do you know why you are here, or how you got here?" Logan asked.

"The last thing I remember was being in a glass container full of liquid. I couldn't really see much as my eyes were all a blur at the time. The next thing I know, I was being yanked out by some strange claw machine. My whole body felt weak, as if I had just woken up.

"When the claw machine finally let me go, I was placed in a strange white room where I could see a robot. It said something about a trial and then dropped these tall looking strange creatures into the room. I finished all the trials, and that's how I got those red pills I gave to my brother from before.

"I thought if I waited that maybe someone would come by and tell me what to do, bored, I decided to go into the other trial rooms and complete the tasks in there as well collecting all the rewards. That's when I felt a special feeling, a type of connection and made my way here and found my brother."

"Wait, isn't he talking about the lab we arrived at when we first came here?" Layla said.

It certainly did sound like It, and Logan was beginning to think more, and more somehow he was involved in this process.

"And that's all you remember, nothing before that at all, how can you speak?"

"Yep, that's all I can remember. I have no memories other than that. As for speech, it was slowly coming to me, as if it was always in my mind. At first, it was difficult to talk. I knew what I wanted to say, but it felt tiring, but now it's getting easier. When you said the word Dalki, before. I knew of the word, I just didn't really know what it was."

Logan thought about what to say next for a while until he finally decided.

"Look, we want to be friends here, so I want to be completely honest with you. You and Vorden aren't exactly the same." Logan said.

Hearing this, the others felt like ducking or hiding under the table. Why would Logan review information like that so suddenly? Then they remembered Logan wasn't exactly the type to be on the cautious side when he thought about peoples feelings.

"But, I do believe you and Vorden are defiantly related. Maybe closer then you think. If you don't mind. I hope I can bring both you and Vorden together so we can learn more about you two. You can even learn about each other."

The others silently waited for a response, and then, a small smile appeared on Borden's face.

"Of course, that's sounds great. I would love to learn about myself and my brother more."

Everyone was relieved at the response that was given and was genuinely thankful that they had managed to meet a nice Dalki. Possibly the only nice Dalki in the whole universe.

"For now, I think its best if we all continue our training," Quinn said. "I know Edwards not here, but that's all we can do until the day. We will wait for him to come back and if he doesn't, we will leave here in the next two days."

With that said, Timmy went off to have a look at the mist ability book. Peter and Quinn reminded together as they would use each other as sparing partners. While the other three boys would be heading to the research lab together.

"Logan before you go, take this," Quinn said as he handed him a small looking bright red crystal. "It's something called a blood crystal. It's meant to hold great power, like that of a beast crystal, but instead, it comes from a vampire."

"Why are you giving me this?" Logan replied. "Do you wish for me to create a weapon for you?"

"No, apparently the crystal is too weak for something like that, and whatever you made would be weaker than my current weapon. So I thought maybe you would want to do some research and find a better use out of it than me." Said Quinn.

"You always do seem to bring me some interesting things."

There was a lot of work for Logan to do on his end in the next two days. He needed to find out information about the Dalki. Have a look at the red blood pills, and now he also needed to look at the blood crystal.

But, he wasn't one to shy away from work; instead, he was getting excited at the thought of pulling a couple of all-nighters figuring everything out. This trip was defiantly not wasted at all, and he was glad he had joined Quinn and his group on this task.

When eventually everyone had left the room, only the two girls and Peter was left standing by Quinn's side. They started to walk over, and Peter dreaded what they were about to ask.

"Quinn, can we talk to you about something?" Layla asked, looking towards Cia.

This was a conversation Quinn wanted to avoid, but new he couldn't keep running away from. It was better to deal with it now than before.

"Quinn." Cia started off the conversation. "I'm not angry at you. Well, not angry anymore, that is. I understand why you did what you did. To protect your friends, to protect everyone and your secret. Layla told me everything. What I wanted to ask, is there any way for me to have my memories returned? And hear me out before you say no. Maybe there isn't a way now, but I just want you to try.

"Think about it from my perceptive please, and if you think I'll change when I have my memories back, I won't. You can trust me, and I can prove it. I heard from Layla that vampires that are created from someone can't go against there leader, they can't attack them or go against there order. So I want you to turn me into a vampire. To prove that I won't betray you.... Can you do all that for me?" Cia asked.


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