My Vampire System
457 Title effects
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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457 Title effects

"BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK!" Edward shouted as he threw out his fist in rapid succession. They came flying out one after another towards Peter. All of the strikes coming from Edward were aimed towards one place. Peter's head. The first two were parried away, and Edward was impressed by the speed he had seen so far.

Knowing full well that Peter was a creation from Quinn, it was an expected result. It only confirmed in his mind that Quinn's speed was great for only recently becoming a vampire noble. However, after blocking the first two attacks, the third one managed to slip through and hit Peter right on the top of his forehead. It flung his head back and with it, his whole body before he landed on the floor.

"I'm no slower than him, so why can he keep hitting me like that?" Peter said. "He's not even using his mist skills?"

But it wasn't his speed or power. It was precision, experience and the use of feints. Seeing how old Edward looked, there was no telling how long he had been fighting for, and it might have even been longer then Peter could guess, since vampires at a certain level could choose there appearance.

"Peter, I can tell you are different from the others just based on our short fighting sessions," Edward said. "Unlike Quinn or your other friends, you grew up most of your life trying to run away rather than fighting. Yes, I can tell you are different now, but you can't just all of a sudden naturally gain a fighting sense or make up for it with experience.

"The problem is we don't have time to train you properly. Years are needed to establish a good fighting core, not days. So instead, we are trying to create the best optimal solution for you based on your ability. Remember what I said before, the most important thing is to protect your head. No matter what it takes, if you get hit in a different position, it's fine. Forget about your natural instincts. Think of your whole body as a meat shield to be used."

It was a strange concept for Peter to get his head around. Of course, he would naturally try to protect his vital points other than his head. If a blow was coming toward this stomach, he would scrunch up and try to block the hit. The only plus side was he felt no pain when these attack hit.

But there were more reasons than this as to why it was difficult for him. Even though he knew he had an impressive regenerative ability, recently he had tried to get out of the habit of using his body as a meat shield. In his head, the more he got hurt it just meant he would have to consume human meat quicker. So he tried his best to get better at fighting, in order for it to never have to come to this outcome.

But, As Edward was saying, he was trying to not teach him how to fight but the best chance for survival.

"Okay, come on. Let's try again." Peter said as he lifted himself off the ground.

The two continued to train with Peter trying to train out his natural instincts and urges. If he could see a blow coming towards his head and he couldn't stop it in time, then it didn't matter if he was to get hit in another place. Jump, twist, turn anything.

If the blows were to hit and he was to get broken bones here and there, it didn't matter and bit by bit, it looked as if Peter was getting the hang of it.

Meanwhile, Quinn had just received the various messages and was trying to make sense of what they all had meant. The level up was handy, and that was relatively straight forward, but there were a couple of things he didn't understand.

The first being reputation points.

[Reputation points: 100]

[Reputation points: Go out and spread your name far and wide. As a future leader of the tenth castle, it is important that they are popular with their people. Complete tasks, help out the people, gain their trust and loyalty. The higher one's reputation is within the tenth city, the more likely one is to comply with tasks, help out when in need and listen to you when asking a favour. Be careful, for one's reputation can also decrease, to the point where they might be after your blood.]

It seemed as if reputation points were a value that was associated with how Quinn was preserved within the tenth's castle area. Judging by what the text had said, it was something only related to vampire leaders, and it looked like it would only be considered a factor when dealing with those within the tenth family themselves.

"If you ever did choose to become the leader of this place I think this will become quite important." The system said. "Think about it, one would be able to order their people to search for beast crystals, gather credits, happy to pay taxes to their leader as long as they thought he was a great person."

But Quinn had no desire to become the leader of the tenth family nor stay here, so he thought it was pretty useless for him.

As for the next system notification, it was something known as a title, but as Quinn reread the title, something about it seemed to rub him the wrong way. "Edward's little helper.�� If he could decline to have a title, this would be one of them.

It wasn't menacing, it wasn't fitting and it kind of made him feel a little useless.

[A title can be switched at any point and time. Titles will often give users additional stats or have an effect on a user depending on what title that would be.]

[Total amount of titles currently (1)]

[Would you like to attach the title of "Edward's little helper."]

[Edward's little helper]

[Title effect ]

[When completing Quests assigned by Edward, the user will gain an additional 10 percent of exp.]

The effect of the title didn't seem completely useless, and just to see what type of thing would happen, Quinn decided to equip it for now. He could always take it off and change it in the future anyway, so it didn't seem to matter too much.

What this title did do though, was open up avenues for new things to be explored. Maybe in the future, he would obtain a title that was more helpful for him in combat, as for what the requirements were to get certain titles, Quinn had no idea.

However, he knew from now on any quest that was given to him that had an unknown reward, he would most likely take and try to do. It seemed like he always got interesting things from completing such quests.

"Hey are you okay, you've been standing still for a while now?:" Timmy asked, at first he didn't want to interrupt, after seeing everything he was a little scared of Quinn. Especially seeing that familiar that he controlled, but Quinn had been standing still for some time now, and Timmy just had to ask.

"Yeah, I'm okay, sorry to keep you waiting. Are we all done now?" Quinn asked.

"Yep, let's head back to the tower and join the others." Timmy replied.

While Quinn and Timmy started to head back to the tower, Peter and Edward were taking a little break from training. Peter had been continuously hurt and healing a little too much. He had mentioned he was starting to get hungry.

This wasn't unexpected, and the castle had what Peter needed to regain his strength. After all, Peter wasn't the only undead creature in the vampire world. If he didn't have the food required for such a task, Edward would have never even tried training in the first place.

As Edward made his way to a special storage room, he came back out with a small box in his hand. Returning to Peter, he handed over the box to him, and Peter didn't have to ask as he could guess what was in the box.

At first, Peter was a little afraid of opening the box at what he was about to see. He had eaten human flesh many times before, but usually, it would be when he was starving. He wasn't starving now and only hungry so his mind was still all there and it just felt a little different.

Eventually, Peter gave in though, knowing that Edward and the others were just there to help and there was the chance he could possibly hurt a human close to him if he didn't consume the food now and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt his friends.

After opening the box, inside was what looked like minced meat could be seen. It didn't resemble a human shape or objects at all. As Peter picked it up, he could feel his body being drawn to the meat, and before he knew it, he was chomping down on it.

Knowing that his body hadn't rejected such a thing, he knew exactly what it was.

While watching Peter rest, suddenly a message was heard in Edward's head.

"Edward Eno, this is an emergency. You have been summoned to the main castle and have been asked to be present at the council meeting. You must come here at once."


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