My Vampire System
431 A discovery?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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431 A discovery?

It had been a strange week for Rokene, meeting Quinn. Everything felt so unreal and strange, and now he felt kind of lost himself. He was conflicted with what to do next. Suddenly all the problems he had in his life felt so small. The people who used to harass him were dead in mere seconds.

Whatever dreams they had were now completely gone, and those people were the same age as himself. But honestly, most vampires didn't have grand dreams, they just continued living serving for their family with the hopes to rise to the top, but what else was there. Is this all the vampires were allowed to do?

Why did they need to stay in secret, why hide themselves from the world, it didn't make any sense? Wanting to break away from this normal routine, he had decided to save enough crystals to one day leave this place. Right now his whole body was shaking because he had come to the realisation that he too was stuck in the same routine.

He had gathered enough crystals to leave this place long ago, but something was always holding him back, and seeing Quinn made him realize that. Before he knew it, he had walked over to where Clark was.

Clark was moving a lot more than before, he was able to lift the upper half of his body, but his legs and body were still too sore and damaged for him to move further, but for some reason, he hadn't tried to take the blood pack from the Black rabbit.

'Is it because he's too weak, maybe he's worried the rabbit would be able to do him harm.' Rokene thought.

Taking the blood pack from the rabbit. Rokene did what he thought was the only right thing to do and gave it to instructor Clark. After consuming the blood, it didn't take him long until he was able to freely move about once again.

Rokene also believed that Clark wouldn't do anything to him and at the same time, it was Rokene's favourite teacher. He had done more for him during the week and treated him as an equal than his own personal tutors his family would hire him.

Getting up from the floor, Clark looked around at the scene and the students off to the side. He had a conflicted look on his face, which made it hard to tell what he was thinking.

"Is he gone?" Clark asked.

"Yes, he has returned back," Rokene replied back. Although this wasn't necessarily the truth, Rokene felt like this was the best thing to say. "So, what are you going to do now?"

Pulling out a circular disk-like device from his back pocket. He pressed on it once and a ring started to light up. It went around constantly in a circle.

"This is the Vampire knight Clark Talon from the fifth family. This is an emergency report to all students. You are to return to the meeting point immediately. Once you are in the area, follow the raven and return to me. I repeat this is an emergency. The test has been cancelled and all students are to return."

After finishing his message, he placed the circle back in his back pocket, and the purple - black raven was summoned once again, immediately flying up into the sky.

"I have no choice." Clark started to explain. "I need to report this matter to the council. Once all the students have returned, I will inform them of what is happening."

"The council!" Rokene said in shock. "Do you really have to go that far, can't you just report this to the fifth leader and they can send someone to try to find and deal with him."

Although the direct descendants had been killed, it still felt a little extreme to get the whole council involved instead of a single vampire leader for such a matter. Maybe even just informing the families whose descendants had been killed.

"It seems you don't know the seriousness of this matter, it's not just because of the death of the descendants. That boy was able to defeat me a vampire knight, and although I am not really known for my strength among the vampire knights, I am still stronger than any of the vampire nobles." Clark replied.

"Although his strength is nowhere near that of a vampire leader and they would have no problem taking care of him. The problem is his powers and his origins. The council must be informed that it is possible that some punishers from the fourteenth castle are alive and have returned."

The dome of shadow had remained up for a while now, but if one was to stand outside of the dome they would be unable to hear much. The dome also acted as a soundproof space. On the outside, nothing could be heard. Then finally, from the top, the dome started to disappear. As it went away a single person could be seen on their hands and knees gasping for air.

The mask still remained on Quinn's face, and several wounds covered his body. As his blood bank had been activated the wounds started to heal away as parts of his skin could be seen being patched up here and there.

"That was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Let's not try to do that again." Quinn said. If it wasn't for the dome keeping them in place, and his shadow hands holding them. The fight would quite possibly have been ten times harder.

But while in the dome, he was able to take advantage of his blood spray, Shadow hop as well as his new gauntlets. All of these things allowed him to take on eleven death bats at once. Defeating ten advance beasts all on his own. This was something he would have never dreamed of doing. For a moment he felt like he didn't even know who he was anymore.

[Level 23]

[Exp 400/800]

Defeating the bats had increased his level by three, but just like the times before now, defeating an advanced tier beast gave him little exp compared to before. He had only managed to get a 100 exp per killed bat. Based on the bats' difficulty, and their ability to call their allies, Quinn felt like it wasn't worth it.

This time he was able to defeat eleven on his own, but what would've happened if more had come, or if there was someone on the outside of the dome waiting for him. There needed to be a fine line between the risk Quinn was taking after all he couldn't save the others if he was dead.


These were Quinn's current stats, without taking the equipment into the equation.





Thinking about everything, he started to worry a little about Layla and the others and was wondering how they were doing. Before while in the vampire world, Quinn could still feel Layla's presence. Which eased his worry a little, but it was clear to him the moment he stepped foot on this new planet, the connection was gone.

Before doing anything, Quinn extracted the death bat's advanced tier crystals. Now that he had received over ten, he looked at the items in the shop once more. He could finally unlock the ring from the shop. He was in a bit of a debate with himself, wondering whether or not he should sell the advanced tier crystals, but in the end, he decided not to.

He membered with the first one he had found, there wasn't much use, or even anything the crystal could be used to turn into, other than the ring. Also, selling such things on the market would only bring attention to himself. So, in the end, he decided to use ten of the crystals to purchase the ring from the shop and placed it on his hand.

"This will have to do for now," Quinn said as he opened up his dimensional space and pulled out the square teleporter. After placing it on the ground and activating it, he stepped through, returning back to the vampire world.

Some time had passed on the planet, but it was hard for someone to tell how long, because of the night sky always consistently staying out.

While walking out on his own, a single man kitted out in beast gear that was dyed in black and dark blue was scouting at the area. Seeing a strange mound in front of him, he pulled out his weapon from his side, which was a single sword, and gripped it tightly, waiting for it to move.

As he inched closer and closer, it seemed like nothing was happening, and finally, when he had gotten close enough he realised what he had stumbled upon was unmoving… It was dead.

"I think I found something!" A man shouted out.

While waiting for his colleagues to come over to his position, he started to explore a little for himself, and that's when he saw there wasn't just one dead creature on the floor, but there were several. To be exact, in total he had counted eleven dead giant bats on the ground. Some of them were hard to recognize, as parts of their chest had been torn open, and their wings fell detached from the original body.

"What could have done all this, was it another beast? Is this what attacked the shelter?" The man thought.

Quickly, in the wasteland, a group of around twenty or so soldiers, both male and female came rushing over to the man's position and they did come across the gruesome scene. While travelling together, they had also come across a single death bat and knew how hard it was to deal with them.

So they feared the worst when thinking about what could have possibly killed so many.

"Hey, what do you think this is?" A female asked, standing next to something in the centre of all the bats.

She picked up the strange square-like object from the ground, which was unexpectedly heavy then she thought. The sudden weight came as a surprise and she allowed the square object to slip from her hand, dropping it and allowing it to hit across the floor.

The object started to lighten up, and the contraption started to open. A few seconds later and a strange square looking portal had opened.

"It's a portal!" The soldier said.

"On this planet, are there others here?" Another asked.

"Even if there are others who have come to this planet… that device. I have never seen anything like it before. Let's report this to Head general Paul immediately. We will let him decide what to do next."


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