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427 A new visitor
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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427 A new visitor

On the surface of the Dark planet, where no light continued to shine. There were the remnants of an abandoned shelter. It stood out for most of the planet looked to be an abandoned wasteland, with a few mountain areas here or there.

Inside the Shelter, buildings all around were crumbled or destroyed. There were even fallen Mech's in place that seemed to no longer work, it looked as if they had been destroyed in the middle of a battle. The only thing left standing was a large training dome made of glathrium that seemed to be untouched.

Somewhere inside the shelter, through the rows of destroyed buildings, down one of the streets, a little spark was ignited and soon after a red portal had opened up. One after another, five people fell through and landed safely on the ground. They all looked fairly older a little above a middle aged man, at the same time each one of them had this certain look and feel to them. The strange thing was, even though they had come to a red portal planet, none of them were wearing their beast gear and were only wearing their black and slight blue military clothing.

When the five of them had landed, the sound of scurrying and objects falling to the floor echoing through the place was heard. It didn't just happen once but several times until eventually, it looked like whatever was in the area had already ran off.

"Those damn rats." One of the men said. "It looks like they infested this place just like every other abandoned shelter."

"Well, they are gone now." Oscar said. "Remember why we are here we need to find out what happened, or if there is any clue at all to the shadow ability and possibly more."

The five people who had come through the portal onto the planet were some of the strongest people in the military. Oscar Revees, the supreme commander of the military along with his most trusted five head generals. After seeing a new ability in the tournament that seemed quite mysterious and powerful, Oscar decided to look a little into it.

After asking Paul the head general of military base one, he had explained that what the boy with the shadow ability had said was true. There was no way for them to confirm if he actually got the ability from the red portal planet, but after doing a little bit of research, this place started to interest Oscar greatly.

He found that the reports themselves about what exactly happened on this planet were a little lacking. Apparently, the planet at first was considered a green portal planet. It had a cycle where every six months it would go to complete darkness. This was when the apparent beasts had made their attacks and had taken over the shelter.

The strange thing was, not a single person was left alive. When they came back to investigate, there were no such beasts here, but everything had been destroyed. The investigation led to nothing, but knowing that the whole shelter had been taken out it was declared a red portal planet.

Everything seemed a little strange to Oscar, and so little detailed information was reported as if someone was trying to cover something up. Of course, Oscar wasn't oblivious to the fact that even in the military there was the chance of high-ranking officials not being on his side.

This was why he had brought his four most trusted people with him. There were even the Head generals Oscar didn't feel comfortable with. If this was a coverup, it had to be done by someone in a high position.

The five of them continued their search and each time they moved to a certain area, all the beasts in that area would also move to somewhere else. They were afraid; it was because of this that it was almost impossible for them to move silently.

Walking down the street Paul, the leader of military base 2 and Oscar was checking out area to area finding nothing. The hope was to find at least something to tell them the story of what happened to the place. Their journey eventually led them to a hanger like place. As they entered, there were piles of scrap everywhere, but what caught their eye was at the back of the room there was a large container.

They both knew what it was, since it was a storage room that was made from galthrium.

"The door looks like it was scratched up by something?" Paul said, as he ran his fingers down the door at the faint marks that had been made.

"Yes, scratched, but unsuccessful at opening the door." Oscar replied. "The problem is, the door was eventually opened. The locking mechanism still seems fine on it, which would suggest that someone had access to the code."

Entering the storage unit, it looked as if the whole place had already been ransacked through. As if a thief had come along and taken what he had liked. All that was left were some pretty invaluable skill and ability books.

Stepping into the centre of the room, Oscar started to close his eyes. He looked around at everything, the trash piles that had been scattered on the floor, the dent's on the side of the hanger, and the pieces of dry blood in random places. In his mind, he could see chalk outlines of people and a creature he had pictured in his head moving about in the storage place. As if a movie was playing in his mind.

"Attacked by a beast, then he probably hid himself in the storage unit. The beast tried to get in. The destroyed eggshells on the floor, it doesn't seem to be too old.. Is all of this recent? If so, was it the sergeants that were sent here… No, it wasn't in their report. So maybe the kid?" As Oscar continued to picture everything in his head, he mumbled his words along, and Paul just stayed back and allowed him to do his own thing.

Oscar, one of the heroes of the great war. Even without an able and before he required the Demon level weapon. There was a reason why he was able to do great things, and his great mind was just part of what made him who he was.

The five of them decided to meet back up outside the dome, as each of them reported their findings. It looked as if computer systems were altered, as there was no information on what was kept in storage or any events that happened during the time of the shelter. The shelter was active for four months before being destroyed, so it was quite bizarre that there were no reports of anything.

The others also reported what they found in the training centre and after taking a look in Oscar's mind things started to match up and made sense, but at the same time, nothing was making sense.

"Were there any reports of what type of beasts there are on this planet?" Oscar asked.

"From what little information remains, when the new research team had come to the planet to explore what happened, they only came across three different types. The basic tier rats, an intermediate tier scorpion beast, and finally the large death bats that seem to travel in groups."

After thinking about it for a while, Oscar had finally made a decision.

"I'm pretty busy myself and will need to head back soon. Paul, if possible I would like you to take as many men as you like and try to explore the rest of the planet in your spare time. I want to find if there is anything else on here, or if there is anything that could have possibly wiped out the shelter."

"If there are only advanced tier beasts, it would be impossible for them to take down a shelter, so it would be wise for you to take some of your strongest men."

"Yes, sir." Paul said.

A portable portal was placed on the ground, and each of them stepped through it returning, but very soon they would be coming back to explore the mysterious planet.


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