My Vampire System
425 Fight the Vampire knight!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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425 Fight the Vampire knight!

After seeing the dark shadows rise and surround Quinn's body, a distant memory had surfaced in his mind. One that most vampires of the old wanted to forget.

At first, he thought that maybe he could convince the student not to put up a fight; after all, Siyrus had always been a trouble maker. If he was also was able to find out what family the boy in front of him belonged to, maybe they could aid him and with his support, they would be able to strike a deal that didn't mean death.

But now, after knowing that he could control the shadow, a lost and banned ability, he had no choice. He needed to bring him in.

"If it was up to me, I wouldn't be doing this." Said Clark. "But my duty as a Vampire Knight means I must bring you in."

In truth, Quinn didn't want to fight either, he never expected this to happen, but he couldn't afford to be caught. Knowing Clark's personality, he would be one to perform his duty over his own personal agenda. This seemed to be the case for many of the high ranking vampires, which reminded him about Silver as well, even when it came to a matter involving her own brother, she had picked the law above family.

The Raven continued to circle above; it looked as if it would be the first time Quinn would be facing a vampire that had a familiar.

Right now, he to tried summoning his Bone Claw. Focusing his mind, he tried to call out to it, but there was nothing.

'It came out before but now nothing, is it because I don't really want to hurt him?'

The delay had been long enough, and Clark charged in as fast as he could. It was too fast for Quinn to use his inspect skill. If he could, he would have had time to figure out perhaps the type of ability he had.

'Wind walk activate.'

Seeing Clark's speed before, Quinn also used his top speed. The two moved into the center at met in mere seconds.

At first, Clark was planning to use a regular attack, thinking his speed would be far superior. After all, he was a vampire knight going up against a vampire, but he never expected someone to be this fast. They had met far sooner than expected; his quick reactions caused him to throw out a Blood Swipe of his own.

The shadow immediately moved into place, blocking the attack, and out from behind, Quinn had jumped up over, performing two strong Blood Swipes.

"Blood wall." Just in the nick of time, a wall of blood was raised from the ground, and the two Blood Swipes had hit.

'The shadow will make this difficult, I don't understand its full potential or how it works.' Clark thought.

Little did he know, that was the least of his problems, as the Blood wall had a slight crack in the middle. Quinn's Blood Swipe had slightly caused the wall to shake, and it looked like another hit would cause it to break.

'This power… how is this possible.' Clark thought.

At first, Clark thought he would perhaps be able to take it easy. Or at least not be required to use his full strength. Even with him having the shadow, his powers shouldn't have been equal to his own. But right now, the speed, the strength, it was all stronger than average.

This was all because Quinn wasn't just using regular Blood Swipe but slightly infused with Qi. Holding back his maximum power with the Qi caused less of strain on his body parts that was still yet to handle it.

He still also wasn't able to use it to the point where he could enhance his body, but he had learned to control it with his attacks slightly, and it seemed to be doing him well.

Seeing this, Quinn threw out a few more Blood Swipes of his own, and as it hit the wall, it was immediately shattered. Two more swipes came his way, and Clark threw out his own matching them in power.

When the two attacks collided, both of the blood swipes had shattered on impact. 

'It looks like we are equal in strength and speed. I can do this!' Quinn thought. He still had a considerable variety of shadow skills, as well as martial arts.

As soon as he thought of this, the atmosphere had changed entirely. Another blood swipe was thrown from Quinn, but as the attack was about to hit him, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared a few meters closer.

As the attacks came out again, he would reappear and appear repeatedly.

'The flash step.' It was a move that Quinn had learned from the tutorial but had never come across another vampire who had used it before.

It was a reminder that he was now fighting Vampires at a different level. Those that would be more skillfull than him and possibly have more abilities than himself. 

If he wanted to win this fight, he needed to rely on something else. He needed to use his shadow abilities. 

It seemed that Clark had decided to step it up another level, throwing out more blood swipes of his own, but then his hands were moving faster than ever.

"Blood swipe barrage!" Clark moving both his hands at an incredible speed, multiple small sickle-shaped blood lines that looked similar to the blood swipe came out from his hands. 

Quinn used a  flash step of his own, he avoided the attacks first, but then it quickly started to follow him.

"Unexpected that you know how to use that too, but it won't work on me." Clark said as he started to move his arms about slightly in different directions rapidly.

Now the Blood Swipes were coming to a large area, and soon as Quinn completed a flash step, he had moved from one place directly right informing of another attack.

It had successfully hit him right on the shoulder, feigning him back.

[75\\95 HP]

As soon as Quinn was able to recover, another one came and hit him again.

[70\\95 HP]

Having no choice, the slow shadow had finally moved into place, now covering his front and blocking the majority of attacks. The only problem was it was decreasing his MC points rapidly.

It looked like using the ordinary Blood Swipe skill and turning it into a barrage didn't affect a vampire knight as much as it did a regular vampire.

If Quinn were to try to match firepower with firepower, his HP would have quickly decreased.

In the small amount of time, he had to come up with a plan and fast. 

However, he was unaware that something was circling above, which he had connelly forgotten about during the whole flight.

Seeing the back wide open, Clark's familiar, the Raven, came sweeping down at a fantastic speed. It's two claws at the bottom of its feet grew twice the size and were reinforced and hardened.

Not nothing what was coming behind, His back was vulnerable to an attack.

"You are still only a regular vampire after all you have a lot to learn."

The moment the Raven was ready to attack. A black mist appeared from Quinn's back, and a single large claw-like hand emerged from the mist. With its large dangling fingers, it had grabbed the Raven. As it brought its fingers together to a single point, it had connelly sliced through the Raven's body, and a puff of back mist appeared once again. It was signaling the death of the familiar.

Nothing this, when Quinn turned his head, he could see the arm of the Bone claw retreating into the black mist.

"Did it save me?" Quinn thought. It did indeed look like that was the case. Even if it weren't going to help him in the fight, it would still protect his life.

Finally, having enough thinking time, Quinn felt like he had no choice.

Placing out his palm open, he started to run forward, shooting out multiple blood sprays. The strength of his attack was a little less to the small blood swipes.

The center of his attack was able to shatter the bulk of them, but a few would get past and still hit him.

Bearing through the pain, he activated his blood bank skill, consuming HP, allowing his body to heal.

Against a strong opponent, it would be dangerous to let his HP get so low. Any strong attack could knock him out or even completely kill him before his blood bank can auto-activate itself.

Then when he was finally close enough.

[Shadow void]

The whole area around the two of them started to be surrounded by a dome type area. 

Seeing the two of them in what looked like strange shadows, Clark was starting to worry.

His familiar was put off action, and their strength and skills seemed equal.

"I guess I need to use my ability as well. The ability of the Fourth Family." Clark said.


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