My Vampire System
409 Vampire Structure
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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409 Vampire Structure

The rest of the day, there wasn't really much to be done. Since it was the first day, the students were just given their schedule of what they would learn for the rest of the semester. The group took a quick look at it and there didn't seem to be any worrying details on there. Well, at least not anything too worrying for how long they were planning to stay there.

And with that, the school had ended earlier on its first day than it usually would. Students were encouraged to interact with each other and continue exploring the school, but they weren't to leave the campus. They could explore the library, check out the training area, and even pop into the other classrooms.

In each building, there were living quarters. Since the school was only open for two months during the summer. In a way the school was treated as a summer camp for all the vampire families. While for most of the year they would be taught by their own family.

They were to stay there and learn every day until they were eventually sent back to their families, where they would continue their learning process and training. They would then be invited again at the end of the year to take the final examination to see if they were able to become an adult vampire. There weren't any details about what this exam was, but since it didn't concern Vorden and the others, they were not really interested in it, anyway.

As they left the classroom, the group had split up a little. The boys' and girls' dorms were separated and during class they had all been given a keycard with their room number. Cia immediately said to the others that she would be going to get some rest. The others didn't mind this because she looked absolutely drained.

In a short amount of time, she had gone through a lot. The experience of what the boys went through and what she had gone through couldn't be compared; they were slowly introduced to everything. She had instead been thrown in on the deep end, and they couldn't really blame her for feeling the way she did. However, Vorden still felt like she had been a little quieter than usual for some reason.

Apart from what she had just said as they were about to leave the classroom, she hadn't spoken or asked anything about what they planned to do.

As the boys were just about to leave the class as well, Silver decided to give a bit of warning to Borden, stopping and calling out to him.

"For what you did earlier, I just want to give you a little warning." Silver said. "The boy you stopped before, he's one of the head teacher's favourite pupils, and he's linked to the first family. Usually I would say there's nothing to worry about, but you see, you being in the tenth family means that even if they do target you, you don't really have any protection."

"While I'm around he won't really do anything to hurt you, I promise you that. You protected my family so I will protect you. But I can't keep an eye on you the whole time. I would suggest for today you head back to your room." Silver said as she went back inside her classroom.

Listening to Silver's advice, Vorden knew it was important that they didn't cause any trouble. They were more at risk than anybody. If he was to get into a fight with a vampire, he couldn't imagine not taking a hit, and taking a hit means spilling blood. Revealing his identity to everyone.

At the time, he wanted to not get involved in anything, but his body was moving before he knew it.

"Just go." Logan said. "No one is after me, so I'll be fine. Besides, I'm more careful than any of you lot, anyway. I'll try to get some information about what happened to Fex and try to find out more about the tenths."

With that, the three of them had split up, but would be soon joining each other again.

Spreading his little spiders out, and heading to the library himself, Logan tried to gather as much information from as many different sources as possible. After a few hours of research, from gossip, books and some old articles on the computer system, Logan was starting to get an idea of the structure of the place.

Before returning to his room, he decided he would stop by Vorden's first.

"There are a few things I found out, I thought you would want to hear." Logan said, stepping inside the room. The room wasn't the same size as Logan was used to. But it was a similar size to the standard military rooms apart from there only being one bed and no one required to share. The decorations were also a little darker, to say the least. The floors were made out of wood but dark wood, while the bedpost and frames had twirls on the post. Giving it that Victorian fancy feeling.

"Shouldn't we tell Cia this as well?" Vorden said.

"I assume she has too much on her mind. Besides, she's not really interested in helping Fex out and Peter, anyway." Logan replied. "She's only here because of Layla in the first place."

"First, the school building is split up into four campuses, this one that we are in which is for the vampires, then the other three for the vampire subclasses. Category A, are those closely related to vampires, Category B, the undead, and Category C, those strong at magical abilities. Right now Layla should be at Campus C. It looks like she will be safe in there for now so we have nothing to worry about." Logan explained.

"There are a total of fifteen castles all together. There is the main castle which is the largest one in the centre. This castle is where the so-called vampire king resides. Then there are seven castles on either side of it. These castles belong to the so-called Vampire leaders. If you remember when everyone was introducing themselves everyone said a number. This is what it's related to. They all work for the Vampire king. Also, each family seems to have a special ability that only that family knows. An example of this is Fex's string ability belonging to the thirteenth family."

"Wait a minute." Vorden said. "But I didn't hear anyone say a number above thirteen?"

"This was what got me a bit confused as well." Logan replied. "The only information I could find was two of the castles seem to be practically empty and completely abandoned. One of these is castle number ten. We now know why, thanks to Fred, it's due to the leader who had gone missing. And then there is the fourteenth castle. Unfortunately, it seemed like I could find nothing about this castle."

"Inside the castle, those that are related by blood, or are connected live inside the castle. Other than direct descendants, there is no one weaker than a vampire noble inside them. All of these know how to use the vampire ability. Then on top of these, there are a hundred more who also know how to use the ability, but aren't really related by blood. They live not too far away from the castle."

"Each vampire family has a total of 1500 people. The rest of the vampires that don't belong to the two groups mentioned above, live all over the city. Most of them don't ever learn an ability with hopes of one day being promoted and moving up to the top one hundred within their family."

Knowing the structure of the vampires was starting to scare Vorden a little. Who knew how strong the vampire leaders or the vampires inside the castle were.

"So if Fex is a part of the thirteenth family, then most likely he's in the castle at the moment. Maybe Peter as well?" Vorden asked. Thinking about the possibility that they would have to fight around fifty vampires to get Peter and Fex out of there.

"This information was almost impossible to find. It seems like everyone knows about Fex but at the same time doesn't. They just know he had done a bad deed worthy of an execution, and as for Peter, nobody knows anything. If I was to take a guess, I would say they have them both at the thirteenth castle, but we can't move until we get more information.

"Perhaps as days go past, more information will start to spill. I'll keep one of my spiders in each room and see what they bring."

The day had come to an end, and the three tried their best to sleep, but it was nearly impossible. Vorden was starting to think that this whole rescue mission was a lost cause. Sure, Quinn was strong, but to possibly go against all these vampires. It just didn't seem like a sane thing to do. They had pulled off many operations before against big players like Trudream and during the event, but this just seemed like it was on a completely different level.

As for Cia, she was starting to convince herself more and more about the possibility that a vampire had removed her memories, and the only vampire she knew of that was apparently close to her at the time was Quinn. She wanted answers, and she wanted them soon.


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