My Vampire System
408 Unknown Author
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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408 Unknown Author

After lunch had ended, Vorden and the others started to head back to their classroom. They left earlier than the others as it seemed like the tables that were involved with what had happened, were asked to stay behind for a telling off.

'Well, at least they seem to have better discipline then in our military base.' Vorden thought, But perhaps things would get better once they returned. After all, Duke had been impacted greatly and it might have changed him for the good. Also, judging by Nathan's reaction, there seemed to be something else going behind the scenes, as Vorden had thought.

While heading back through the hallway, the group seemed to be witnessing something happening not too far from their class.

"Hey you, you're from the thirteenth family, aren't you?" The boy said. It appeared that one of the boys was being aggressive to another and had him pinned up against the wall. The boy who was acting as the aggressor was a bit of a pretty boy.

"Xander, my family honestly didn't know what was going on with Fex, we really didn't know. That's why it was decided to strip him of all his titles and relation to the family. So things like this wouldn't happen," The boy said.

Although the boy being pinned up against the wall didn't know it, Xander had a different reason for holding a grudge against the thirteenth family, unlike everyone else. Because of Fex, an unknown Wight had beaten him in battle. He had been embarrassed in front of the leader and quite possibly ruined his chances for moving up into the main family.

Instead of blaming the person who had beaten him, he was blaming Fex and his family. On top of that, he had just had a run in with a strange girl outside, who had made him feel even weaker and he needed to let off some steam. Noticing that the student was part of the thirteenth family made him the perfect target for him.

"That doesn't change the fact that you all could have been plotting something." Xander said.

The back and forth continued and Fred seeing this even pulled a sour face.

"Come on, let's go to class."

But as Fred turned the corner to head to class, he noticed that someone else had continued to walk forward.

The bickering between the two continued and it seemed like it had reached boiling point. Pulling back his fist, Xander was ready to release his stress on the student in front of him. Just as the fist was thrown out, another had come outward and pushed the weight of his hand at just the right place and time, so the punch had hit the wall behind him.

When looking at who had just done such a thing, he could see a pretty blonde boy to his right.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Vorden asked. He couldn't help himself and get involved, after all he was getting horrible flashbacks of what happened to Peter. It seemed like even with the teachers intervening, there were still those that were treated as above the rest. Vorden could just tell Xander was the type to not care. Otherwise why would he do something like this in the open, why would Fred choose to ignore it?

It was because he felt like he was above the rules.

In his right hand, Vorden held the black sword. Not because he was going to use it to attack, but to activate the skill to give him the strength needed to push the fist aside. Looking at the weapon Xander chuckled.

"Hah, who the hell is this nobody that uses beast weapons to fight, if you had any faith in your strength, you wouldn't use such a thing." Xander replied.

At this point, Xander was getting ready for a fight, and Logan was right there behind him ready to support Vorden if anything was too serious.

However, just then, Silver seemed to have come down the hallway, and hair eyes were staring at Xander like daggers. She noticed the boy he had pinned up against the wall and could guess what was happening.

Seeing this, Xander tutted and decided to head back to his class. Because he technically hadn't done anything to the student, there was nothing that Silver could get him for anyway, he and her both knew this. Still, that didn't stop her into staring deep into Xander's soul as he walked away.

She continued to look at him, until he walked back into his classroom.

'Damn, that Bit*h is scary.' Xander thought as he shook off the shivers and goosebumps off of his mind.

The young boy quickly said thank you to Vorden before heading back to his own class.

"Thank you Borden, not many would be brave like you to go up against Xander like that." Silver said.

"No worries." Vorden replied as he put his sword away back on his back. "I just hate seeing crap like that."


Returning back to their school building, when entering inside, Amy had finally stopped running and let go of Layla's hand. She could see the relief on her face had just appeared, but still she seemed to be concerned about something. As she turned around she went to look at Layla and started to smile.

"That was a good one!" Amy said, giving a wink. "That Xander still flaunts himself like he's some big shot. I thought his apparent loss would bring him down a peg or two but then they decided to keep it a secret from everyone, and he's still the same as he always is."

"What do you mean?" Layla asked.

"Oh, huh, Don't worry I was just mumbling to myself." Amy Replied. "But seriously, that guy is a perv, do you best to stay away from him. Unfortunately, because we are part of the same family I can't really do much, and the other girls won't be able to stick up to him either." Amy then went in to whisper in her ear.

"Actually, they might even turn on you to get on his good side." She whispered. "But if anything happens, then it might be best to tell your Turner, I'm sure he's strong enough to sort him out."

Although Layla was not too sure. She had no clue how strong the regular vampires were. The only two she had ever seen fights were Quinn and Fex. If Layla was in trouble with the top student at school, would Quinn really be able to beat him? She thought.

With the strange encounter over, the group decided to head back to class as promptly as possible. Inside the class, Phil was already waiting for them. Once all of the kids had returned, a quick head count was done, after that, it was time for them to head to the library. The task was already explained beforehand, so when they entered, they were allowed to go ahead and try to find as much information as possible.

The library wasn't very large and there was only a total of around six shelves with books on them, but then when thinking about it. This was all the information they had on C Sub classes. Which meant there was quite a lot of information there if they thought about it further.

The girls split up, as they too were interested to find out as much as they could about themselves. After all, sometimes their Turners didn't know much either. Even Quinn was only able to give Layla basic information about what she was.

Going through the library was quite easy since it turned out they were sorted out in alphabetical order. When going to the H section, she then needed to look for anything to do with her type and it turned out there was only one book she could find.

She looked at the front and the book was titled. "The truth about Hannya." When looking down at who had written it, she noticed that the name at the bottom had been scratched off.

She found it odd, and just to be sure picked up another book next to it. But this one was completely fine and said the name of the author like every other book seemed to do.

Still, for now she decided she would start to read it. The book wasn't very big and mainly just had details about the Hannya themselves. The first one was about the regular Hannya, the Hannya Nanmanari, this was what Layla currently was. All the information that was written in the book was exactly as both Quinn and Logan had described.

This made her feel confident that the contents of the book were accurate, then when moving onto the next page, information on the second stage evolution was shown. Chunari Hannya. A mid-level vampiric demon. They have long sharp horns, tusks like fangs and more powerful magic.

Reading the description of the evolution was actually upsetting Layla even more. From the sound of things it seemed like she would look even uglier than she did now if she was to evolve. The only saving grace was each evolution was temporary and she would always revert back to the Namanari form.

Although as she continued reading it seemed like they did have more powerful magic and more spiritual spells, but didn't go into much detail. The next page had the next evolution which was called Honnari Hannya. These have serpentine bodies and the ability to breathe fire. They are fast and agile having a lot of durability in this form, but can no longer perform spiritual spells.

'No, no, no! Does this mean I'll look like a snake woman if I turn into this? There is no way I'm ever going to evolve into that.' Layla thought.

Then finally as she turned the last page, there seemed to be a small bit of writing but nothing else.

"The fourth form of the Hannya has yet to be recorded down. My research has only taken me this far and unfortunately there aren't many to observe. All though I have a friend who is willing to help me, so the information on this shall be written down in a second book."

After reading this, Layla closed the book and noticed it looked quite old and then there was a publication date. It was almost written a hundred years ago.

'Shouldn't the second book be finished by now then?' She thought.

But when looking and looking, there was nothing she could find. Instead, she decided that perhaps if she was to search by the author she might find something, so taking the book she decided to head off to Phil who was standing in the centre of the library watching over all the students.

"Um, sir, I was wondering if you know who wrote this book, I'm trying to see if there was anything else he wrote." Layla asked.

"Oh, let's see." Phil replied, taking the book off her. Immediately, he noticed that the author's name had been scratched out.

"Actually Layla, the scratched out author's name means the book wasn't even meant to be in here in the first place. Maybe it slipped through because you're the only Hannya we have had in a long time." Phil said with a smile.

"Oh, but then do you know who wrote it?" She asked again.

"Unfortunately not." He said with a smile.

As Layla walked away knowing there was nothing else she could do, she decided to try to look at other books about subclasses that were similar to hers.

'The scratched out name, I guess that means it belongs to him.. I wonder how long it will be until you have been completely written out of the vampire history books." Phil thought. "Even your legacy continues now as these buildings were all founded because of you.'


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