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407 Who do you like?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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407 Who do you like?

The first lesson in the morning had taken quite a while for Layla. A lot longer than she thought it would take. Phil, the class teacher had nearly gone ahead and introduced every different C type class he could find in the room. And it turns out there were many. There were even a couple that looked to be the same type but it turned out they were different.

Although going through all this, Layla actually didn't find any bit of it boring. As he spoke, it was as if the words were floating right into her ears and she was trying her best to pay attention to every detail that was spoken.

She had learnt a lot that she never knew about herself and the others during that class. The bad news was Phil was only able to explain the basics of everything. He was quite a knowledgeable teacher, but when it came to certain questions about each different type, he would be a little hazy. Which was to be expected with how many different types there were.

But it wasn't too much of a problem. For the first day for them was all about learning about themselves. There was a library located in their building that had information of each subclass of vampires related to the category C. The first lesson had gone on for a long time and it was now time for lunch. But when they were to return, their tasks were to find out information about themselves. Because some of the texts used complicated language, Phil would be there to help them explain anything they needed.

Layla couldn't wait to return to class, it was a completely different feeling to when she was at military school. She always found the lessons a pain or a bore, but she was enjoying herself here, so far anyway. it reminded her when she was younger and used to read books about these things, wishing something like this would happen and now it really was happening to her.

When lunch came, they were allowed to go outside and enjoy the scenery as they ate. What Layla didn't realise was they were all meant to bring in their own lunch to school. Because each person's diet was specific, usually an allowance would be set aside and sent back to the family for them to support the C type subclasses.

The class was outside behind the school, where there were many benches and a few trees.

Although it still looked strange to Layla that everything was so dark. It was as if she was attending school at night time. Amy and the other girls had brought out a picnic mat and decided to sit underneath one of the trees. They then all brought out their pack lunches. In a way, Layla was happy that Amy had approached her and been so nice, otherwise, she wouldn't have known what to do, and it looked like Vorden and the others weren't eating outside, or at least not at the same time.

The girls continued to chat and talk, and that's when Amy noticed Layla wasn't eating anything.

"Did your Turner not give you any food?" Amy asked.

Later Layla found out that the term Turner was used to describe the person who had originally turned a human into what they had become today. At one point there were only vampires, and when a vampire would turn a human, there was a chance they could fall into one of the subclasses.

Some Subclasses could have children, but even their children would work for the original person that turned their parents. So whenever one would talk to someone as their Turner, they were talking about the original vampire that had turned them or their family. In most cases anyway, only at the vampire noble stage due to law, would they be able to turn a human. So they and their subclasses would most likely stay in the same family.

Seeing Layla with no food, Amy offered a part of hers, and it looked like a completely normal dish, with some rice, veg and meat. Layla had been eating the food pills and although she didn't feel hungry, it just wasn't the same as gouging out on a big meal. It was incredibly hard for her to say no, and the two started eating while talking away.

'She really is a nice person after all.' Layla thought.

The conversation between the girls naturally started to move onto one thing, and that was the boys. They were talking about if anyone in their current class had caught their eye, and then they eventually moved onto Layla.

"So Layla, is there anyone you like?" another girl asked.

"There must be, right? You're so popular all the boys already have their eye on you, so you need to be careful." Another said.

"They are?" Layla replied, confused. Layla never considered herself as ugly, but at the same time she was never one of the popular girls at school or at the pure base, honestly, she never had the time to worry about girly things like that. And now that she had two small horns that looked like bumps, she thought that quite possibly she would never get a boyfriend.

Still, she started to think about the question quite deeply and was wondering if there was anyone she liked.

"Not the class." Layla said quietly.

Amy snapped her fingers as a thought came to her head.

"I know, you were walking with those three vampire boys earlier weren't you, I remember there was that tall hot blonde as well, although he was a little shy."

"Who them!" Layla said. "No, no, not one of them."

'Although, there were times when Vorden was nice to me. We didn't get along at first, but he slowly started to get better.' She thought.

"Wait!" Another girl said. "If it's not them, and the reason why you don't want to tell us, is it because it's your Turner? Were you turned directly by him?"

"Yeah, that has to be the case, I hear that a lot of humans who were turned by vampires it was because they fell in love." Another girl replied.

Images of Quinn started to appear in her head, and her face started to heat up and her cheeks started to redden. She ducked her head into her knees wishing to hide the embarrassment.

"Well, that case has been solved. Well, if you were turned directly, then it might actually make some of the boys weary of you. So see that as a good thing." Amy said. "Anyway, if you were turned, who was it, it had to be a vampire noble right, or maybe even higher?"

Not knowing how to reply or what to do, Layla was trying to think of an answer. She didn't know any vampire names, and she couldn't exactly tell them all it was Quinn. But just then a commotion seemed to be happening behind them.

"Oh no, not him." Amy mumbled. "Layla, keep your head down okay."

Not sure what was going on, Layla decided to do as she was asked. It didn't feel at this point that Amy would try to do anything to harm her.

"Well, well, look at all the pretty girls." A boy's voice said. "It was right for me to come over to the C campus. After all, you have the most and best looking girls in the school."

For some reason, Layla had noticed this too. The C type subclasses were mainly female, in the classroom over 70 percent of them were girls while the rest were boys. Perhaps that also had something to do when her evolution path was being chosen.

"Xander, shouldn't you be at the main building right now? Lunch is nearly over." Amy said.

"Oh Amy." Xander said as he played with his hair a little, making sure it was perfect. "You grow more beautiful by the day, I decided to see if some of your friends here would care to accompany me after school today, besides you know I get away with more than I should, being the most promising student of the school and all."

The girls started to whisper to each other as they now realized who Xander was. He was one of the vampires that belonged to the first family. One of the most skilled and had been invited to also learn their family's ability. They soon realised why he had so much confidence, and it would be good for the girls to get on his friendly side.

However, Amy too belonged to the same family, although her Turner was a different person, they had spent a lot of time growing up together and she never did like the arrogant air he seemed to show.

"Oh, and who's this pretty girl I haven't seen yet, would you care to turn around?" Xander asked.

So far, Layla had been looking in the other direction while sitting underneath the tree, and right now she didn't know what to do. 'It would be strange not to turn around when someone calls you right? What's the worst that could happen?'

As she turned around and Layla's face was in view, something had struck deep in Xander's heart. He gripped his hand over his chest and started to fumble as if he had been hit by an arrow.

"Those cute little horns, the white soft skin, and that innocent look in your eyes!" Xander said.

At this point, Amy wanted to stop it, but there were some things that she couldn't do. Being part of the same family, and Xander being in a higher position than her, if she was to try to do anything she would get into serious trouble.

In his excitement, Xander went forward to grab both of Layla's hands, bringing them close together.

"Please… go out with me!" Xander said.

But the whole thing was too overpowering for her. She had never let someone get this close to her, in her personal space so suddenly without knowing them. She quickly wiggled her hands free and moved back, and as if on instinct she placed both her hands out.

'Spiritual Chains' The black ball came out fast, hitting Xander around the body, tying him up in an instant.

"Good one, Layla!" Amy said as she had now grabbed Layla's hand, "Come on, let's get out of here." All the girls quickly followed as they headed back to the C campus.

Xander could do nothing but wait for the chains to go away as he watched the girls run off. "So you have a little bit of a bark to you, that just makes things better. I will make you mine. It would be an honour for someone like you to go out with me."


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