My Vampire System
374 A way to level up
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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374 A way to level up

The message had come as a surprise for him; the system had said nothing about a cap before, and now suddenly this message had appeared. But Quinn did remember that the system often said that it didn't create the system himself. So there were some things even he didn't know, and this could have just been one of them.

Still, not wanting to waste any more time, Quinn decided to continue onward to the next set of blood packs. Even if he had maxed out on one, it didn't mean he had maxed out on the others.

After drinking what they had of type B blood, the same message appeared once again.

[40 Agility points reached.]

Moving onward, Quinn continued in this fashion, taking a small amount of blood from each one until, eventually, all of his stats had reached the top.

[Strength 40]

[Agility 40]

[Stamina 40]

[Charm 40]

His stats before were around the high twenties and now, they had not only surpassed thirty when he felt a significant power increase; they had even reached forty. His entire body felt different, he felt like a completely new person. His cells were vibrating with excitement and the increase in his power was addicting and exciting.

He didn't know what was coming over him, but he felt like he needed to get rid of all this excess energy right this moment somehow. But right now, he was in the hospital. If he was to do anything excessive, they would quickly find out.

"Quinn, you need to calm yourself down. You've taken in too many types of blood. The rush you are feeling right now, it's the addiction!" The system said urgently.

But hearing him and doing what the system said were too different things. He could hear the heartbeats of the humans that were walking by the door, and the blood that was pulsing through their veins. All he wanted to do was to rip the door open and continue his feast.

'What do….I….do?' Quinn thought, while huffing and panting.

Then a thought suddenly came to him, there was something he did every morning that seemed to relax him, and it also would help him gather his energy. Quinn quickly sat down on the icy floor and closed his eyes. He started to gather the energy that was raving inside of his body. He focused and started to think of the small ball.

Usually, when looking within himself, the energy he could see was almost white in colour and was around the size of a tennis ball, but right now it had expanded to become big as a basketball and was tainted red.

'This has to be the blood energy as well. It's going wild around my entire body.'

Trying his best, he tried to focus and did the usual thing he did every day. But the red energy was a lot more wilder than the white energy and it took an extreme amount of focus for Quinn. Even in the cold room that he was in currently, his body was still sweating heavily from the concentration.

After a few minutes had passed, the white energy and red energy started to combine. It seemed like the two energies were now working together in harmony, slowly but steadily, instead of fighting against each other.

Quinn didn't know what this meant. He tried moving the energy around his body, and it felt similar to when he performed his blood skills, but at the same time different. He didn't really know what had happened, but at least the addiction and the excitement he was feeling had gone away.

Looking at the energy and concentrating together, the red energy mixed with the white was still there. When he was to meet Leo again, he would have to ask him what this meant.

Once everything was settled, Quinn gave a thumbs up to the spider in the corner that was covering one of the cameras. The spider was then able to inform Logan what he needed to do. Logan left the lobby and as soon as he did, and all of the lights went out once more.

He continued to walk away from the hospital and went down the pathway that led back to the school. Then finally, he had reached the park and convenience store that was located not too far from the school.

"Quinn, Quinn... are you there?" Logan whispered.

Suddenly, by his side, Quinn appeared and caused Logan to jump back upon hearing his voice.

"I'm right here." Quinn said.

"Did you have to do that!" Logan shouted while still keeping his voice down. "Anyway, did everything go according to the plan?"

"Not completely according to the plan, but I got what I needed," Quinn replied. There was still the chance to increase his stats in the future and perhaps when he evolved they could return.

As the two of them continued to walk down the path and headed back to school, Quinn decided that it was best to ask the system about his stats, anyway. Even if he didn't know.

"Honestly, I didn't know there was a limit, but of course I always expected one." The system replied. "But still, I'm amazed that you were able to grow this much. I thought you would have hit the limit far sooner."

"What do you mean?" Quinn asked.

"Think of it this way. Let's pretend as if everyone had a system just like you. I have based all these numbers on my research that I did from observing you, so give or take it as it might not exactly be accurate. If a normal human being power with no training whatsoever is around five. Then a human who was at the peak would be around ten. Of course, not all of their stats would be at ten but let us pretend for the sake of the example."

"A standard vampire would have around twenty points. Then we have skilled vampires who aren't quite at the noble level like Fex and have their stats in the higher twenties, possibly twenty-five. Then a Beginner Noble vampire would be around that of thirty. For someone who is just at the vampire Level, you are incredibly skilful.

"This is all of course because of your extra stats when consuming different types of blood that other vampires don't have. Now I wouldn't say there has never been a vampire as powerful as you before evolving into the next stage, but it's very rare and often takes years. If anyone was to learn of what talent and everything you have learned in a short amount of time, no one would believe it.

"There would be ques of vampires lining up asking me how I did it!" The system said getting a little carried away. "Sorry, obviously I was talking about this if it was the past."

"And what about a vampire leader, they're at the rank of a vampire Lord correct? Am I anyway near them?" Quinn asked.

The system decided to remain silent, which in a way was an answer in itself. He could tell this even with the other vampire, as she was beyond a noble's level.

"I thought as much, I still need to get stronger, but now I've been capped until I can level up."

The problem now was how? The only ways to gain exp at the moment was to do his daily tasks, which gave him minimal exp, and hadn't changed since he first became a vampire. It had become a daily routine for him to complete them by now, so he never even thought about them.

The second way was what he had been doing by playing the game. The problem with this was that the game only gave him half the amount of exp, he would get if he was to fight them in real life. It was a serious problem, and even with a hard grind, it would take a long time for him to level up.

And when he had entered the game with Nate, the quest for the instant level up had never appeared. It didn't appear the first time the two had fought in the game either. Which suggested that the system wouldn't give him the exp points that he needed even if he did beat Nate.

The desperation was starting to get to Quinn, and he was truly trying to rack his brain, thinking of any type of solution that was possible. Before he realized it, Logan and he were already inside the school.

"Aright Quinn, I'm going to head off to my room." Logan said. "I still have a lot of things to work on myself for our trip."

Even Logan was working hard in the middle of the night for their journey. Quinn needed to do something. He started to walk through the hallway and was heading back to his room when he spotted a student crouched up and in a ball outside one of the rooms.

On a closer look, Quinn realised it was the same boy he had seen with the other two earlier. His hair was soaking wet, his face was covered in bruises, and his eyes were puffy from the tears. The boy looked up as he heard someone's footsteps walk past.

The scene reminded Quinn of what had happened to Peter that one time, and it looked like it was happening to others too. Crouching down, Quinn and the boy were now looking at each other.

"Are you okay?" Quinn asked.

The boy continued to sob, but he still gave an answer back while doing so.

"I ..I don't want to… go… go there." The boy said. "They'll just hit me again. Every… every day."

Quinn could feel the pain in his eyes and through his words. He could feel it not just because of that, but also because he went through it himself. Not everybody was as strong as him when he was getting bullied. Different people dealt with it differently, and the student here seemed like he was at his breaking point. Perhaps Peter was in the past would as well, if Quinn had done nothing.

Looking at the boy, something needed to be done. And at that moment and time, something clicked in his head, which would allow him to gain more experience.

"Do you wish those people would disappear? Do you want them to never touch you again?" Quinn asked.

The boy remained silent as he didn't know what Quinn was getting at.

"I'm asking you, do you want them to go away?"

Clenching his fist, the boy shouted. "Of course I do! I want them out of my life forever."

Standing up, Quinn walked down the hallway to his room, and had a smile on his face while speaking.

"Then I'll grant you your wish."


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