My Vampire System
348 I promised a figh
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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348 I promised a figh

[You are being affected by direct sunlight]

[All stats will be reduced by 70 percent]

It had been a while since Quinn had seen these messages and he didn't miss it one bit. As soon as he stepped out into the sun from the martial arts hall, his whole body began to feel weak, the energy felt as if it was being drained from him.

Although it wasn't as bad as he remembered. As he was still able to walk freely and didn't feel sick like before. This was due to him gaining a large amount of stats from since the last time. Right now, he could move about like an average human in the sun. However, it still seemed to give him a headache, is he stayed out after five minutes.

It was a shame that Leo had left, but Quinn had done his best to inform him of all the troubles he had gone through. Hoping that he might be able to deal with it better. He had more information when Quinn first turned and also had the ring to help him out. For some reason, he felt Leo would be okay. Even if he did come across another vampire, based on what he saw in the martial arts hall, he would be worrying about them rather then Leo.

In turn, Leo had also given Quinn a training routine to practise his Qi every day. For now, it would be pretty much useless in a fight, Leo explained, but at a certain point and time, everything would start to click.

The crystals that had been given to him were able to be stored in the system. When checking out the shop, Quinn was hoping it would unlock a type of weapon for him, but there was no success. If he wanted a new pair of gauntlets, he would have to find someone to make it for him.

Not just anyone, but a talented forger who would be able to also do a second unlocking. Otherwise, it would only be a waste.

With the sun starting to set, it meant the day was soon to end. With this, Quinn decided that he would head off to the VR room. It was his long awaited promise with Nate.

On the way there he started to notice something different walking through the halls. Casually, people would look at him, they were still many students surprised that Quinn was as strong as he was that day, but that wasn't what felt strange or different. Even as a level one, there would be those that stared at him, or would treat him as if he was invisible.

Looking down at his watch, he could see the number six on display. What felt different, was the fact that no students were calling him names, no one purposely barged into him and no one was trying to start a fight.

'So this is what it feels like huh?'

But then, as soon as Quinn turned around the corridor to enter the VR centre, he saw three boys pinning a student up against the wall. On his wristwatch, was a level 2 power level.

"Why didn't you do what we asked? We told you that we needed that project by tonight!" The student yelled as he slammed the level 2 student up against the wall again.

"Stop that!" A voice from behind was heard.

"What do you want?" The kid said as he turned around and immediately recognised who it was.

"Oh, you." The kid said nervously.

"Just let the guy go, you wouldn't be doing this if he was the same level as you, would you?" Said Quinn.

"Shut up, I bet you think you're hot crap now don't you Quinn!?" Another student said by his side. "But we ain't weak, and there's three of us. I bet we could still kick your arse."

'Three? Didn't these guys see me fight twelve with the Multiplier? I guess maths isn't their strong point.'

"Well, how about we make it a three on three." Another student said as they appeared from behind Quinn. As soon as they saw who this was, the students immediately stormed off without saying another word.

The student who was pinned up against the wall, thanked them both before running off as well, and when Quinn turned around, he could finally see who had come to his aide.

It was a student with bright red spikey hair, he had seen him once before in the interrogation room... Burg Sunshield. One of the students from the big four.

"You know, it won't change anything. They'll just start doing it in secret instead." Burg said.

"At least that will lessen the bullying somewhat," Quinn replied as he walked off into the room.

Quinn disliked the big four. Even though they wielded so much power, even as students, they did nothing to change the situation. It was as if they liked the way things were set up. So he decided to shrug Burg off, and continue with his business.

"Tch, aargh!" Burg said in frustration. "Why the hell did our leader tell us to look over that guy."

Inside the VR centre, Quinn paid for his booth and entered the game as usual.

[Welcome Blood evolver]

Checking his friends' list, he was surprised and at the same time not to see that both Nate and Sam were online. It had only been a few moments, but almost immediately, he had received an invite to a fight. Quinn had decided to decline the invite.

"What, so I can't find the Cursed Child and now the Blood Evolver won't even speak to me!" Nate said in anger. "What kind of day is this. That's it I give up, it's time to call it a day and log off."

But just as Nate was about to, he had received an invite from the Blood evolver to have a match.

"What is this crap, is he playing tricks with me?"

"What happened?" Sam asked after coming back from training inside the white gaming room.

"I invited the Blood Evolver to a game, he then declines and invites me back."

Sam suddenly realised that his guess was spot on, and started to laugh at the fact that Nate hadn't understood yet. He had decided to invite him, in a way to reveal who he was to Nate. During the tournament, he said he promised to fight with him. It was his way of telling him he was the blood Evolver.

"Just accept," Sam said.

The match was accepted, and as Sam was following Nate as a spectator, he too was transported to the same room as the two.

When Nate arrived, he was ready to give the blood evolver an earful, but Quinn was the first to speak out of the two.

"So like I promised, I will fight you if you wish," Quinn said.

For a second Nate paused, the cogwheels in his brain were starting to spin, the words spoken sounded familiar, but it was like he had no frame of reference. It was nearly there, as the pieces began to turn and then finally, it had clicked.

"Wait….wait…" Nate said as he pointed his finger at the avatar in front of him, shaking."You're saying you're the Cursed Child!"

He quickly opened up his system to confirm that he was indeed in a match with the Blood evolver. Then his head started to hurt even more.

"But how? Your abilities. They're not the same."

"Nate, right?" Quinn said, which was the final nail in the coffin. Only Quinn, the Cursed Child knew his real name instead of his in-game name. "It's a little complicated, but as the shadow power isn't a publicly owned power, I can't use it in the system."

Nate stood there still for a while, as he started to process everything. His whole world had been turned upside down in an instant. Now thinking about it, the set of moves used in the event, the flash steps, the fancy kicks. It was something he should have figured out sooner. But the belief that a perosn could only have one ability was what was stopping him from believing that.

But, he didn't care about what secrets he had. If he was in the same position, he probably wouldn't tell anyone what was going on either. He only had one thing to ask. "Are you able to fight at full strength in the game?"

Quinn shook his head, "I can't." He replied.

"Then this is not our stage to fight. If you can't use your shadow powers here, then even if I defeat you, it won't feel like a victory. I already beat you before, but I want to fight the real you."

Quinn smiled, as he expected this, although he was looking forward to a fight, he too wanted to fight Nate at full strength and while in the game. Even Nate would be disadvantaged in the game as it wasn't able to emulate a soul weapon. As well as the fact that Quinn was able to use his blood attacks freely with no consequences.

"I wish to fight you at full strength as well one day," Quinn replied. The two had a strange relationship. Even though they wished to fight each other, it wasn't as enemies, but it was just out of display for pure skill.

"I'm in my second year now, which means I won't be in the military next year. But if you wish to find me, we will always be able to connect and contact each other through this game. Keep in touch." Nate said as he logged off the game in a hurry.

"Wait, what! what the hell is happening, tell me!" Sam cried form the arena seats as he too quickly logged off after Nate.

Once Nate had exited from the pod, his knees were shaking so much he nearly fell to the floor. He tried his best to walk forward then soon realised his whole body was shaking.

'The cursed child, the Blood evolver! They're both the same person. Who the hell are you Quinn Talen!" Nate thought.

Once Quinn had exited out of the pod, it was time to call it a day. Even though tomorrow was still the weekend, he still had a tough day ahead of him. Not only did he need to explain to the others what had happened to Leo, but there was still one more promise he needed to keep, and he wanted to deal with it sooner than later.

"A ghoul to a Wite, and Leo, a Vampire. I wonder what Layla will turn into?"


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