My Vampire System
338 Starting a war
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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338 Starting a war

Walking down the hallway, Jack was stomping away his feet hard on the ground as he plodded along. He was just about to call it a night after successfully plotting his plan.

'What could be so important to call a meeting at this time, and why does it have to be now.' He thought, frustrated.

It wasn't just any meeting between the Leaders though. Mona had specifically told him that this was a meeting for only the big four families, which meant it didn't include the head generals or the supreme commander. As if it was something they didn't want them to know about.

This was a rare matter, and the only time Jack had been called into a meeting like this before, was when they decided to invite him to join the leader's table. Making the Big three into the big Four.

Eventually, Mona had led him down the hallway, and they stopped just outside The Sundhiled family room. When she pushed the heavy door open, the other two could already be seen sitting there waiting. The rooms they stayed in were quite grand and large, and there were several separate rooms. Each one was designed slightly different to suit there own style.

Jack looked around the room, even though it was the same layout, it looked completely different when comparing it to his own. Most of the decor used looked like it was from an older era. There were also several paintings of large beasts on the wall with a single man taking it down. 'Useless Junk' As Jack would have called it was scattered on top of desks and drawers.

Nonetheless, Jack needed to comply, so he sat down at the large rounded table that looked like it was designed for twenty, but only the four of them were present.

This, of course, meant they were sitting quite far away from each other, but Jack liked this anyway.

"As the elder of the group I shall be the one to start the meeting," Mona said. Although she didn't look old at all. Burnie looked to be in his fifties, and Jack was just reaching his thirties. Jack had always thought Mona was around the same age as him, but now she had suddenly declared that she was older. He was wondering what type of witchcraft she had to use to look so young.

Now that he thought about, she certainly dressed like a witch as well. Even now in the middle of the night, she was dressed in all black, with a pointy hat and a veil covering her face.

'Does the mad women sleep in that?'

She stood up from her seat as she talked to the others. "I'm sure you all know why I thought it was necessary to call this meeting, but I did so just to make sure we're all on the same page."

'Huh, they know what this is about already. Have they been doing things without me behind my back?" Jack thought.

"We are here to talk about the Blade family."

'Them again… this is just a waste of time, we need to be dealing with Pure. Oh well, maybe I will learn something about them.'

"We need to make sure that all our families and fractions, including the subfamilies, receive this message. They are prohibited no matter what, to either go after the student known as Quinn Talen or try to research which family he has given the ability book to."

"What did you say?" Jack shouted as he shot up from his seat.

"Ah, I guess you weren't here for that part," Owen replied. "I seem to remember you left the room at that time. The boy who won the match against the Multiplier. Turns out he and his unique ability is under the protection of the Blade family."

"Yes," Burnie said, nodding his head up and down with his arms crossed on top of his large belly. "We all heard it, 'the chains that have been locked away for centuries, shall be broken by the Blades.' And we all understand what he meant by that."

The other three all nodded their head, but Jack didn't have a clue. He didn't have a grand history of ability users from the beginning of time. His family and his power were only discovered after the Dalki era. He knew nothing of what this damned code meant, and he was starting to get increasingly frustrated that no one was informing him.

What he did understand was what that made clear. They were ordering nearly every person they could, to not touch Quinn Talen. All of this was due to his connection with the Blade family.

And he wasn't an exception to this rule most likely.

'My plans, they've been ruined!'

He needed to do something. If he wanted to get that mysterious ability. Now the others would have people keeping a careful eye on him in the military base whenever they could. It would be impossible for him, even with his connections to do much without them finding out.

He didn't want to do it, but this was the only thing he could do.

"Quinn can't be related to the Blades," Jack said. "Because I'm sure he's with Pure."

There was a brief moment of silence between the other three until they all started laughing together shortly after.

"That's impossible, Pure and the Blades are black and white. They would never see eye to eye in the current world." Mona replied.

"But I'm telling you the truth. If you don't believe me, I'll bring Quinn here right now and force a confession out of him!"

"ENOUGH!" Burnie said as he slammed his fist on the table. "Did you not hear what we just said? No one is to go after the boy, and that includes you, Jack. We don't agree on a lot of things, Jack..."

"You can say that again," Owen mumbled.

Hearing this, Burnie looked over at Owen out of the corner of his eyes, before shaking his head and continuing.

"But we all agree on this. If you try to lay a finger on that boy, we will do everything in our power to stop you."

Who were these Blades to be able to cause such fear and unity between these three powerful forces, yet at the same time seemed to have no power when it came to the things like the military it just didn't make any sense.

"Fine," Jack said, sitting back down in his seat.

With that, the meeting was quickly over. Although they didn't finish it before reminding Jack once again, that the military was to know nothing about this and to warn him about not going after the boy. His hands were tied. If it was just one of the big families telling him to not go after the boy, then he would risk a confrontation, but all three together? His family wasn't strong enough and would never come out alive.

Jack was confident in his family's strength. Over time he had gathered strong abilities and men by his side and the unique thing about his family. Their abilities were all versatile, while the others only had a single powerful ability. In a way in his own head, Jack had deemed his own family as the strongest power force currently. Even ahead of the military, but it wasn't enough to start a fight over, especially with the Dalki watching their moves.

However, thinking about his family's strength made him think about something else. They were all clearly scared of the Blades. They repeatedly told him not to go after Quinn. What that didn't stop him from doing was going after the Blades. If he got rid of them, he would naturally take their seat of power.

The others were clearly afraid of something that happened in the past, but they didn't know Jack's full strength either. He would much rather fight one family then three strong ones, and he would also get whatever Power the Blades have as well as the shadow power.

It was the one plus side of Jack's ability. Whatever family he would defeat, essentially their powers would be added to his even if they refused to join, because he could take it from them with force.

"The Blade family.. let's see how scary you really are." Jack, was ready for a war.


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