My Vampire System
333 The Cursed Child
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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333 The Cursed Child

The students were told to prepare themselves for the event. They started to pick thier best beast gear and left whatever they didn't need behind.

They then were organized by the soldiers into thier new groups. Once again, it seemed like even on the second day, all the first years were placed in the same group. This was to continue making the fights fairer and enjoyable. Even if a first-year was stronger, thier was the key difference between them and the second years, which was using a soul weapon.

As the students finished getting into thier groups, several heads twisted and turned, and mumbling between the participants seemed to be going around quickly. They all realized that the infamous ZombieP was no longer there.

Looking over at all the groups, Nate noticed that he wasn't with his newly found friend he had just made, since he was a second year, but it also seemed like everyone was turning to know to look at him.

"So, you're ZombieP's replacement?" A student in the group said. "I wonder what happen to him?"

Rather than being interested in Quinn himself, they were far more concerned about where or why ZombieP wouldn't be taking part in this fight.

Seeing his ability, he couldn't have possibly been injured. This was the usual reason for one dropping out of the tournament. If it was an injury that wouldn't have been able to be healed on time before the next match.

"All right, everyone, it's time to make your way up to the stage. Group A, please follow me." It was time for Quinn and the others to make their way to the arena.

As Quinn was about to pass through the entrance, the soldier from before stopped him for he had a newfound interest in him.

"Wait, aren't you going to take any beast gear with you into the fight. If you don't have any, the rules state we can at least lend you some basic protection equipment."

It wasn't beast gear as that would be unfair to the others, but the man worried about him, he needed at least some thick leather.

"It's okay," Quinn replied. "I have everything I need."


Inside the booth, the Four leaders, including the Supreme commander Oscar, arrived in their seats. They were free to do what they wanted during regular events but wanted to have the best seats in the house for the main three events.

They had just finished watching the Ranged event and crafting event. The big four families would often teach the same ability, but the ability varied in strength depending on the person. However, when watching, they still kept a close eye. There were many factions and other families that were under the banner of the big four.

If they were to see a student who really interested them, they could invite them over to join a family under them, in turn, growing the power of thier own.

Finally, it was time for the fighting event.

"The first years will be fighting first, correct?" Mona asked. "Is there anyone you have your eyes on?"

Hearing this reminded both Burnie and Owen of their encounter with the Blade child. He was in his first year. After hearing no news of anything happening yesterday, they assumed he might have just wanted to practice with their powers. Anyway, whatever the child wanted to do, it was none of their business.

"That child named ZombieP interests me." Said Owen. "His regeneration speed was remarkable, and yet somehow, even without any beast gear, he was able to deliver a knockout punch."

"Perhaps he is skilled in the martial arts. He wouldn't be the first person to preform superhuman feats beyond the norms of a human body." Mona replied. "What was his name… I believe he finally decided to become a teacher."

"You are talking about Sergeant Leo," Oscar replied. "And unfortunately, we won't be seeing ZombieP perform in today's match. I got a report this morning from the doctor. He can't move; his whole body's frozen. They think it's possibly a drawback from whatever powers he displayed yesterday."

Hearing this, Jack was pleased. It seemed like Duke had really pulled through for him again.

"Of course, a healing power that strong would have its own drawbacks," Burnie said with his arms crossed as he snorted hot air from his large nostrils once again.

"Then, that means we will see a new person?" Mona asked. "This won't be fun at all. The substitute is a substitute for a reason simply because they weren't good enough to be picked in the first place. If it happened in the first round, sure, it might have been entertaining. But the students that are left are quite strong. I almost feel sorry for the student."

Although Jack didn't feel sorry for the student, he thought it would be an incredibly quick match. After the surprise turn of events of yesterday, Jack didn't want the same thing happening twice. Out of all the first-year students participating in the event this year, he made it so the Duke would allow him to fight the strongest one.

At least the strongest one he could get. There were a couple of first-year students that were part of the big four families. Those he didn't want to get involved in too much, so he picked the next best choice.

He wanted to humiliate Peter while also drawing out Pure. But with Pure already succeeding in their task, the opponent he had prepared would now be going against the substitute.

The platforms had been prepared and spread out across the arena floor. This time the platforms were at least two times the size as the previous ones. This was because there would now be displaying only five fights at the same time. It also allowed for more large-scale fighting and fewer defeats via the knockout from falling off.

It was boring seeing participants just falling to the ground; the audience would much rather watch a display of great skills.

"Please, everyone, welcome your first round of participants."

The crowd cheered loudly as it was the last event of the day. They always did save the best until last, which was why no one had left, and it seemed like not a single seat was empty in the arena.

The participants slowly walked onto the stage, and just like everyone else, they too soon realized that one of their favourites from the first round, wasn't there.

The crowd wasn't too bothered, but the students, in particular, were surprised.

"What, where is zombieP?"

"I can't see him."

"Does this mean he won't be fighting?"

"Yeah, look, there's someone I haven't seen before. Something must have happened, and now the substitute has to fight."

The camera on-screen focused on all the participants one by one as they made their way to the platform, and the crowd could see their big faces appear.

That's when Owen noticed the boy who had taken ZombieP's place.

'Now, this is interesting.' He thought as his eyes widened. He quickly took out the mask from his waist and opened it outward, covering his mouth. He didn't want the others to see the smile.

'That was the boy who was with the Blade family child. Wasn't he only a level one, if I remember seeing correctly? I see it now.' Owen thought. Like a jigsaw puzzle, things were coming into place for him.

'It would be stupid to put just any level, one ability user, in there,'

And he remembered the boy saying something strange. He remembered he stated he had beaten the game at level 5 yet didn't go any higher than that. Based on their reaction and him being in the tournament now, it had to be him in the video.

Coming to this realization, he did everything he could to hold in his laughter, but failed as his shoulders began to move up and down.

"What's so funny?" Jack asked, seeing his slanted eyes that were shaped like two crescent moons peek just above the shaking fan.

"I just think we will be in for a surprise today," Owen said.

The names of each of the participants were announced as they then rose onto the large pillar-like platform. Finally, they had gotten to Quinn and his opponent.

"First, we have the student who dominated their last round and gave us an amazing show. Please welcome the Multiplier."

"Oh, he was a good one, he is one of the ones I had my eye on," Mona said excitedly. "Wait, isn't he going against the substitute? What a shame; I thought this time we might see more of his skills."

"What is the substitute's ability, Oscar?" Owen asked out of interest.

Oscar then sighed as he heard this.

"I honestly don't know what they were thinking, but they managed to convince management, saying he is one of the students currently with the highest amount of points in their base. It turns out he has no ability at all." Oscar replied.

"Rats! I can't believe they're wasting our time with this. You should have stepped in and done something. I thought you were in charge of this place!" Burnie complained.

"Sadly, I only got the report just before entering this room."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry too much," Owen interjected. "I think we all will be more surprised than you think.

The others chose to ignore Owen's words. To them, it seemed like the youngster who just wanted a different option compared to everyone else, like a child who would say the opposite answer compared to the whole class just to get attention.

"And his opponent, unfortunately, ZombieP has had to exit from the tournament due to medical emergencies. Which means today we have a replacement. Please welcome to the stage... the Cursed Child."

From above, Vorden and the others all shook their head and slapped it in disappointment.

"What's with his naming sense." Vorden thought. "Couldn't he think of something, a little less cringy?"

Layla started to giggle a little. "I kinda like it, better than his other name anyway."

The reason for choosing this name was because of how he felt at the time, and felt similar to when he had created his vampire family. He also didn't want to choose a name that gave away his abilities, and on top of that, he wasn't able to use his old favourite name, the Blood evolver.


The three beeps indicated it was time for the event to start, and as soon as it did.

[Shadow equip]

Shadows surrounded Quinn's body, legs, and arms, and a few seconds later, they had dispersed, revealing all of his equipment.

The soldier watching from below smiled while looking at the screen.

"You really did have everything you need."

But one who was even more shocked and more excited was Nate.

'He has Gauntlets? Another year one student who uses gauntlets as a weapon. A strange level one user just like the ZombieP. Now that I think about it, that kick as well. Skilful in martial arts. It can't be, is he the Blood evolver?"


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