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314 Don“t kill again
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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314 Don“t kill again

Quinn placed both of his hands on top of Layla's shoulders and moved her off slightly to the side. Hearing Quinn agree to turn had made her overjoyed and the sad emotion that filled her was starting to disappear; perhaps this was the big change she needed in her life.

"Thank you." She said as she sniffled a little bit and rubbed away the last few tears.

Of course, right now wasn't the time to change Layla and go through the blood ritual, even she knew that. They were in the middle of the event, and there was always the chance the same thing that happened to Peter, could happen to her. It was best to wait until they were back at school where Logan could access the black market in case she did turn into a ghoul.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the fighting event will soon begin!" The speakers announced.

The sound of the crowd outside beginning to move was heard. The crowd cheered louder than before and it could even be heard from the back of the hotel Lobby where the group were at.

This announcement and reaction made it clear it was the most anticipated event even out of the main three.

"Nate!" Sam said in a rush, "Sorry guys, I really gotta go watch my friend. It looks like you guys got things handled here anyway." Although many things were happening in front of him, he hardly knew this group of people and was just helping them out for the time being. What he wanted to do now more than ever, was go and support his true friend, Nate.

"I'll come with you," Logan said, as he was equally concerned at what might happen to Peter, and one of them from Quinn's group needed to inform them of what was happening.

The others didn't have to worry about too much with Sam, it just looked like some type of strange invitation, and nothing was ever mentioned about Quinn being a vampire or any sort. All that was revealed was, Quinn and Fex had some type of secret. Seeing the level one on their wristwatch and how confident they were, he probably guessed it was something to do with the fact that they hid their abilities, yet were in the school on the basis of being weak.

Of course, this was something he could report to the school if he wanted to, but he saw no reason to. Not being in the same military school, he would have no benefit from doing such a thing whatsoever, not that he would have even bothered in the first place.

The two boys quickly left together and went ahead to the screen two area, while the other three were left behind. However, after hearing the announcement, Fex was equally worried and wanted to leave as soon as possible. There was a good chance his sister would be watching the fight. Depending on how close she was to the arena, she would smell out Peter. Or there was even the chance of Peter revealing some of his powers giving him away.

The problem was he was the one holding Cia right now.

"You two can go as well," Quinn said. "I can deal with her on my own."

Both Vorden and Fex looked at each other from the other sides. It was the first time Quinn was requesting something like this.

He would often ask for their advice in situations like this, so they found it a little strange, did he already have a plan?

"Are you sure?" Vorden asked, still keeping the chopstick he had in his hand close to Cia's throat.

"I'm sure." Quinn said, "Honestly, I haven't given up on Peter yet. I need you two to see if there's any way of saving him, any gaps in their routine if we can ship him off. I know it's unlikely, and even if we can't. At least find out what they plan to do to him, so we can get revenge later on."

It was the first time they had heard Quinn declare that he had planned to go against the military in the open like this. Saving one's friend from them was different. He was now clearly saying if he couldn't save them at one point, he would punish those that did this.

"I like it," Vorden said with a smile.

"I agree," Fex said as he let the strings loosen and return to him. Vorden quickly ran over, and the other two had left the hotel lobby as well.

Quinn quickly looked at Layla and just gave a slight nod, indicating her to go off and follow the boys, before leaving she whispered something into Quinn's ear.

Cia started to look around the room to see if there was any way out. The hotel lobby was quite large, and the area they were in was near the elevators around the corner from the reception. It was a good twenty meters before they could be in sight of anyone.

She then looked up at the top right-hand corner, where a camera was present, but she also knew that was useless as well. There was a specific reason why Cia had chosen to meet Layla here. The camera here has been disabled already, in the security room, it would just show a loop, and also it was far enough from the reception area where no one could hear or see them.

With no choice and the others gone, she felt she could only do one thing. A spirit spear formed in her hand, and she quickly threw it out towards Quinn. Straight after, she tried bolting it towards him, as she wished to run past him and head for the exit or at least the reception area.

Moving to the side avoiding the first spear, Quinn then went ahead to Cia. Another spear was thrown, and this one had hit him directly in the stomach.

"Yes!" She said, knowing full well that Quinn would have been slowed down, but it was useless.

Quinn wasn't even using his full speed; half a second later, he was already directly in front of her, and he quickly threw out his hand, grasping his fingers tightly around her neck.

Even with the debuff he now had far surpassed any regular human's speed.

As she looked into Quinn's eyes, she could see for some reason, there was great anger. When the other two had left, she thought the most troublesome ones had gone. Instead, it looked like the worst one was left behind.

He knew from the conversation earlier, that she was Pure, and before Layla had left, she had told him not to worry about the cameras.

"What is Pure planning to do?" Quinn asked.

"As if…I will..tell you." She croaked out again. Why was it that she seemed to be getting strangled all the time by these psychos? she thought. However, what she was also surprised at was the fact that Quinn knew about Pure.

'Did Layla tell them everything, how much do they know, when she asked for him to turn her, what did she mean by that? To stay with Quinn does this mean she's chosen to betray us. I must inform agent Five immediately.'

She started to stretch out her fingers to reach into her back pocket. Inside was a communication device; maybe she wouldn't be able to talk out in the open, but if she were just able to turn it on, they would know something was up. No reply was a sign that an agent would be in trouble.

Quinn's eyes started to glow even redder now, as he had activated the influence skill.

"You better hope this works this time. Otherwise, I have no choice but to get rid of you."

Layla looked into Quinn's deep red eyes, and her body was frozen in place; she didn't know why.

'Please work….' Quinn said. "I don't want to kill again."

'Again?' Cia heard now fearing for her life.

The four others had just arrived at screen two. They went ahead and sat down in the seats ready to watch the fighting event. It seemed like there was quite a bit of preparation work to be done, so thankfully, the fights hadn't started yet, and they were busy explaining the rules to the audience.

Now when looking out on the field, ten slightly raised circular cylinders went up from the floor to as high as the first row of audience members. Keeping them eye level, who were watching from their seats. This allowed for nearly the perfect view for those sitting there.

The flat top surface of the cylinder would be the fighting platform for the participants. There were a few ways to lose in the fighting tournament. Your opponent would be knocked off the cylinder platform. One was to be knocked out, or the referee who would also be on the cylinder with them declared one of the students a winner.

When looking out on all the cylinders, Fex could see his dear sister on one of the platforms.

"Of course, she had to be a referee." He said


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