My Vampire System
304 Prove them wrong
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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304 Prove them wrong

The video had already spread around, and it looked like many in the room were already talking about it. The feat itself wasn't so impressive but the fact that a student of their age was able to do such a thing was. In the game, no abilities could be used, and some were even beginning to think the person in the video must have had some type of speed ability.

However, gaming systems usually had some countermeasure against abilities being used in this type of place and this was no exception. Due to the event not allowing the use of abilities, trackers and such were invented to see when MC cells were activated in a specific area. It was the same type of technology that was used in the watches.

Although the game couldn't stop the use of abilities, it could detect if someone was using it or not. The video had clearly come from someone who had full control of the video system that day. It would be silly for them to upload a fake video but not impossible.

Right now, Layla wanted to confront Quinn and have a go at him, trying to think about just what was going through his head at the time, but it was impossible.

"Don't worry about it so much," Logan said. "I just wanted to make you aware. I plan to lose my matches as soon as possible and try to help out Quinn when I am above. The video blurs out his face, but anyone interested enough would be able to do what I did. Not that I think they could tell it was him, but I think we should be prepared just in case."

Layla nodded in response and the two of them parted ways as Logan went off to the training area in his section. What Logan had said had reminded Layla of her own task that had been given. She too, was meant to lose the match as quickly as possible.

With a lot on her mind, she took out her beast bow and placed an arrow in from her quiver that was attached down the side of her leg. There were multiple targets all different distances away. They would continually pop up and pop down at random intervals. Making it hard for one to get the pattern.

Letting go of the arrow, it flew out quite fast, just as the arrow was about to hit one of the targets, she held it in place with her ability. When the target popped back up again, she allowed it to go forward and hit.

The event Layla was in allowed her to use her abilities; she didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing considering how weak her abilities were. If it were an event like this one where the goal was just to hit the targets, then she would do pretty well. Or at least not horribly.

The students were told what they needed and what they were allowed to bring, but the finer details would only be revealed once the event started. This way, none of the students were able to prepare an unfair advantage beforehand.

Layla continued to hit targets in this fashion. She didn't do anything fancy and just hit them slowly one by one. She just wanted to do a repetitive task to focus and clear her mind right now.

One of the arrows had left and was floating about, she held the arrow still in place once again, waiting for the target to pop up and hit it. But when the target popped up again, another object went flying past her arrow, hitting the target before she could even do anything.

"Sorry, I didn't realise you were after that one." a girl said.

As she turned her head, she saw a long-legged straight blonde haired girl standing by her side. She too had a bow in her hand, although it looked a lot more impressive than hers. Perhaps at the advanced tier.

Next to her were two more students. A boy and a girl who looked like a pair of brother and sister. They both had the same short hair parted off to the side. If it weren't for the fact that one of them had big melons in a particular area, she would have found it impossible to tell apart.

The girl had what looked like a giant version of a slingshot on her back. In contrast, the boy had several small tomahawks.

Layla decided to ignore what had just happened and continued doing what she was doing. Once again she fired her arrow hitting some targets, then when she needed to hold the arrow in place to wait for the target again. The same thing had happened. Another object pierced the target she was about to hit.

This time, laughter from her side could be heard, and it was from the same group of people again.

This annoyed Layla, but she knew it was best to be the bigger person and moved over a little to a different part of the targeting section.

When she fired her arrow again, before it could even reach the target, something came out from the side knocking her arrow and snapping it in half.

Still, she knew she was the bigger…

"What the hell are you guys doing!" She snapped at them.

"I'm sorry." The girl at front said. "It's just your arrows were moving so slowly we thought they were targets to hit as well."

Annoyed by her words, Layla readied her bow and this time placed three arrows inside, shooting them at three different targets at the same time. The female quickly followed with the same and shot three arrows after Layla's. The speed of the arrows was far greater than hers and knew they would soon catch up.

She was expecting this after seeing the weapon being used was better than hers. She decided to use her ability to throw the arrows off course.

"Serve's you right cocky bi.." But just as she was about to finish her thought.

The arrows from behind also moved direction, changing the path, and had hit them, causing them to fall to the ground.

The women started to walk over to Layla.

"It makes me sick to think someone has the same ability as me, yet is at such a low level and has come to participate in the same event as me." The girl said. "If people were to see your poor skills with the bow, they'll start to think my ability is useless, making it harder for me in the future. Let me give you a piece of advice. Just drop out of the event, don't fire a single arrow and give up. even if you tried you would come in last place anyway."

Layla wanted to say something back, but the girl had already started walking away, and for some reason, the sick feeling in Layla's stomach was felt once again. It felt like recently everyone was telling her to give up on the event.

'Is it because everyone thinks I'll lose even before trying?' She thought.

Layla wasn't as weak as she thought. Although her ability was level two, her fighting sense was at a high level. In some cases, she would fare well facing against level 3 or 4 students as long as they didn't have high-level beast gear on. But as she started hanging around with the others, she began to feel useless.

And even now, others who had never met her before assumed her as useless baggage, and even the organisation she was in. Instead of informing her of the plan they had, or giving her a critical mission, they were literally telling her to hide and run away.

"Prove them wrong." A deep voice said from behind.

When she turned around, she could see a reasonably bulky square-headed man. It was someone she had never met before and wasn't in her event, so she was wondering just what he was doing here.

"The best way to shove it in peoples faces like them is to prove them wrong. And when you see their faces after, treasure that moment because that's the best feeling." The student said with a sadistic smile on his face. It looked like he had the experience of doing this himself at some point.

The important thing was though that Laya thought what this student was saying was right.

'Screw them all.' she thought. So what if everyone thought she was going to fail in the tournament. The only thing she could do now was to prove them wrong. All she wanted to do now was at least pass the first round of events. She would show them and everyone watching from wherever they were hiding.

"Thanks for cheering me up err..." She said, trying to guess the student's name. She had the urge to call the boy 'blocky' based on his appearance but felt it was a bit rude after he had been so nice to her.

"The name's Nate." He said helping her before she crushed his feelings. "Actually, I was wondering if you could help me, you don't know a student by the name of Larry Steel, do you?" he asked.


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