My Vampire System
301 Everyone should see
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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301 Everyone should see

The others were a little too far to see just what was genuinely happening. They stood just outside the booth and were watching from both sides. One side, with Quinn's group on the left and the other side with Zac's group.

Each of their team's stood behind their teammates, which meant Quinn had his back facing against Fex, so even with his excellent eyesight, he didn't know what was going on and was unable to see that the influence skill was currently active.

Quinn had never even thought about using the influence skill to get rid of this whole matter. Zac Being a level 6 ability user usually meant one would have a strong mind and will power, this wasn't always the case but more so than not. In the past, something like this would have never worked.

However, there were two things that had changed since the last time. The first being that Quinn had increased his charm points quite a bit. The second was due to the pressure and frightening things that had happened so far, Zac's mind was very unstable. He didn't quite know what was going on, and because of this, the influence skill had a great effect.

"You're going to leave that crystal behind and leave this place," Quinn ordered.

At that moment, Zac obediently followed, pulling the intermediate crystal from his pouch and placing it on the floor. Soon after, he already left, and the others followed.

"Well, that went a lot smoother than I thought it would," Fex said

After picking up the crystal and placing it in his pocket, his mood had calmed down, and his eye colour had returned to normal.

"Well, that was fun, wasn't it." He said, facing the others.

Seeing this, Vorden felt like Quinn was acting a little bipolar. Just moments ago, his voice sounded like he would snap Zac's head apart, but now he seemed to be over the moon. However, Vorden didn't say anything as he really wasn't the one to talk about a person having mood swings.

Just then, the admin man had entered the room; the other student had left to join the others when he saw Zac and them going.

"What happened?" The man said with his hands held above his head. The top part of the machine was smashed to bits. It was beyond repair. A whole new machine would need to be ordered.

"We should have told those guys to stay behind." Said Fex. "Now, we're going to get the blame and have to pay for this."

The man was about to tear them a new one. Telling the kids how they should respect the property that wasn't owned by them, but when seeing the large number in the room, indicating which booth this was, he quickly realized it was the same one from the video.

"Did you do this?" The man asked, looking at Quinn.

The video that was shown was from the top right. In the video, one was unable to see the face but could see all the actions performed. The only thing that could be seen was the black curly hair.

"Yes, it was me," Quinn replied.

"No, you idiot. Why do you have to be so honest, just say it was the others who ran away." Fex said.

"They have the incident on video anyway," Sam said. "On the video, there will be no proof that the others did anything and would just show Quinn kicking the top part. So it's best not to lie."

The students stood there worried for Quinn, the man was quite large, and they were afraid of the consequences they might have to face.

"If you need to, I can pay for the machine." Vorden offered.

"I can chip in as well," Fex added.

"Me too," Sam replied, feeling a little awkward if he didn't offer as well after everyone else had done. But he wasn't rich like the others, and really didn't want them to take him up on his offer

The man looked at Quinn. If he was the one in the video, it was expected that something like this might have happened.

"You have good friends. Accidents like this can happen. Don't worry about it, and don't let it happen again." The man said.

They were shocked at the response but decided to try to leave as soon as possible and not argue back with the results. There was a good chance that the man might change his mind, so they quickly decided to leave the place.

"Make sure I don't see you here again!" the man shouted at them with a smile.

The four boys were back out at the platform, and the night sky was now fully out. The stairs could be seen above them, and it looked beautiful. Most of the students who were on the platform before had already headed back to their hotel to get some sleep. Although there was no curfew, students were expected to watch the matches that started early in the morning.

The group continued to walk in a circle on the platform and reached Sam's hotel. Before parting ways, Sam wanted to get as much information out of Quinn as possible.

"You were really skilful back there. I can't believe what you did. You know, I feel slightly embarrassed now that I offered to help you when you didn't really need it." Sam said, laughing.

"Don't worry about it," Quinn replied. "You offered to help even though you didn't know us. In this world, there aren't many who would do that."

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you do that with the machine earlier, how can you move so fast? is it something to do with your ability?" Sam asked.

Quinn thought a bit about what to say before answering, but he knew he couldn't take too long otherwise Sam would get suspicious. Still, he didn't see Sam as a bad person but still couldn't tell him the truth.

"I don't have an ability, that's why it shows I'm a level one. Because of this, my parents trained me on how to fight since I was young. I focused just on using martial arts. I thought if I got good enough and got some decent beast gear, then maybe I can still make it in this world." Quinn explained.

'He's getting better at lying. I don't know if that's really a good thing, though.' Vorden thought.

With that, the group continued to talk for a bit before parting ways. Sam headed back to his hotel room, while the others continued to walk to their own hotel.

'Saying one has no ability is a good way to hide your actual ability. It's a shame you won't be participating in this tournament, Quinn. It would have been able to see you up against Nate.' Sam thought.

Although he couldn't confirm Quinn was the Bloodevolver, he didn't really need to. The main thing was, Sam felt like he had got on well with Quinn. If he were actually the Bloodevolver it would only make things more interesting. There was no rush on his end. There was still a week left to try to find out the truth.

Back at the gaming area, the Admin who had let Quinn and his group go was ago in the camera room. He had finished cleaning up the bits and pieces and had closed off the booth to be used by the public.

Inside the room, he watched Quinn's video fighting against the Level four machine again. Every time he watched, he got excited. He also further watched what had happened after the events, seeing that Quinn had saved his fellow teammate and kicked the machine out of harm's way.

'I was right to not blame them for what happened.' He thought.

Still, there was another reason why the man had let them go without paying for anything. The video had been cut down, only showing Quinn's actions during the level four game.

Then, once the video file was downloaded, the man went onto one of the students' internal video sharing platforms and clicked upload.

A bar started to fill on the screen, and the number eventually reached 100 Percent.

"This video doesn't deserve only to be seen by me." The man said.

Soon, all the students in the military base would see Quinn's amazing feat.


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