My Vampire System
289 A Change...
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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289 A Change...

The drop of blood was already on Quinn's finger, but after seeing the message, he hesitated to consume it. It had only been a little after 24 hours, and his HP would now start to decrease if he didn't drink any more blood.

'Is this what Fex was talking about? Have I already started to become an addict?' Quinn thought.

He started to wonder if he continued to go down this path, how sooner would he need blood later? Will it get to the point where blood would need to be consumed every hour. In a way, he was lucky that he had caught it now.

It was only because of Fex's message he had decided to be even pickier with his victims. He was trying to select an O blood group person who also met the condition of being a student and alone.

This caused him to select someone a little later than usual. If he had taken the blood at his regular time, he would have never received the message and would have continued onward until the tournament.

He started to stare at the blood seeping from the cut on the student's arm, trying to think if there was any way for him to get around this problem.

Storing blood was a challenging task even if he wanted to keep it for later. It was why he was so thankful for the blood bank. Unfortunately, the blood bank worked in a way where he would have to over consume on blood.

Only when his HP was full would blood from the victim would go into his blood bank. Which meant he would have to consume the blood in the first place, which wouldn't help him at all.

"Go back to your dorm room and forget about everything that happened tonight," Quinn said quickly in an annoyed voice.

He decided not to consume the blood. Right now, a day or two wouldn't be a problem, but if he continued down this path and something happened like before where he was separated from the others, it would be disastrous.

He didn't know how much time would shorten every time he consumed blood, but it was a risk he wasn't willing to take.

With his head looking down to the floor, Quinn clenched his fist tightly. "Peter, I'm sorry, but I won't be able to save you this time. I'm not strong enough, not yet…"

Seeing Quinn's actions had put a smile on Fex's face. Many vampires didn't heed this warning and continued to consume blood. Eventually, the Punishers needed to step in and deal with the problem.

Thinking about that particular group of vampires, better known as Punishers started to give Fex a tingling feeling. He had never seen a Punisher himself but had heard the dreaded stories about them.

Instead of consuming blood from his blood bank or relying on Layla for blood. Quinn decided to allow his HP to continue to decrease every hour, hoping to build up his resistance.

It wasn't very pleasant for him as he wished he would have known about this sooner. Right now, he had 95 points of HP. Which meant it would take 95 hours before his HP would reach near to 0. When he was a lower-level building up a resistance wouldn't have been much of a problem.


Over the next two days, Quinn no longer did his night time task. He still had hope, since the soldiers still hadn't done anything drastic to Peter. It didn't even seem like they were torturing him.

This was all because Quinn could still feel connected with Peter, but he didn't seem to be in pain or distress.

After hours of searching, Logan could find near to no information about the dungeons underneath the military bases. Not only at their military base but even the others. In truth, this scared Logan from trying to help Peter even more.

He was the type of person who did everything with a plan in his head. Every action had a chance for an outcome. With no information, he felt like a blind man walking through a maze.

He continued to search, hoping to crack something; however, they had run out of time. It was now time for the Inter Military Base Tournament.

Each class first appeared in their homerooms, making sure they had everything they needed. Inside of Quinn's backpack was the flash that had been given by Fex. He had tried to return it, but Fex refused.

Inside the flask was Layla's blood with a single drop of blood from the O blood type. Although he wasn't able to consume the blood that day, he had placed some of it in the flask.

[40/95 HP] His HP continued to decrease, and once it was low enough, Quinn would be able to drink it and gain the Stat Point.

The flask held 200 milliliters of blood, the same amount as his level 2 blood bank. Giving him a total of 400 milliliters of blood to regenerate from. However, there was no need for it for the event since he wouldn't be taking part. It was always best to be careful, just in case.

After all the students had finished packing their belongings, they followed their homeroom teacher outside in front of the school gates.

All of the students were lined up in a single file with their homeroom teacher out at the front. On the right side of the front entrance were the first-year students, and in front of them was General Nathan.

On the left side, in front of the gate, were all of the second-year students, and in front of them was General Duke. By both of the General's side were the Sergeants.

Standing in the center of the two groups was General Mike, who would lead the students during this event. He had an ultimate say. Paul, the Head General, would stay behind, just like the other Head Generals.

They were to remain at the base with the other soldiers. If an attack was to occur for whatever reason, military personnel were needed; it was essential to leave somebody in charge and someone strong enough to defend the base.

"Alright!" Mike yelled in a loud booming voice. Somehow his voice was loud enough to carry outside and be heard from the very last of the crowd. "Your teachers will now be calling out the following students who will be participating in the events. Please come up to the front once your name has been called

"Everyone else, remember you are to support these people. Cheer at the top of your lungs!" Mike shouted, banging his chest.

There was silence among the students.

"I said cheer!" Mike yelled again, and the students responded, shouting back.

First, all of the second-year students who were participating in events were called up. There were a lot of events to go through since the event was similar to the old Olympics. There were even some that banned on the use of abilities.

After all the students for the regular events were called up, students for the three primary events were called up. A single student from each homeroom group would be selected for the main events. In front of them, ten second-year students were to participate in the fighting tournament.

Quinn was around the middle of his line; still, his eyesight was great, and he was able to see that every single one of the students selected was Level 8. The ability system only went up to level 8. There was a good chance some of the students who stood up there had abilities that went beyond their grades.

Now that all the second-year students had finished being called out, it was time for the first-year students. Three students from each class were selected for the three events and walked up to the front.

Finally, it was time for Del's class.

He started by calling up the students for the crafting event and then moved on to the others.

"For the Ranged event, Layla Munrow."

She walked slowly to the front but was prepared; when walking past, she made sure to keep her head down, avoiding eye contact with those in her class. However, this didn't stop her from hearing the cruel remarks.

"How much do you want to bet on her elimination in the first round?" A student said.

"First round, I think she'll forfeit before it even starts."

"It should be me up there."

"I think I would do a better job, and I don't even use a ranged weapon."

Just then, a voice came, "Layla, do your best."

She looked up to see who had said those words; to her surprise, they came from Vorden. She smiled at him before hurrying it up to the front.

"And finally, for the fighting tournament…"

Vorden, who was near the front of the line had already started moving before hearing his name being called out, but after a few steps, he suddenly froze, hearing Del's last words.

"Student... Peter Chuck."


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