My Vampire System
254 A new level of...
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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254 A new level of...

For the first time since the fight had started, the king tier beast had finally bled. Just when Fex felt like all was lost, a strange green energy of light came out and plunged into the beast's upper body.

Although Fex was unaware of what had happened. Quinn who had emerged from the rubble managed to catch everything with his own two eyes.

Quinn was still injured, his wounds were worse than usual and even with the use of the blood bank, his body this time would take a while to heal.

He had used the blood bank completely and it was now empty. It had brought him up to [62/80] of his HP. Healing this much would allow him to continue in the fight. He still also had the flask that was given to him by Fex, But looking out how badly injured Fex was, he hesitated about using it.

He was debating whether the blood in the flask should be used on Fex instead. It was his own after all, and he didn't have a blood bank, that was clear after looking at how damaged his body was during the fight.

As Fex's legs were wobbling and his speed was slowing down, from the side, came in a short man who was in a silver and green suit.

"Logan!" Quinn thought. But this suit looked different from the others he had seen, on top of his arms, where beams of energy shaped like sharp daggers. They looked similar to an ancient weapon known as a Katar.

"Engage, maximum system output!" Logan said as he thrust his fist forward. The Katar like weapon suddenly grew longer. The green energy had extended and went right through the beast's solid body.

"Fex, I'm going to need your help," Logan said as he pulled out the energy blade from the beast. Logan knew this wasn't going to be enough.

Suddenly, the beast's attention was on Logan, the person who had injured him. All Fex wanted to do right now was rest but just from looking at Logan he knew they couldn't rely on him.

The beast went in for an attack from above, and Logan went to block with the energy blade, but when Fex looked at both of them it looked like watching a tortoise and hare race against each other.

They now had the power, and the weapon to injure the beast but not the speed. Logan was too slow. Seeing this, using his last bit of energy, Fex pivoted and shifted himself using all his strength to dash forward.

With his shoulder in front, he barged Logan out of the way allowing him to avoid the strike. The blade continued to go down, and although it didn't hit its original target, it still managed to hit Fex between his neck and shoulder.

"Kill the damn thing!" Fex screamed as more blood was dripping down his arm.

"Energy blade, maximum output!" Logan shouted, and at the same time, one of the energy blades seemed to respond. It grew twice in size and Logan slashed down with all his strength. It went through the beast's side and the sound of something falling to the ground was heard.

The green jade-like arm had been detached from its body, and black blood was now pouring out from the wound.

"What is that!?" Cia asked, amazed at what was happening. "I've never seen a weapon like that before. If he had stuff like that was so effective...why doesn't everyone use it?"

On the other hand, Layla who was standing next to her didn't have the same look of amazement on her face. Her forehead was wrinkled as she was in deep concern.

The green blade that had just been used, had fizzled out and now Logan only carried one on his arm.

"I thought this was the case," Layla said. "I've seen one of these before. Or to be more precise I learned about this before. It's another way to use the beast crystal that was discontinued by the military."

"Discontinued, but why?" Cia asked.

"As you can see, by using crystals as a raw form of energy, one is able to create something called an energy blade. The problem is, all of its energy is coming from the crystal and it needs a constant output to support it. Using the raw energy rather than mixing it with other materials creates a more powerful weapon.

"But this means two things, First the weapon isn't permanent. Once all the energy from the crystal has been used the weapon will disappear. This also means that the weapon strength will vary depending on how much energy is used when attacking.

"Because of these reasons, the military decided that it was much more practical to use the crystal core, to create beast weapons rather than energy weapons. Energy weapons were fine for the low-end use, when using a basic tier or intermediate crystal but anything above would be a waste."

For someone like Logan, intermediate crystals weren't too hard for him to come by. He could always just purchase them online on the market place. The problem was anything above that.

Past the advanced tier crystal, there weren't many people who sold them. This was even true for the advanced tier crystals. Instead, people would post requests, asking others to obtain a specific type of crystal for them.

The problem was, Fex had not anticipated needing more than two intermediate crystals on a trip like this. It wasn't exactly something people freely carried around with them either.

"It looks like the attack was a success," Logan said.

With the black blood continuing to drop from the beast's wound, it decided to retreat for the first time, leaping back. Fex wanted to chase after the thing but when he took a step forward, his wounds seemed to have gotten the better of him, as he went down to one knee, just stopping himself from collapsing on the floor.

"I'm more hurt then I thought."

There was no point for Logan to give chase either. The energy blade was just that, a blade of energy. Unlike traditional beast gear, it didn't give any extra stats to the user and the suit he was wearing didn't either. If he was to chase the beast he wouldn't catch up to the thing in a million years.

Suddenly, the beast's wound started to bleed less. It looked like some vine-like structures were starting to cover over the wound. Next, from the wound a little stump was starting to grow.

"Am I imagining things, or is that thing starting to get smaller?" Layla asked, still looking from the side of the street.

"You're right," Peter replied, still having his hand hover over his belly. At the same time, he was looking at Cia in a slightly different way. 'I never got an order not to hurt her today, right?' Peter thought.

The group wasn't imagining things. As the stump started to grow it looked like it was forming another hand, at the same time, the beast was getting smaller in size. As if he was taking his mass from one area and placing it in another.

When it was all done. The beast once again had two-bladed limbs that shined like Jade. Only now, it was roughly the same height as a regular human.

"Looks like we're going to have to go for round two." Fex groned out as he lifted himself off the ground. He knew that without his help Logan wouldn't be able to do much.

He was their attacker. Their damage dealer and he needed to protect him if they wanted to kill the beast.

"Why don't you lie back down." A voice said from his side, as he felt a hand also touch down on his shoulder.

"Quinn? But how?" Fex asked. Vampires had super natural healing abilities but for serious life threatening wounds, the use of blood would be needed . If the wound was bad, but not life threatening, they would eventually heal up but get hungry in the process.

But what was strange about Quinn, was how quick he had healed. 'Did he use the flask?'

Quinn's body had healed, he wasn't quite at full health but he was able to fight once again.

"We can talk about that later," Quinn replied while handing the flask back to Fex. "Take it, heal up."

'I guess, my guess was wrong.' Fex thought.

It was tempting for Fex, but in the end, he refused again. "No, Quinn not to be rude, but you're too slow to go against something like this and there might actually be a use and another way for us to get out of this mess if I don't use it. You keep it."

What Fex had said was correct. Quinn knew that with his speed he would be hit left and right from the beast. His shadow was strong but not quick enough to catch up.

"Don't worry about that." Quinn said she walked forward.

[Are you sure you would like to add all 6 points to agility?]

[Points added]

[26 (+4) Agility]

Before trying to hand over the flask to Fex, Quinn had taken a tiny drop of blood, giving him one more point in agility. Then using the remaining points from levelling up, he decided to put everything in one area. Finally, there were also the intermediate boots he was wearing, bringing his total agility up to thirty.

And also, burning him up to a new level of speed, the speed was at the same level as a vampire nobel.


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