My Vampire System
253 Teamwork
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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253 Teamwork

The beast seemed to be cautious about the two opponents in front of it. It didn't know why, but it felt like they were different to the ones before it. The presence emitting form these two were similar to the boy it had thought before. Still, it wasn't entirely the same.

Although it wasn't showing on his face, Fex was worried. There were two main reasons for this. They were going up against a King tier beast. Fex struggled to fight an advanced tier beast on his own, he wasn't yet at the point he could deal with a king tier.

'If only I had a puppet, maybe we would have better chances,' He thought. This was the second problem.

His ability, his family training, mostly focused on using a puppet as a fighting tool. Of course, they trained their own bodies and strengths, but only the full potential and fighting power of the Sugiines family would come out when they were also using a puppet.

He had finally found the perfect person. Erin, but now that she had gone, there was no one else that interested him, or he felt like would be the right fit.

As they stood there, Fex moved his finger slightly as he threw out a needle with a string attached. It was so thin it couldn't be seen by the human eye. Once the string was attached to the beast leg. He would pull with his strength and the two of them would go in for the attack.

However, before the string had even reached the beast, it threw its bladed hand down cutting the invisible piece of string.

Fex gulped at this sight.

"That's not normal, that string is nearly as hard as steel. It shouldn't be that easy to break. My strings are basically useless against this guy. With no puppet, and his sharp blades I can't do anything. So I can only rely on my vampire abilities."

Fex knew that none of his mind control, and charm like abilities would work on such a powerful creature. Which meant they would have to deal with it, the old fashioned way.

He looked at Quinn who stood to his right, with his shadow shifting protecting him. It seemed like Quinn didn't quite know what to do either.

"Arghh!" Fex shouted as he charged in. "Quinn, I'll attack and you cover me with the shadow."

Although Quinn didn't agree with the plan, it was already too late as Fex was charging in. In Fex's mind, he was the faster, more skilful fighter of the two, all he needed was Quinn to use the shadow, to block the attacks he couldn't see and he was hoping that would be enough.

While charging forward, Fex threw out Blood swipes. Seeing this the beast, they swung its own hand blades, at such an incredible speed, it looked like it had managed to create its own wind strike pressure that clashed with the blood swipes.

Quinn followed closely behind, and it was a good thing he did, as the beast continued to swing its arms about causing a flurry of swipes.

From behind Fex, a few more blood swipes had followed. He didn't need to ask where they had come from.

"It looks like you're better back up then I thought." Fex said.

Using the shadow, Quinn blocked some of the attacks, while also using the blood swipe of his own. The two of them continued to attack while pushing forward.

It took the two of them using their blood swipes, including Quinn using his shadow, to match the speed of attacks coming from the king tier beats and currently they were at a stalemate.

Watching from the side, Cia's mouth was left wide open. "What, who are these guys, their abilities, they look the same and how are they able to go toe to toe with a king tier beast?"

Layla didn't say anything back, as it was pointless as her memory would soon be wiped off the whole thing anyway.

Although they were able to match the power and speed of the King tier's attacks. They couldn't keep this up forever. In a way, using the blood type attacks drained their life force and they would eventually run out of energy.

When looking at the beast, the same couldn't be said for it. Not only that, but Quinn's MC points were detoriating fast. He tried using the shadow to block as little as possible. With every block, the shadow would get damaged causing him to use up his Mc. The attacks were just too powerful.

Knowing this. The two of them pushed forward.

"Quinn charge in!" Fex shouted. "Blood shield."

A wide barrier of blood was lifted from the ground. Blocking the incoming attacks. Quinn didn't hesitate, and went off to the side.

[Wind walk activated]

Using his extra speed from his intermediate boots, he tried charging in from the side.

[Blood Crescent kick]

It was too risky trying to get in close, it was likely it would notice Quinn by then. Even with the attacks coming towards it, it did nothing to block them. The two attacks had landed on the beast, yet not a mark was left on it.

"That was one of my most powerful attacks."

There was only one thing left for Quinn to try. One of the beast's arms extended outward aiming straight for him.

"Flash step." The blow was avoided and the blood hammer was in preparation. A normal hammer strike was likely to do nothing against a beast like this. If he wanted to hurt it he needed his most powerful strike.

In the middle of his preparation for the strike, the tree route extended arm had turned around and extended, following Quinn's position.

After only a few motions of the blood hammer, he needed to cancel it and avoid the blow. His shadow would move to slow so he only had one option.

"Flash ste..." Quinn tried to execute the flash step, but for the first time, he was too slow. Tilting his head to the side, and kicking his feet of the ground, he managed to block the attack using his shoulder.

The blade pierced through him easily, and now he was attached to the beast via its extended root arm.

[60/80 HP]

Although Fex wanted to help Quinn, he knew it would be a waste and there was the opportunity to strike. Fex using his great speed had managed to get within striking distance of the beast.

An uppercut fist that was encased in blood, was aiming towards the beast's belly. It was an attack Quinn had never seen before. It was also the strongest attack that Fex had when combining his martial arts with his vampire skills.

"You damn tree fall!" He shouted as he plunged his fist right into the centre of its belly. Vibrations and pressure of wind came out from the attack, and the beast had been moved a foot back as it slightly hurled and arched its back forward.

"Yes, they got an attack in." Layla cheered.

"No," Logan said. "It's too early to celebrate."

The beast stood upright and lifted its arm that was attached to Quinn. The two were lifted up high a few meters up in the air before it used a strong force slamming him down into one of the buildings off to the side.

The building crumbled down on top of Quinn's body as he was thrown down.

"Quinn!" Fex shouted. It was clear the attack was a powerful one, and even he wasn't sure if he would have made out alive.

Still, there wasn't much chance for him to worry. The Beast retracted it's arm from the fallen building, and now was focused on Fex.

The attacks coming towards him were at close range, and it took every bit of energy and skill for Fex to dodge all the blows. With each strike, he managed to avoid most of the attacks. still, the edge of the beats's bladed arm would scratch Fex. These weren't shallow cuts either. Some of them were quite deep.

"He's fast but just not fast enough!" Layla said.

From the crumbled building off to the side. One of the larger slabs of walls were pushed to the side. The dust started to settle and Quinn could be seen underneath it, covered in wounds and blood.

Most of his bones had been broken, and it was painful to even lift his body up.

[12/80 HP]

[Blood bank activate]

He had no choice and needed to use the blood bank to heal most of the serious wounds. As his body started to recover, he watched Fex amazingly dodge the beast's fast attacks. Using his imagination, Quinn pictured himself in Fex's situation and he would have been dead by now with his own speed.

The fight continued on and a pool of blood could be seen underneath his two feet. The wounds were taking a toll on him as he started to slow down.

In the middle of the fight, Fex was starting to lose hope. Even if he was faster, more skilful it meant nothing. His strongest attack was unable to hurt the beast. For a king tier beast, to do anything, they would need at least an advanced tier weapon and even then it would unluckily be able to do much damage.

'Am I really going to die, because of this ugly monster?' Fex thought.

Quinn felt the same way, his intermediate tier gauntlets just wasn't going to be enough to hurt the king tiers body.

Fex continued to dodge and as he was in the middle of his thoughts. A strange green beam of light could be seen from his side.


Instinctively, Fex reacted to the words, and ducked his body down. The green beam of light carried on moving forward and went straight through the beast's body.

[Energy weapon has been completed]

"Looks like it was a success," Logan said. As for the first time during the fight, black blood was trickling down from the wound.


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