My Vampire System
232 From Behind
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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232 From Behind

(NOTICE: Mass release will be with the next update. I had my first day at work and had to do a lot more than I thought. Please understand.)

As Peter walked over to the student. The boy carefully started to analyse just who was walking towards him, the first thing he did was look at the person's watch noticing that he was a level three user.

The one that had barged into Peter was also a level three ability user but slightly higher going into the 3.4 range. Meaning he not only had the power of a level three ability but the skills to go with it.

Still, the levels felt too close. IIf the two were to fight and Peters ability was an offensive ability. There was no telling who would win or not. Because of the fierce look in Peter's eye, he immediately backed up. That was until four more students had arrived and were now standing by his side.

There was one girl in the group along with the original student and three boys.

"Come on Pio, Let's just ignore these guys, We're just wasting our time with this trash and we can always go and get more points," Layla said, quite loudly so the others could hear.

"You, the pretty girl stay." The boy who had given the command was pointing at Layla. On his wrist displayed the number 5.2. Seeing this Layla knew straight away why the boy was arrogant.

Layla decided to ignore this and started to walk off while pulling Peter by his sleeve.

"I said stay!" the boy shouted. The distance between the two parties was around that of fifteen meters. But the boy seemed to have closed the distance at an instant speed and had already made a fist aiming towards Layla.

But Peter was no slowpoke himself and noticed the punch, managing to lift up his arm blocking the attack in the dead centre of his forearm. Between the wrist and elbow.

The boy could feel the impact and even heard the crack sound being made. Although the blow wasn't strong enough to snap the bone and pierce the skin, he knew he had fractured Peter's arm.

No pain was felt and no sound came from Peter. The boy hesitated for a moment, but then saw Peter's hand reaching out to him, before turning and running back to where he was before.

Looking at Peter's arm, Layla could see it was starting to swell, but soon it would heal so she wasn't worried about him, she was more worried about what he would do. It had been a while now and the others had already noticed the changes in Peter's behaviour, so in the end, Quinn decided to tell them all the truth. That this was due to his involvement that brought about Peter's aggressive nature.

As the boy was about to say some clever remark. Quinn and the others had arrived, including both Vorden and Cia.

The first thing Quinn had noticed was also Peter's arm.

"Peter who did this to you?" Quinn asked in annoyance. Just from the direction, Peter was looking at, Quinn could tell which one it was. Peter wouldn't stop staring at him.

"Do you think you can just hurt our teammate in the middle of an assessment?" Quinn asked.

"Quinn you know you can't fight using your full strength let's just leave it be," Layla said.

Cia watching the whole thing thought Quinn was crazy, was he really trying to have a go at the other team. Of course, it made sense that one would be angry if they were to injure a teammate but Quinn was a level one. What could he do? Most of the time low levels were completely afraid of anyone above them.

'I guess he will learn his place...' Cia thought to herself.

"Hey, umbrella boy, why are you the leader…" As the boy said that he started to look at Quinn's wristwatch and started to blurt out in a laugh. "You should be down on your knees begging for me to show you mercy, boy."

Quinn had a fake smile on his face, hiding the anger behind it. "Why would I beg with someone weaker than me?"

At that point, the boy was too aggravated. He was already annoyed at the fact that a level one even tried to talk back to him. The boy used his super speed powers to launch off his feet at amazing speed going straight for Quinn.

"You should have just said sorry," Cia said watching from behind.

The speed was impressive, and was even faster than Quinn at top speed, but there was one skill where speed meant nothing. He looked into the boy's eyes.


[Daze skill successful]

Quinn had used the skill at just the right time and the boy had stopped right in front of him.

"You broke my friend's arm, so it's only right I break yours," Quinn said as he grabbed and pulled one arm forward while slamming his fist down on the forearm.

Quinn had tried his best to contain his strength when dealing with the blow, but it was still too strong with his gauntlets equipped. Unlike Peter, the bone had snapped and pierced the skin on the outside.

Howls of pain were heard immediately. His friends were shocked. They didn't know what happened, but it looked like the boy had stopped just in front of Quinn, and let it hit him.

'Was he too cocky?' They thought. Maybe because it was a level one, he was trying to give Quinn a chance, not realising he had some strength or weak ability.

As soon as they saw their friend injured though, each of them drew their weapons and prepared their ability. While Quinn's group had done the same.

But Vorden wasn't too happy about the current situation. For right now he hadn't copied any useful ability he could use.

Cia was a little nervous as well as this was the last outcome she had expected, but right now she was on Quinn's team and would help her own team out if a fight was to break out.

The two groups looked like they were ready to clash but before they even got the chance.

A loud bang was heard. When they looked over in the direction of the bang, they could see that Del had placed his large shield down hitting it into the ground.

The two groups were only around fifty meters from the outskirts of where they were before. The scream was so loud that it had caught Del's attention and he immediately came rushing over after checking there were no beasts around.

"Enough!" he shouted. "This event is about working together. Although it is a competition this is only to encourage you to work harder rather than slack off. You are not to fight against each other."

Del then looked at the boy's arm who had been broken. "Take him to the centre, I'll try to see if there is anyone with a healing ability that can help him out. As for you guys." Del said pointing at Quinn and the others. He still hadn't forgotten both Vorden's and Quinn's face. They were the two students who had made him risk his life in the redo portal world.

"For severely harming another team's teammate, you shall be deducted fifty points for whatever total score you receive on today's assessment."

"But they attacked us first!" Layla complained.

"I see no injuries on any of your party members," Del replied.

When they went to look at Peter, they found out it was true. Peter's arm had already healed and it didn't look like he had even been hit.

With that, the group was to take their punishment and carry on with the task.

"Come on, we need to be more aggressive if we still want to come out on top while we're already at a disadvantage," Quinn said.

The team nodded and got to work again.

The group was fifty points behind now which was the same as them finding ten plants. That one argument over a single plant had cost the team a lot.

But Cia tried not to smile. How could these guys be crazy enough to think that they could come back from a deficit like that? However, crazy wasn't actually bad, Cia liked crazy.

Although there was still one thing she couldn't understand. It seemed like everyone in the group was listening to Quinn's orders, not only that but when he was being aggressive with the other team, not a single one of them had stepped in.

'Was it cause they knew what the result was going to be?' She thought. 'No it can't be, I'm probably just overthinking it.'


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