My Vampire System
223 A new Team
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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223 A new Team

As everyone walked off and headed back to their rooms, Fex managed to pull Quinn to the side just before they were about to part ways. After all, Fex and Quinn's rooms were on the opposite ends of the hall.

"Just a little warning to you, Quinn. The device that Logan had been tinkering around with on his workbench, it's a portal leading back home. If he discovers the access code and where it goes to, you need to do everything you can to stop him. Otherwise, the two of us will be found out and we will be in big trouble."

Finished with what he wanted to say, Fex quickly left Quinn before he could even ask any questions.

"What was that all about?" Quinn murmured.

He then decided to think carefully about the words Fex had said. The device on his workbench was the teleportation device that had been created by Richard Eno. Quinn knew of this fact only thanks to the systems inspect skill and then later had informed Logan.

By home, there could only be one place Fex was talking about. It was where the vampires came from. Still unsure whether or not that was somewhere on earth or another planet. But most likely from the hints given out so far, it seems like at somewhere along the way, between when the systems creator was a vampire and the vampires now, they had moved from the earth and relocated to another planet. or at least a place hidden from the human eye.

He understood that if Logan was to figure it out, he needed to stop him. The only thing Quinn didn't understand was why Fex seemed so concerned. If Logan was to travel through the portal, why would he get in trouble?

It started to make Quinn think of his first meeting with Fex. He mentioned something along of the lines that he wasn't meant to be here. Is that the reason why Fex hadn't acted against Quinn? If he was to be found out then, he would be in trouble as well. And, based on what he said just now, he had basically confirmed it.

If this was all true then, Quinn didn't need to worry about Fex.

"If what you are thinking is along those lines, then I'm afraid the situation is worse," The system said. "Based on the boy's young age and at the same time, his great skill. It would be wise to assume he holds a high position in one of the vampire families. If he is not here on orders then, they will send others on his trail to retrieve him. We need to be careful."

All of this meant one thing; it was another reminder for Quinn to get stronger and be quick in doing so.

The next day, the first-year students were called into the assembly hall for a meeting once again. It was a little bit of a surprise but, they assumed it either had something to do with the next portal outing that was to be held this weekend or the Inter military base event in a couple of weeks.

As Vorden lined up next to Quinn, the two of them looked around the room and eventulley spotted Peter. Peter had been asked whether he wanted a break before joining the school again, and they even asked him if he wanted to take part in the next outing.

They had expected him to say no, but to their surprise, Peter had insisted to be taken on board, claiming that he wanted to get more experience as soon as possible in order to prevent such a thing happening to him again.

The real reason though, was because Quinn had asked him to. It was important for Quinn to keep Peter as close as possible to him.

While Vorden was looking around the room, his eyes had managed to catch the female student Cia. She was standing right by Layla, which was expected since the two of them were roommates.

Vorden started thinking back at the girl's strange words and just then, the two of their eyes met. Cia noticed this and blew over a kiss towards Vorden. Seeing this, Vorden quickly turned away.

"What is wrong with that girl, no class at all. Nothing like Erin." Vorden quietly complained.

"You prefer that lame ice girl to her? What is wrong with you?" Raten said.

Onto the stage walked Nathan. It was the first time many of the first-year students had seen him. Usually, a general would hardly ever talk to the students unless it was something important which made the students fidget and slightly worry.

"Okay, I'm not one for speeches; so, let's get to the point," Nathan said. "The portal outing on the weekend; I'm here to tell you all it won't be like usual. This year, the military has decided to expand their operation and get more aggressive in planetary explorations." Nathan explained.

"So, what does that mean for you guys? Well, instead of the normal Green portal, you guys get to jump ahead and explore an Orange portal instead."

Hearing the news, the students suddenly broke into gossip.

"An Orange portal this soon, I thought they only did that with the second years."

"What if we run into high-level beasts?"

"Why would they do this to us, especially after the Dalki attack?"

"Silence!" Nathan shouted as he slammed his fist down onto the podium. Nathan rarely got angry but he knew he had to calm down the crowd before it got out of control. The other factor was he really didn't think this was the right decision.

It was too early for them and they could seriously hurt themselves but, his boss Paul had ordered it and he had to follow.

"Worry not for there will be two sergeants sent out with you on this journey. Leo, head of the beast weapon class and Fay; these are two of our strongest generals, so even if you do run into high-level beasts, they should be able to help you. I will now let Fay explain how the portal outing will work for all of you."

Fay then took over and walked to the podium. By the time she had arrived, Nathan had already left the hall. He had already done everything he needed to do.

"An Orange portal outing is different from the Green portal outing you did before. The Green outing is focused on competition between each group but, the Orange outings focus on working together. Each class will travel together in groups of fifty. The main goal is exploration. Portal planets have yet to be fully explored. Each class will head in a different direction but we shall remain close to each other.

"You will remain in your teams of five while traveling in the larger group of fifty. Each team will be given a certain device that would be used to survey the land and map out the terrain. The data recorded will be used to automatically create a world map and other maps for future use on the planet.

"More details will be explained once the devices have been given to you. It will also go into depth about how points will be distributed per each team. For those of you who lost members on the last trip and a few new faces, please fill into those groups lacking members. If all teams are filled, please come to me; I will randomly assign you to a group. Please do this now." Fay commanded.

The hall of students quickly shifted around with everyone getting into the same groups they were in before. Quinn, Vorden, and Layla reminded in one group. Technically, Peter and Erin had left their group so there were two spaces left vacant.

Peter, now known as Pio had decided to come over to join Quinn's group. This had been the plan all along.

"So, what do we do about the fifth person?" Vorden Inquired.

As Quinn looked around the room, he noticed once again that Fex was all on his own. During his time at school, he really hadn't spent time with anyone else other than Quinn and the others. And due to the low level indicated on his watch, the other teams that were laking in people totally avoided eye contact with him.

Seeing this, Quinn shouted, "Fex, come join us over here!"


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