My Vampire System
218 ZombieP
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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218 ZombieP

[Basic vampire martial arts unlocked level 1]

[New tutorial videos available]

The usual sound had appeared which indicated that Quinn was able to unlock something from the system. As he practised the moves, he felt something strange happening. it was as if his body was still being guided by the strings, but it clear it wasn't. The memory was so fresh in his head his body was moving on its own and after the last movement, the message had appeared.

'Basic arts?' Quinn read. 'Does this means there are stronger vampire martial arts out there? Maybe Fex only taught me the basics on purpose, or maybe he only knows the basics?'

The second message was what interested Quinn more. The last times he had watched the tutorial videos they had helped him out greatly. Teaching him the flash step and the Hammer strike. The second tutorial video taught him how to combine moves. This time, the tutorial was unlocked when Quinn had learned the vampire martial arts so perhaps there was a tutorial skill related to it.

He quickly glanced over at Fex, just in case, Quinn chose not to watch the videos right now. Quinn was playing the complete beginner act when it came to vampire arts. If he was to demonstrate a skill that hadn't been taught then it would only raise suspicion.

"I think I got the basics down," Quinn said. "Is there anything else besides this?"

Fex looked at Quinn again, still mesmerized by how quickly he had learnt the fighting style. This was something he did day in and out as a child and amongst others, and even then he was considered a genius. But if he was a genius then what did that make Quinn who had learnt it in a few hours.

The thought came into Fex's head that maybe Quinn had already known the arts and was lying for some reason, but when thinking back to their first fight it seemed impossible. He would have to be a first class actor to fake punches that bad, and then do the same again when fighting against the teacher Leo.

"Yes," Fex replied. "These are only the basics, I can perform at a level above what I showed you obviously, but I honestly wouldn't be good enough to teach you it. If you want to learn some more you're better off getting a real teacher to show you."

Part of what Fex had just said was a lie. It was true he most likely couldn't teach Quinn. He tried that once before and his explanations weren't the best. Still, whatever Fex could do with his own body he could do using someone as a puppet. Even slightly better. There was a small fear inside Fex that if carried on teaching Quinn and saw the same thing happen with the more advanced vampire martial arts. He wouldn't know how to react.

While the two of them were busy practising inside the private server, they were unaware of what was happening elsewhere in the game.

[ZombieP Winner]

"So is it another hacker, this game has been going downhill these days." Someone watching the match had said.

"But that's his fifteenth win in a row. Surly the admins would have found out about him by now?"

"I think he just has a really good regenerative ability no? I mean it's in his name."

"Well, then how do you explain the extra strength or the crazy speed he has, it doesn't look like he's wearing any beast gear to me."

A few people up in the crowd were currently watching a particular student play the VR game. Each of them had lost the matches but found their fights a little strange so they opted to watch the next few games.

But as they watched each game the thing they found strange continued to happen.

[New match has been found]

A new game had started and once again the student they had their eye on was going up against a level three telekinesis user. The telekinesis user had several black balls attached around his chest while his opponent had no weapons at all.

Standing on the opposite side was Peter. He didn't look like his usual self as he was slightly disguised by the avatar. Although he selected a pretty basic default design that just had a randomly generated face with a few scraps of clothing.

The fight had begun and Peter rushed in forward. At the same time, the telekinesis user threw out the metallic balls using his ability to speed them up.

Peter, however, was fast and was able to dodge most of the incoming attacks and the few that he couldn't, he knocked away with his hand.

However, the opponent was strong and there were too many metallic balls floating in the air for Peter to dodge, and Peter wasn't exactly the most skilful person when it came to fighting.

Eventually, one of the metallic balls came at great speed and managed to hit Peter in the centre of his shin, smashing it and breaking it in half, causing him to fall onto the ground.

The others watching this could feel the pain just from watching Peter. Although the game only replicated a small amount of pain back to the user they could imagine it would still hurt a lot.

The Telekinesis user calmly walked over to Peter thinking it was all over. He had taken out one of his opponent's legs, and without being able to move it would usually mean the end.

However, the others watching from the stand knew it wasn't the end for Peter. They had all thought the same thing when fighting against Peter. Suddenly, after a few moments, Peter was able to stand up again, as if the attack had never hit his leg in the first place.

Immediately after he ran towards his opponent. He was caught off guard and in a panic tried to fire all the metallic balls right at Peter. But his speed was impressive. Peter dodged the balls and even though they were now chasing him, he was far faster than the balls.

Eventually, when he was close enough, Peter pounced on top of his opponent and widely swung his fists towards his head. There was no class and no style with Peter attacks, it was like one of a wild animal.

[Winner ZombieP]

Each of the opponent's Peter had gone against had witnessed his impressive regenerative abilities. It was that of a high level ability user. Still, some people were suspicious for Peter seemed to also have impressive strength and speed on top of his healing powers.

As the game had ended just outside the VR pod, Logan was finally waking up from his nap. As he slowly opened his eyes and looked around the room he noticed that Peter wasn't there. Upon closer inspection of the room, he noticed that the VR pod indicator light was on, showing that someone was currently using the game.

"Peter!" Logan said as he rushed over to the computer and immediately logged in. It was as he thought, Peter had not logged into the private server to play, but instead had logged into the military servers.

Quickly, Logan brought up a log of Peter's past games hoping he hadn't done anything to stand out. After watching the highlights of Peter's last game a slight smile appeared on his face.

He too was currently witnessing the amazing regenerative abilities that he possessed. When joining the games Peter hadn't selected any abilities. Which meant the VR pod was able to record how Peter's body would be able to react to such things in real life.

Just like with Quinn. Because his body was able to perform the vampire abilities the game allowed him to do it. Rather than it being a part of his ability. Right now, the exact same thing had happened to Peter.

"These vampires are more interesting than I thought," Logan said, still there was now another problem on Logan's hands.

He had already received a few emails from admins, asking to look into the user ID of ZombieP. Making sure it wasn't a hacked player. As there had already been a few complaints made online.

"I guess your fame online will be a short one Peter. The world cannot learn of you just yet."

With that, Logan forcefully disconnected, Peter from the online world.

However, it was a little too late as some of the videos of Peter's amazing regenerative powers had already been spread online.

Meanwhile, in another military base, a certain group of boys had also managed to watch the videos that had been posted.

"Did you see?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, looks like there really will be a lot of interesting people at the Inter-military base event," Nate replied with a big smile.


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