My Vampire System
217 Vampire Basics
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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217 Vampire Basics

The reason the two boys had decided to pay Logan a visit right after their classes wasn't just to check up on Peter. A while ago Fex had said that he would teach Quinn how to use the vampire style of martial arts that focused on using their hands and fists as weapons.

At the time, Quinn didn't trust Fex too much. So he came up with the idea of allowing Logan to record Fex's ability, and upload it to the games private server. This way Fex would not be able to control Quinn's body and make him attack his friends, but he could use the ability inside the game to teach Quinn how to fight.

At this point, the two of them had gotten a little closer, and Quinn actually felt that even if they were to do this outside of the game, Fex would bring no harm to his friends. There were multiple opportunities when Fex could have done this, but he always chose not to and had helped them out greatly.

Of course, Quinn was still a little bit cautious, for he didn't even know Fex reason for being at the school. Another reason was also that if they were to practise in the game it would be away from the preying eyes of others.

After hearing what Quinn wanted to do, a strange energy filled Logan's eyes once again.

"I suppose I still have some energy left in me." Logan said as he quickly hopped onto his computer. "Go on then Quinn, you've done this before, show him what to do."

Just like Quinn had done before, Fex was placed into the fairly large glass tube, he was then told to use his ability in different ways while the tube and computer would record how his ability worked.

Watching from the outside, Quinn felt like it was strange how the tube and computer were able to so accurately replicate the abilities in the game. The other thing that impressed him was the fact Logan wasn't typing anything into his computer at all.

He just had his hand pressed up against it, while this was happening thousands of lines of code where being written. Quinn had seen Logan's ability a few times now and had seen it used in quite versatile ways, so he had come to a conclusion of what it might be.

The ability to communicate with machines, or more precisely give life to machines. When Quinn was last in his room and used the inspect skill there were a couple of items, that Quinn thought he should have been able to use, but when he picked them up there was no reaction, nothing at all, and it seemed like the machine was broken.

But without saying anything Logan would touch the machine and it would light up and work once again. If his ability was able to give life to the gadgets that he created it was the perfect ability for Logan.

With anyone else it would be pretty useless, apart from bypassing doors and such. But for Logan it allowed him to use his ability in so many different ways, just like he was doing now with the games, and with the little spiders, they saw being used multiple times.

"And we are done." Logan said as he opened his eyes and let go of the computer.

"How will we play?" Quinn axed. "There's only one VR machine."

"I actually thought of that beforehand," Logan said as he threw into the air two very small square looking nano sticks. Both Quinn and Fex caught them with ease by swiping their hands in the air.

"Usually if you try putting anything into the VR capsules it will just reject them for security reasons, but those have been blessed by me." Logan explained. "Just head to the back and pop them in, then when you log into the VR capsule it will give you the option of which server to connect to. I've put both the shadow and string ability into the private server for you to use. Now get out of here, and go play your little game."

Before leaving the room, Quinn gave a few drops of blood to Peter and gave the same command as before. Although Logan felt like there was no reason for the two of them to get into a fight, but he didn't know if Peter's violent nature was being suppressed by Quinn's blood or not.

As soon as the two boys left the room, Logan almost collapsed on his bed. He didn't sleep much but every so often he would be burnt out.

Peter looked at Logan in the room, before looking at the VR capsule again.

"Do you mind if I use the VR capsule?" Peter asked.

But Logan was already asleep.

"Whatever, it's just a game." Peter said as he climbed into the machine.

[Logging in online]

[Please create your user ID]

Quinn and Fex were now in the game's white lobby room together. They had done as Logan instructed. And just like he said when they went to log into the game, it gave them the option to connect to the normal servers, or the private server Logan had created.

Right now they were in the private server. Fex was currently testing out his string ability and he was amazed at how life like it felt. There were a few things that he wasn't able to do with the strings that he could do on the outside, but that was mainly when he tried combining some of his vampire skills with his abilities.

After testing out his strings for a while he was finally ready.

"Okay, so the idea is, I will control your body using the strings. Now what you need to do is focus on the feeling of each movement. Every sequence of moves starts off somewhere and ends somewhere. You need to put these things together like building blocks. Rather than me showing it to you, this is the best way I can teach you, because your body actually experiences it along with your muscles." Fex explained. "So are you ready?"

Quinn was ready this time, within the game, there was no chance for him to be hurt in real life. He stood with his back facing towards Fex and had his arms and legs spread out to make it easier for him.

Just like he did with Erin, Fex walked up to Quinn and inserted twelve different pieces of string into twelve different parts of his body. Unlike the real world though, there was no pain involved.

Fex did a few simple tests first moving his body around. It felt unnatural to Quinn as he wanted to fight it, and he actually had the strength to resist it a little. Unlike Erin who was limited by her regular human strength, it was easy for Fex to force her to do what he wanted.

"Calm down will you!" Fex complained. "For this to work, you need to be in a sleep like state. That way I can use your body how I like. You just need to pay attention with your mind."

Quinn closed his eyes and tried relaxing his body, it took a while for him to allow his whole body to go limp as he was afraid he would fall over if he did, but suddenly when he did, he felt a jolt in his legs.

He didn't fall over but instead, Fex had taken control of his legs. After getting past the strange feeling the rest was now easy for Fex. He went ahead and did the same set of punches he did every day while he was training at school.

Of course, there was a lot more to martial arts then just learning how to do the moves. It was important to know when to use them, what moves countered what and so on. But at least it would allow Quinn to progress quicker.

Quinn concentrated hard as Fex demonstrated the moves using his body. As his arms flew out from different angles, they were fast and stiff. At the same time, his body was always in a position where he could see an oncoming attack, while being able to block using his shoulder.

After the set of punches were demonstrated to Quinn, Fex disconnected the strings and allowed him to practice them. With the feeling fresh in his mind Quinn didn't want to waste any time and started to perform them.

Quinn tried to combine the feeling of the punches, together with his muscle memory from being controlled by Fex, and it seemed to be working out well for him.

Fex watched Quinn carefully as each move was performed nearly perfectly to how they were shown.

"Looks like we have a fast learner." Fex said. Although the string method was able to help someone progress faster it couldn't help them completely. In the end, it was down to the person.

With Erin, she too had tried performing the moves nearly instantly but not once was she successful, but here, it seemed like something had connected for Quinn.

'Quinn, am I just making my enemy stronger, or am I making a powerful friend in the future.' Fex thought

As Quinn didn't want to let go of this feeling, he continued to practice the punches Fex had taught him, he was slowly perfecting them.

Then all of a sudden he heard a DING from the system.


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