My Vampire System
202 Falling asleep
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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202 Falling asleep

The eight students were all lined up in one row in the meeting space. They stood straight, nervous all the while thinking just why they had been chosen to meet with Jack Truedream. Concurrently, Erin was doing everything to keep her cool.

As she looked towards her left, she could see Peter standing calmly beside her. Of course, he didn't have to worry about anything since his powers wouldn't be taken away. However, it was different for her. Constantly moving her head around the room, she was trying to see if there was any way for her to get out.

Although none of them was planning to sit down, there was a chair behind each of the eight students. Perhaps, they would be asked to sit the further they stayed inside the room.

It was a small meeting room that was used for one-on-one consultations. Currently, the students were standing in the centre while Jack was standing just in front of the desk with a single chair. Lingering by his side was the small guard dressed in a green armour.

As of the moment, the main problem for the escape was the large sentry guarding outside. Erin knew that the others were planning to try to get Peter out of this situation. For the sole reason that they had to, if they wanted to keep their matter with Quinn a secret. But now she wished she had stayed in the meeting room, so she would know what their plans were.

Maybe she could have even helped.

"Now, you might be wondering why you have all been brought here, in front of me, today," Said Jack. "It seems like, either one way or another, you have been all suspected of a dangerous crime. Though I have no knowledge what that crime is. Perchance, a part of a secret terrorist group or maybe plotting to go against the military. However, it is not my job to find that out because that's the school's responsibility."

Halting his speech, Jack slammed his hand on the table to inculcate the gravity of the situation to the students. He resumed his talk once he was done.

"The punishment that has been handed to you is to have your abilities taken away."

As soon as Jack said those words, a couple of students dropped to their knees, complaining, "But, I didn't do anything, this can't be right?"

Some of them cried while one student, who was closest to the exit, made a dash for it. Before he had even taken a few steps, he felt a stinging pain on the back of his neck. At that point, his head started to swirl and his vision slowly began to fade, until he sudennly collapsed on the floor.

"Oh my gosh! Is he dead?!" A student cried.

The others were unable to see it because of how fast everything had happened, but Erin had seen it all. The green guard had taken out what looked like a small needle and swirled it inside his mouth with his tongue. Now, laced with a tiny amount of what looked like green liquid, it was catapulted right at the student's nape.

"I hope nobody else tries that again," Jack said. "This process is meant to be quick and painless. Now, please sit down on the seats behind you. I don't want there to be any more accidents."

Each of the students did as they were told. They carefully watched the guard lift the student who was passed-out onto one of the empty chairs.

This was the deal-breaker for Erin. She had to do something otherwise she would lose her ability forever.

Hence, with a resolute countenance, she faced Jack and uttered, "But, we really didn't do anything sir," Erin said. "If you do this, people will find o about your made-up lies, we can just tell everyone the truth!"

"Oh, don't you worry about that, for once I take your abilities away, you shall all pay a special visit to the dungeon. The school will then report to the rest - what was it that you said? Right, made up lies. The most common one and accepted is usually you were all working for Pure. With that, the students' curiosity will disappear and with it, your existences."

The green armoured guard from earlier then started to walk over to the students. Erin was second to last along the row while Peter was sitting at the very end.

The guard had prepared some green liquid that was placed in some type of vial. He proceeded to place the liquid on the tip of his finger. Using his index, he would place it down right between the eyebrows, just above the nose, of the students.

Then, after a few seconds, the student would fall asleep. " A sleeping ability?" Erin mumbled.

"Ding ding ding, like I said, I'm not a monster. Although, by the time that you guys wake up, you will already be in the dungeon."

The guard had gone through the other students and it was finally Erin's turn. For a while now, she had been fumbling with something behind her back, waiting for Jack to get close, but he never did. He always stayed at a distance away.

When the guard went to place his finger on her head, she immediately swung out her arm, aiming for his temple. In her hand was a small dagger that had been formed from ice.

She knew the guard was strong and fast, but a blow with a sharp object would be able to take down most people no matter who they were.

To her dismay, the guard didn't react at all. He continued with his task, placing his finger on her forehead. Nevertheless, just before the dagger reached his head, with his other hand, he had grabbed it and crushed it to pieces. The speed was too fast, so she had never thought that it was possible to block an attack that close, unless one had a speed ability.

Still, she was sure that he was the one who had produced the sleeping agent - It was most likely from his blood. Which was why he had pricked the needle against his tongue. It was impossible for someone to have two abilities unless they were unlike Vorden.

This solely meant one thing. The beast gear he was wearing was at such a high level, it was able to boost the user's stats to the point where they no longer seemed human.

Accordingly, she was not able to resist, and a few seconds later, she was asleep like all the others.

Finally, it came to Peter's turn. Willingly, before the man had even placed his finger on his forehead, he had closed his eyes. He knew that just looking at these people would annoy him, but he needed to follow his Master Quinn's order.

Hence, he decided to keep them shut for now. Once the green liquid was placed on his head, all the students were ready.

Jack then looked at the green guard and cleared his throat out loud, signalling for the guard to leave.

"As you wish, sir." He said as he bowed down and left the room.

Now, standing outside as guard-on-duties, just by the door, were the two guards.

"Did he make you leave again." The large guard asked.

"Yeah, I don't know why. We all know how his ability works." The green man replied.

The mechanical spider remained inside the room while Peter's watch recorded everything. Logan was unsure whether the second guard would ever leave the room. Yet, for some reason, it seemed like Jack had asked him too.

This would make their job easier, but they had to act now.

"Everyone, go. Both guards are outside and only Mr Trudream and the students are inside!"


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