My Vampire System
194 The truth about Truedream
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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194 The truth about Truedream

As usual, when Logan was explaining things, he would display what he was looking at on his computer screen to the others through a hologram. As he went through files one by one he would explain what they meant.

"When I woke up this morning I was surprised to see an envelope on the floor." Said Logan." I was afraid that it might be some type of a bomb or something. I had my mechanical spiders go ahead and pick it up, then inspect it. I scanned it for any traces of tampering and to see what was inside. To my surprise, there was a small little nano stick inside with a note."

The screen had changed and right now, a scanned version of the note was being displayed to the others.

"In this nano stick, is some information on one of the big Four family members, more specifically its leader known as Truedream. Our group has managed to gather extensive research into him and here we can see all his wrongdoings in the past. The reason why I have passed this note onto you is that unfortunately for all of you… Truedream will be arriving in a few days' time.

"Out of everyone, I thought perhaps with your abilities you might be able to do something to stop this madness, for we wish for we do not wish anyone innocent to get hurt."

At the end of the letter attached to the bottom was a stamp, and everyone in the room recognized it well. They had seen it many times on the television, and some of them had even written school reports about the group. It was the group known as Pure.

"So, what if Truedream is coming to the school?" Erin replied. "He does a routine visit to most of the military bases anyway. I fail to see why this is our problem, and why we should even trust the words coming from a military group?"

"I don't know," Layla said. "Maybe they know something that we don't, and I'm guessing it has something to do with that stick."

"Although I would like to say congratulations." Said Logan. "I believe anyone would have been able to come to that conclusion."

The files changed once again and this time it contained reports of the previous visits that Truedream had done. It contained detailed reports of each visit to the military base but not only that... It also informed them of what Truedream's true purpose for coming to the base.

The fact that every time he visited, a select few students would be chosen, and soon after their abilities were gone. It also showed that there was a pattern to these things and how he seemed to visit the second military base more often than the others.

The expression on everyone's faces was sour as they read the reports. "I can't say that it doesn't surprise me," Quinn replied. "It's expected of this crappy system."

"I agree it's bad," Erin said. "But still I don't really see how this involves us. We're just students and they want us to stop this. He's from one of the big four families.

That was when Vorden noticed something. "Wait did you say the visit was in a few days. Isn't that…."

"Looks like we have a winner," Logan said. "This is the reason why I called you all. I remember you telling me that for some reason Duke, had deliberately wanted Peter to reach a level four…"

"It seemed strange, but why were they suddenly showing favoritism to Peter? And what's with the rush?"

"Putting these two things together it makes sense. Not only was Peter originally weak, but he also had no strong family backing, sure his family would be upset if he was to lose his powers or disappear, but no further steps would be taken, and everyone would soon forget just like the students before." Logan explained.

"And if they find out that Peter has no abilities anymore, they will start asking questions all over again and it could lead them back to us," Vorden said. "Not just the vampire stuff, but when they find out we were close to Peter, they might start looking into the deaths and more."

The group had to take their time to take everything all in. Out of all of them, the first one to leave the room was Erin.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything but I'm not really that involved with you guys," Erin said. "I'm not a vampire and I have no ties to what you did with the others. If I help out in this it will only make me a bigger target. If you guys are caught trying to do anything, it could come back to me. I can't let that happen."

As Erin left the room not a single person had gone out to chase her. She had a point. She really wasn't involved in any of this and if she did help, it would only put her at risk.

"We have two days," Logan said. "This Sunday the students will be asked to gather in the assembly hall to welcome Truedream. Usually, the students are asked to stay back after the assembly. This is what is stated in the reports. They will then be taken somewhere, but where?

"Nobody knows…"

"All that we know is that these students who are taken away lost their abilities. The world is given the explanation that they have been punished for doing something bad, so their ability got taken away, and some even disappear. So, what plans do we have?"

The group then continued to discuss what could happen and came up with different plans and scenarios in case different things happened. Finally, after a long talk, they had come up with a plan that seemed to have a good chance of working.

And it was like Logan had said, for this to work they would need everyone who was here to help.

This included Fex and surprisingly he had agreed without saying too much. If he was discovered by his family now, he would get into too much trouble.

But he knew that if the world discovered the existence of vampires and it was because of him, it didn't matter who his father was no one could save him.

With the plan set, everyone left the room.

For now, they would all act as normal for the next couple of days until Truedream arrived.

When everyone had finally left the room, Logan turned towards his computer once more and started to play a video file. Logan was a very cautious person and was paranoid everyone was out there to steal his work. The school didn't allow any cameras but that didn't mean he couldn't install any of his own.

In the VIP area, Logan had set tiny miniature cameras that were close to invisible to the human eye. He installed them, not only on his front door but also a few on the outside as well.

After receiving the letter in the morning…

Naturally, the first thing he did, was to check and see who had delivered the letter. As the video played, it was clear as day, that Layla was the one who had delivered the letter.

"Layla, huh? It seems like this little group of yours Quinn all have their own tiny little secret. Although this one is not mine to tell."


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