My Vampire System
193 My Sandwich
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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193 My Sandwich

It was an early morning for the students at military base two, and although it wasn't time for the students to have breakfast yet. One was up and about before any other.

"Okay, just got to make sure I have everything?" Layla said as she slowly breathed in and out.

In her hand, she held a white envelope. While holding it, a pair of disposable gloves had been worn as well. She had repeated these steps multiple times in her head and had done everything so the note couldn't be traced back to her.

She felt around the envelope making sure the nano stick was inside. "Am I sure that I want to do this?" Layla said speaking to herself, "Everything that I'm going to do is against the protocol, and if I get caught, I don't even think my mother can pull me out of this one."

Right now, she stood outside the third floor of the boy's dormitory area, also known as the VIP area for the male students. As she took a step forward she quickly turned and started walking back, and then after two steps — she stopped again.

"I have to... if it wasn't for them… Quinn and everyone would have died back there, and if I don't, who knows what will happen to Quinn." She shook her head violently and then once again headed back to the VIP area.

Once she had entered she made sure to check the halls, she also checked the other rooms and areas to see if anyone was out and about. Although it was early morning and most students wouldn't be up by now, she still needed to make sure.

After placing the white envelope on the floor just outside one of the doors. She stepped back towards the exit of the hallway right by the staircase. "No turning back now."

Using her ability, she pushed the envelope underneath the door and it was now on the other side. After that, she quickly ran down the stairs heading back to her room.


So far, for everyone, it had been a normal day. They ate their morning food as usual and then went to their morning homeroom classes. It was now lunchtime, which was usually just before combat classes, and at that moment while Vorden, Quinn, and Peter were outside, Quinn had received a ping on his watch.


"A voice message?" Quinn said.

"First, if you are listening to this message, make sure that no one not worthy of your trust is around you, I'll give you a few seconds to decide and do something about it before I will continue," Logan said.

Quinn looked around and the boys were outside on a bench, Vorden and Peter then huddled around Quinn to hear the message better and also made sure no one came close and if someone did, then they would quickly stop the message.

"Good," The message said as it continued to play. "I received some interesting information and it concerns Peter and your little problem. I suggest you gather everyone that knows about what Peter really is and bring them to my room. because we are going to need everyone's help on this to get out of this mess. Oh, and if you could bring me a sandwich from one of the vending machines that would be good. You don't have to do this, of course, but it will do good for my brainpower and help me think better."

Although the tone of the message didn't sound very urgent, Quinn knew that if Logan was initiating contact with him and was asking to bring everyone into his room, it was a big deal.

Logan didn't like people coming into his room in the first place.

For he was afraid that people may steal his ideas for his new future inventions, or even destroy whatever he was working on. So, Quinn knew that this was a big deal.

"You heard him guys, You inform the girls and bring them to Logan's room," Quinn said looking at Vorden. "Peter it might be best if you go with him."

"What are you going to do, sir?" Peter asked.

"I need to get that sandwich," Quinn replied.

The group had split up and Vorden and Peter went to get the two girls.

However, Quinn didn't just do that so he could get a sandwich, he was actually going to look for Fex. With his nose, it wouldn't be difficult to find him, and he knew that if he informed Vorden about this he would be against it.

But if it was something to do with Peter, he was sure Fex would help out.

The girls along with Vorden and Peter were patiently waiting inside Logan's room. The boys were quite calm, while Erin was tapping her foot away and about. Lately, she had been using all her spare time to practice her sword skills, yet she still could never achieve the same results as she did on the roof that day.

Being here just seemed like a waste of her time.

While Layla who was standing next to her felt a horrible bubbly feeling in her stomach. Her heart was pounding so hard she thought it was going to jump out of her throat.

"Can't you just tell us what is this all about?" Erin said annoyed.

"This is a very serious matter," Logan replied sitting in his chair. He was currently playing with a trapezium style Rubix cube made from metal. The inside used little small triggers to twist and turn the shape in all sorts of different directions. This made it multiple times harder than a standard Rubix cube. Each time he shifted one of the pieces, a large mechanical sound would be made.

"And I would hate to have to repeat myself again," Logan said as he continued to mess around.

The room was silent and the only thing that could be heard was the shifting sounds of Logan playing with the mechanical item. They waited and waited.



"Will you put that damn cube away!" Erin shouted, "Before I shove it up your…."

Just then the sound of the door was heard.

"Looks like they are here," Logan said as he put the cube on the floor.

Quinn entered first and right behind him was Fex. As soon as Erin saw this she immediately stepped back.

"Quinn, what the hell is he doing here?!" Vorden shouted.

"Wait, I was the one that asked him to come here," Quinn said. "If it's something to do with Peter or the vampires, then he's going to be a big help. Remember he helped us out last time and he has stayed true to his words every time."

"Look I can tell I'm not wanted here." Fex said." If you really want me to go, want I'll go."

"No, please stay," Logan said. "Quinn is correct, this matter is very serious and I do believe you will be a big help."

Since Logan was the one who had said it and invited them here, the others felt like they at least needed to hear Logan out before they decided if he needed to be involved or not.

"Alright, but before we begin I believe Quinn you have something for me?" Logan asked as he held out his hand, "My sandwich?"


Quinn then threw the packaged sandwich over to Logan as a mechanical arm went into the air and grabbed it. Unwrapping it for him and feeding him. They all sat there and watched Logan eat the sandwich and when he was finally done. He turned to his computer.

"Let us begin!"


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