My Vampire System
192 A new teacher!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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192 A new teacher!

Inside the VR gaming room, one of the Pod doors was abruptly opened and out stepped a fairly domineering man with a burly build. His neck was nearly as wide as his square-shaped head, and for some reason, he also decided to frame his hair in a way that was similar to how his head was sculpted.

However, after leaving the gaming Pod, having had enough for the day, he was eager to get ready and start practising for the upcoming event.

"A month left huh. I just wonder how much stronger you can get in that meantime?" Nate said with a smile on his face.

A few seconds later, a hissing sound was heard from the pod next to his. As the pressure was slowly released from the sealed door, it started to lift up and Nate saw a friendly face peeking in between the aperture.

"Hey, that guy really keeps getting better in every attempt, doesn't he?" Sam said. "I don't even know if I could beat him in a real battle the way he is now."

"You shouldn't talk down to yourself like that," Nate replied. "Remember, he's only a first-year and there are two major differences between the first years and the second years. One, is our equipment." Nate said, pointing to the cape that was on Sam's back.

"And the second one is our soul weapons. I don't know many first-years who have been able to produce a soul weapon, and it's only something that they teach you in your second year."

The two of them started to walk back to their dorm rooms. It was already evening and getting late, so it was nearly time for them to go to bed. Nevertheless, they were both excited about what they had just witnessed.

"Wait, if he's a first-year, do you really think they will let him fight in the tournament?" Sam asked.

"You saw his skills, right? At the rate that he is improving, even in a month's time, with or without a soul weapon, he should be able to match us. And that is a scary thought to have, but it makes my heart beat wildly at night."

"You're one strange dude," Sam said, looking at the creepy smile on the face of his companion. "Well, you're right about that. With the reputation he already has in the game, I won't be surprised if he's treated like a king at his school." Sam replied.

However, both of them were unaware of how truly wrong they were, for the school still did not know of Quinn's true strength, since he was still treated like level one trash.

The two of them soon went to sleep, ending their eventful day. When the morning sun had risen, they began to do their normal routine. After eating breakfast, it was time for them to head to their homeroom class. As they entered the room, they felt the strange atmosphere that was hovering in the air.

For one, the homeroom teacher hadn't arrived yet, and usually, the homeroom teacher would be there to welcome their arrival. The second thing that stood out was that the number of students that were gossiping away increased, and it seemed like the boys were far more excited about the topic of interest than the girls.

As he sat on his seat, with Sam next to him, he turned towards his companion.

"What's going on?" Nate asked.

"How the hell am I supposed to know? I and you came into the room at the same time. I've been with you since yesterday, you big ox." Sam replied.

As they both listened carefully to the students who were engaged in their own conversations, they managed to catch a few words. They eventually found out what all the commotion was about.

"Hey, did you see her?"

"What? That new teacher? Yeah, she's so beautiful."

"I wonder how strong she is. Aren't all military tutor men quite strong?"

"Most, but not all of them. She might just have a unique ability or was very knowledgeable in a club subject."

"Well, whatever class she's going to teach, I'm gonna sign up for each and every one of them."

It was clear from their dialogues that a new teacher was coming to school, and not just any teacher, but a true beauty at that.

After hearing this news, Nate started to straighten his clothes and made sure that his hair was neatly tucked and sat up straight.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sam said. "Do you really think you're going to get on with a teacher? You haven't even managed to get together with any of the twenty girls you've confessed to since coming here. It will never happen with that big block head of yours."

The vein on the side of Nate's head was now bulging and his eyebrows were twitching. He proceeded to slowly turn his head, inch by inch, while holding in his anger.

"Hey, Sam, when was the last time that you and I had a sparring match? It's been a while, hasn't it? And I'm not talking about the game. I think it's better for both of us if we do it in person - It's going to be much more realistic, and you can feel every. bit. of. pain." Nate replied, making sure to say the last words carefully to hammer them in Sam's head.

All of a sudden, the sound of the classroom door sliding was heard. In an instant, as the presence entered the room, the surroundings assumed a silence that would enable them to truly appreciate what was coming into the room.

Her skin was as white as the pure specks of snow. Although her features looked soft, no expression was plastered on her countenance. Still, the thing that stood out the most about her was her silver hair. She was wearing the black standard military uniform that they all had to wear. Sporting a hair, coloured with the brilliance of silver jewellery and tied up with a single ponytail, with a length that managed to reach down to her waist, the professor sauntered to the centre of the room.

"Hello, students, My name is Silver and I will be your new homeroom teacher form now on." As she spoke, the expression on her face remained stiff and didn't seem to change one bit. Yet, the boys seemed to only find this feature of her even more attractive.

"An angel!" Nate said. "A true angel has descended among us mortals!"

"Oh no!" Sam said while shaking his head. "What the hell happened to the boys these days?"

Silver started to scan the entirety of the gathering, looking at the students one by one, but it merely reminded her that she might have to stay in the school for a while.

'As the files said, it appears that Fex isn't really here.'

Silver had been tasked with the mission of finding and bringing Fex back to his family. However, with their family connections, the most they could do was get her a position as a teacher in one of the military bases.

All she could do was rely on luck to see if she would be put at the same military base as Fex. Although, to her dismay, it appeared like she wasn't as lucky. While Fex was in military base two, she had been transferred to work at military base six.

Without saying anything, she started to walk around the room and gaze at the faces of the students more closely. As she nighed one of the students, even the females had to recognise her ephemeral beauty and started to blush. She continued to stroll around, finally stopping in front of Nate and scrutinized his visage.

'Looks like this is going to be my day?' Nate cheeringly told himself.

She looked at him closer and said, "Why are you so interested in such ugly things?" Although Sliver had no idea, she had said these words out loud.

The whole room wanted to laugh, yet they did their best to hold it in out of respect for Nate. He wasn't like the other high-level users. He treated everyone in his classroom fairly even though he was known as the strongest.

As Silver walked off and headed back to the front of the class, she had one thought in her mind.

"Fex I will complete my mission and bring you back, even if I have to hurt you, dear brother."


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