My Vampire System
182 Last one
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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182 Last one

This time when faced with the dilemma of choosing who should cut off the student's limbs, Quinn had volunteered. He was taking no chances, he would be doing the work.

It wasn't that he wanted to do it, it was because he felt like it was crueller to allow Peter's shaky hands to do the work. If the part wasn't cut clean it would only cause more suffering.

They had decided to do all of the students at once, rather than splitting it up into different days. They wanted to get rid of Peter's problem as soon as possible.

If Peter was still hungry and they couldn't find a solution for the last one, then they could always rely on Vorden.

"Here I go," With a single swing, Quinn cut the piece the student's foot clean off. This time, however, Vorden immediately moved towards the amputated area and started to place his hands just above it. As he did, it began to heal far quicker than it normally would.

"What's that?" Peter asked.

"I decided to head to the nurse's office, faking that I had a temperature. The two of us touched so I was able to copy her ability." Vorden explained. "I didn't want these guys to go through the same pain as the others."

The healing ability along with the regeneration ability seemed to speed up the process by a great amount, and there wasn't even a lot of mess to clean up this time.

They then repeated the process two more times to the other students and finally, they were done with everything. Thanks to Vorden's healing ability, the pain the students had suffered didn't weigh on their mind as much this time.

Also when the legs were put in front of Peter, he too was starting to find it a bit easier. In fact, Vorden thought he was finding it too easy.

"Looks like you're really enjoying those legs there huh." Vorden remarked before asking Peter, "Did mine taste any better?" A crude smile was shown on his face and his eyebrow was slightly twitching.

"Look I'm not happy about this, but we have to make the best out of the bad situation," Peter said as he took another bite.

When eating the legs, it wasn't like he ever felt full. It was a strange feeling but it was more like his hunger would disappear. He tore through each leg with ease and finally had finished the last one.

"Remember to eat the bone too," Fex added. "Don't want to leave any evidence behind."

Peter's jaw was now also harder than most, and his whole digestion system had changed. So doing something like this was easy for him, although the bone didn't have much taste apart from the marrow inside but at least he didn't churn it up like everything else he ate.

[6/7 Pieces of human flesh consumed by your ghoul]

The message had appeared and now there was only one person they had to find before Peter had to evolve. Although the others weren't sure about the exact amount but knew Peter must be close.

Before Peter had eaten the pieces of leg, Quinn had also gotten a taste from each one of the students on the floor. Adding to his overall stat points.

[Charm: 13]

[Strength: 20]

[Stamina: 18]

With the three students blood types these were the stats that had been increased.

"So did you come up with any ideas for this last person?" Fex said as he sat down on his chair with his legs up on his desk.

"I was thinking about this, but what about that Bones person?" Peter suggested.

"The person who you met today? That's a bad idea." Vorden replied. "Number one, did you even see that guy? I think you would have to eat his whole body to be satisfied. Secondly, he happens to work for Duke. You're already on his radar. But I think you're along the right line, we should pick someone who deserves it."

"And how do we decide that," Quinn said. "If anyone deserves it, it would be Duke himself, everyone is just doing what he says. Peter could have easily been doing the same thing to others once he went up high enough up the ladder."

Suddenly, while in the middle of their conversation a beep sound was heard. They all recognised the sound well, for it was when someone was returning to the room who accessed it. However, Fex had sent his two roommates away during this time using his influence skill.

He had tested it before and knew their minds were weak and would obey the command, so it shouldn't have worn off.

So just who was able to break into the room so suddenly like that? As the door opened, a small student with bags under his eyes were seen. His head quickly moved around the room, trying to process what was going on.

"Three students tied up on the floor, blood parts in certain areas and the rest casually standing around," Logan mumbled to himself.

Logan had actually arrived in front of the door earlier, but he had decided to continue to listen in on their conversation. Perhaps he had misheard something, or the words they were saying weren't really meant.

But after listening and deluding himself from the truth, he could no longer take it when they started to talk about candidates. He had to see for himself what was going on.

The biggest shock to him though, was one of the students had their limbs torn off. The other two had already healed in time. But the same couldn't be said for the last student.

They all had different levels of regenerative ability, and his leg would take longer to heal.

Logan immediately brought out the black sphere shaped ball and pressed it against his chest. The small little spider-like robots started to spread and appear around his body at a lightning speed until it formed a mechanical suit.

It looked similar to a miniature Mech, only less clunky. As he lifted his hand it started to form an oval cannon like shape. Two more of them started to form on top of his shoulders and then he had his other hand pointed out.

Each of them was pointed at a person in the room.

"Don't you guys move, or I swear I will blast you all!" Logan said. His voice had a slight echo to it as it was projected through a type of speaker through the suit. "Quinn, did they put you up to this? If they're blackmailing you—I can help you out, I have connections you know."

"Logan, please!" Quinn pleaded. "Put the weapons down, it's not what you think."

"I can't Quinn, if I lower these weapons and I don't know the truth, there's a higher chance for you all attacking me. And all though I would like to trust you Quinn. I have factored that there is also a high probability that you are involved in this case as well, and two previous cases before."

'When did he do so much research' Quinn thought.

"What the hell are you guys waiting for? Looks like we found your next meal ticket!" Fex said as he took a step forward.

A few seconds later though, a beam of blue light had hit Fex and sent him flying up against the room wall.

"I did say that nobody should move," Logan said.


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