My Vampire System
171 A Condition
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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171 A Condition

It was clear from the start that no one would want to go up against Fex. And this time, it wasn't just because he was a level 1. He had put on an impressive performance, and it was clear that if they were to go up against him, they would stand no chance. If they lost to him in a spar, a level 1, they would become the laughing stock of the whole room, and the incident would spread throughout the entire school.

Seeing this, it was Quinn's chance to approach Fex. He was in a public place with students loitering around, so he wouldn't be able to try anything funny, and if he did, for whatever reason, go out of control, there was one person in the room who Quinn was confident that could deal with him, Leo.

While Fex was looking around the room for Erin, he noticed that she had already teamed up with Layla, and had lost his chance to get close to her. Although, he noticed a smell gradually coming towards him - One he was familiar with, the other vampire in the room. Fex was still unsure who exactly was this person, but to be sent to the base on his own, he would have to be a high ranking member in their family. Or maybe, in a similar situation to Fex himself.

The other crazy thing though was he didn't know who Fex was himself. One of the possible heirs to the thirteen families, someone nearly all the vampires knew.

But there were those that were sent on missions from a young age who had yet to return, so it was understandable if a few people had never seen him before.

For those reasons, Fex had decided to offer a helping hand, hoping not to sour the relationships between the families. The families didn't usually get involved with each other's business unless the head elder asked. Hence, he was careful to also not be nosey.

"I guess you already know what I am," Quinn said while looking at Fex, keeping his fist closed, ready for things to turn at any second.

"Do you know who I am?" Fex asked.

Thanks to the system's Inspect skill, Quinn did know.

"Fex Sanguinis, correct?" When Quinn answered, he was unsure what to say at first. If he said his name, would Fex get suspicious of how Quinn knew? Or would they think they were comrades? It was a risk. Quinn had no clue how many vampires there were, and how close of a relationship each one of them held with each other. Still, this way, if he did ask how he knew his name, Quinn could make up a type of lie.

In the end, he chose to reveal the Vampire's name as the system advised him to do. "Quinn, I'm warning you right now. Never reveal your family name to another vampire. If you do, they will target you." The system said.

"But can't he use his inspect skill as well?" Quinn asked.

"That is unique to the system, Quinn. You are not an ordinary vampire. The others don't have this kind of system like yours. This whole thing you are going through, you are the first person to experience it. Which is why I can't help you as much along the way. There are even things that I don't know about the system."

Quinn then started to wonder, just which skills were unique to the system and what are the skills that all vampires had knowledge of?

"Well, it's to be expected. I thought maybe my fame was starting to die around the other families." Fex said, swiping his hair back. "Well, it's clear you're not from my family. Otherwise, you wouldn't have attacked me yesterday, but I won't pry into your business because that would just be rude of me. Anyway, go ahead. It seems you didn't approach me for no reason at all."

Quinn was struggling with deciding on how much information he should reveal. If he made one type of slipup, then it would reveal the position he was in.

"I remember you saying that if I needed any help, you would offer your hand." Quinn then took in a deep breath. "I need you to help me with the ghoul problem of mine - The one that you captured the other day."

Fex then smiled. "I thought as much. I see, perhaps a vampire recklessly transformed a human huh, and then left you a halfling, or lesser, to deal with the problems. Who would be so irresponsible to turn someone into a ghoul without preparing everything beforehand?"

It seemed like Fex was coming up with his own ideas about why Quinn was here, which was a good thing. It meant that Quinn didn't have to come up with his own story and could just stay silent. In doing so, Fex was the type of person who thought his guesses were right on.

"Judging by your silence, I'm pretty close aren't I?" He assumed as he started laughing. "Haha, when I become the family head, with my genius brain, our family will rise to the head position."

"So you can help then?" Quinn asked.

By simply looking at Quinn's face, and seeing his fighting skills the other day, Fex could only surmise that Quinn wasn't well trained, or just wouldn't amount to much in the future. This contradicted his earlier thought, though there was something else that was bugging him. He had seen Quinn use the shadow ability - It was an ability that the other vampires hadn't used in years.

It suddenly gave Fex an idea. Sooner or later, he would be caught by his family and be sent back. He knew this was the case, but if he could lighten his punishment in any way, this might be his chance. If he asked Quinn about the ability, of course, Quinn wouldn't tell him. All the families thought the ability had been lost. Looking at Quinn, it was clear whichever family he worked for were keeping it a secret that they had found it. Perhaps, trying to overthrow the head family. If Fex was able to get information from Quinn, how he got this and which family he belonged to, then perhaps the punishment he would receive would be lighter.

But the greed was starting to grow inside Fex. Observing Quinn's ordeal and the fact that the ghoul yesterday was in a crazed state, he really needed his help. Maybe, he could get even more out of this deal.

"Of course I can help you," Fex said.

Those words gave Quinn hope. The sooner they dealt with Peter's situation, the quicker they could get on with their lives.

"But, I do have one condition," Fex said, looking over in the direction of the two girls. "You see, the one with the golden hair, all I ask for is some alone time with her."

As Quinn turned his head, he knew straight away who he was talking about - It was Erin. "Why? Why her? Why can't it be someone else?" Quinn asked.

Quinn felt that, perhaps, Fex would need someone to give him a supply of blood while he was here. Just like Layla was to him. Otherwise, every two days, he would starve with hunger if Fex was the same type as him. But it didn't sit well with Quinn that it would be someone he personally knew. Out of all the people he could have selected, he chose his acquaintance.

"If you need blood, I can provide it to you," Quinn added.

"Oh, don't worry. I have no problem obtaining blood. Although, it would be nice to have a little blood pet. I promise you that if you just agreed and let me meet and talk with her, then I'll help you with your little ghoul situation."

"Are you going to hurt her?" Quinn asked.

"What? Are you crazy? Of course not." Fex replied, "So, what will it be?"


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