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170 A Bloody Kick
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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170 A Bloody Kick

So far, the fight had shown an amazing set of skills from both of the contenders. Leo had displayed some techniques that he hadn't used in the battle against Quinn, making him realise how much better Fex was at fighting.

However, Leo felt like he had allowed the fight to go on for too long, turning Fex into an over-confident lad. Although he was banned to use his abilities, Leo's was slightly different compared to the others. His ability was always on. He needed it as he used it as a type of vision for himself. Since he was blind, he would constantly activate his ability to see the aura of living things around him. In turn, this also allowed him to see the flow of energy in the body of his opponent.

When an opponent attacks, their energy flow would move before the body of the person did. This was the same when a person used their abilities as well. If Leo concentrated by just a half, he could change his vision to almost a birds-eye view. Being able to sense all those around him, it was thanks to this skill that he was able to survive countless near-death situations during the war.

However, even if others were to have this ability, it would be useless in the hands of someone who was unable to exploit it.

Fex threw out stiff and straight fast blows with his fist, but knowing what he was going to do beforehand, Leo was able to block all of the attacks.

'What? But I was sure I increased the speed quick enough so he won't be able to block it.' Fex thought.

Then, when Leo prepared for a kick, he still could see where Fex was planning to dodge. Using his other foot, he was able to shift his weight and change the direction. It landed right in Fex's face, but Leo didn't stop there since he knew the damage was minuscule. He continued to kick in rapid successions, aiming for where Fex would be each time.

'Can he read my mind? What's going on?' Fex asked himself out of frustration. Even he was unable to comprehend what was happening.

When the kicks stopped for a breath of a second, Fex thought he had finally gotten a break, but before he could do anything, another kick was aimed to him from above - An axe kick which slammed down on the back of his head as hard as he could. The blow was harder than Fex thought it would be so he was unable to prepare himself in time, his legs gave in and his head bounced off of the ground.

He laid there, lying lifelessly on the floor.

"Did Leo just kill him?" A student said.

"Isn't that going too far for a simple student?"

Before Leo himself had realised it, he had been too consumed by his past memories. It had affected his usual clear mind. However, he knew the student was safe since his aura was still burning brightly.

Fex slowly started to get up, pushing his body up with his arms, with his nose slightly bent.

"Unfortunately, I didn't expect to meet such a skilled student that I seemed to have taken the fight a little too seriously," Leo said. "Just think that you were lucky. If I was using a sword in this match, you wouldn't be alive."

Standing on the sidelines, Quinn was a little worried. This loss might have hurt Fex's pride, causing him to go on a rampage. If that happend, he didn't know what to do. But then, Fex's next actions surprised him.

"Thank you for the battle, teacher. You have taught me how useful your martial arts truly are." Fex said as he bowed down and walked off of the stage.

"Wait!" Leo said. "Please tell me, where did you learn to fight like that?" Leo had wanted to fight Fex after realising that he and Quinn carried the same aura. Quinn excited him by showing amazing growth each time, and he had expected Fex to be the same. Yet, Fex was different - He was a few levels above Quinn.

"As you can see, my ability is only a level 1. My family has always been weak, so we decided to train in the form of martial arts to help build a good foundation. "Fex answered.

After hearing this, the students quickly remembered that Fex was only a level one. When they witnessed how good he was at fighting, some of them had the idea of recruiting him for the next portal outing. Still, no matter how skilled he was at fighting, it wouldn't help him against beasts. Unlike Leo who had the power of the beast gear helping him, they all felt like Fex could never obtain a piece of equipment that high in level.

It was a strange situation. He could be useful if he had high-level equipment, but he would need to be strong enough to get the high-level equipment in the first place. The only way they felt like Fex could move up the ladder was to swear loyalty to a faction or the military, helping him raise his ability to the point where he could get the appropriate gear. And only then would he become someone who would be a threat.

Of course, Fex's ability wasn't really level one, but due to the watch being unable to detect a Vampire's Mc points, it displayed level one. As Fex walked back to the crowd, he Quickly snapped his nose back into place. He also had bruise marks all over his body, but they would soon heal, so there wasn't much to worry about.

With the two demonstrations over, it was time for Leo to start the class. Everyone was asked to spread out so they would have space of their own in the room. The first thing Leo started to demonstrate was the kicks. He proceeded to demonstrate different types of kicks one by one, and the rest of the class would follow step by step.

If felt a bit awkward at first, and most of the students who had never done such a thing found it quite difficult. However, Quinn's body was more flexible and agile than most, allowing him to perform the moves quicker and learn them faster than the others.

Leo could see this, and once again, was impressed with how Quinn was performing, then when he looked at the other person he was interested in, he felt a little disappointed.

Fex had decided not to bother learning the kicks properly. It wasn't because he thought they were useless or not helpful, he just found out first hand how good the techniques were, but it was because vampires were very traditional. If they were to alter their arts or try to use something else, they would not be happy with him at all.

While performing the different sets of kicks, Quinn started to have a thought. When punching, he was able to combine the blood spray with it. When throwing his fist, he used his blood swipe. Perhaps, there might be some way to combine the blood swipe with his kicks, creating a new skill of his own. Although, he would have to wait to practice this on his own later.

Leo had demonstrated a total of three different kicks; one was the roundhouse kick, which was a kick that came out from the side; the other was using their dominant foot, then they also had to practice the kick using their subdominant foot; the third kick was the axe kick performed at the end, lifting the leg upward and then down using your heel to hit the enemy.

Once he had finished demonstrating all the kicks, it was time for them to test them out against each other. Leo asked the group to get into pairs and spar with each other. However, they were only allowed to perform these three kicks with each other while also only blocking using their legs or dodging.

This was Quinn's chance to approach Fex as he could see he was all on his own since no one wanted to pair up with him.


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