My Vampire System
169 Vampire VS Elder
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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169 Vampire VS Elder

MVS 169

While Fex was growing up, he had always been told how weak humans were. How they had to rely on the power of others to survive but after seeing Leo, he could tell this wasn't true, or at least what they used to know about humans, no longer applied.

Before heading up to the stage, Fex looked around the room and spotted Erin, to his surprise she was standing right next to Quinn.

"He didn't already make her his, did he, But how? My charm didn't even work against her." Fex said. "Still, it doesn't seem like she's been blooded by anyone, maybe I can still use her?"

The group caught Fex looking over in their direction, then next thing they noticed was a cheesy wink with a smile.

Seeing this, they all wondered who the wink was directed at and cringed a little inside.

"That wink wasn't towards you was it?" Layla asked thinking it was meant for Quinn.

"I guess?" Quinn replied, it had to be at him he thought, he was the only one who knew who Fex was and he was looking right at them.

Although the wink was actually directed at Erin, she had no clue of this either, in fact, she could hardly remember seeing the boy. The only thing that kept happening for some reason was, whenever she looked at him, her face would start to heat up a little as she felt embarrassed.

"Maybe he has a thing for you?" Layla said.

Layla's words had jolted Erin's memory, and she remembered where she had seen the boy before, when she was in the library reading a particular book.

"Yeah, that has to be the reason," Erin said nervously. She felt like the wink must have been a sign, perhaps he was planning to use it as blackmail against her. Tell everyone that she read those type of books. If others were to find out, her family even. She would be shamed for having such a dirty mind.

She needed to keep the boy silent no matter what.

Now Fex and Leo were up on stage and even Quinn was a little excited to see the outcome of the match. He had fought with both of them and pretty much lost. Still, he was unable to get either of them to show their full strength.

"Hey, Quinn," Layla whispered. "Is he a vampire as well?"

"How did you know?" Quinn thought. Unless she had a nose like his, Fex looked just like every other human.

"Well, you've been acting strangely ever since he got in here, and you did tell us someone attacked you last night right. Well, who do you thinks going to win?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. I was just thinking that myself, If it was just hand to hand combat, I felt more useless fighting against Leo. Not only that but, Leo has years of experience. I just can't see a student beating him."

Layla then went to have a closer look at Fex; he did indeed seem young. The same age as all of them. "Well if it's like the books I've read, vampires can live for a lot longer then humans, some of them are eternal, so maybe he looks young just because he wants to."

"Is that true?" Quinn asked the system.

"Yes, Vampires are able to slow down the ageing process, although there are methods when doing this. A vampire can either go into eternal slumber. It's a method they use to stop there heart beating and everything inside their body. In a way, it's a near death-like state. The only way to wake Vampire from eternal slumber is to have them take a drop of blood from the same family. During this period they will not age, and their body will not deteriorate, the second method, well let's just say the second method isn't very nice."

Quinn had long learnt if the system didn't want to elaborate on any details, even if Quinn asked, it would choose to remain quiet. It made him wonder just who was able to create such an advanced AI, to the point where it seemed no different from a human. No technology that he knew of, was able to do that yet.

"Well, if this Vampire is a lot older then he looks then maybe him and Leo will be evenly matched," Quinn replied.

"I doubt that." The system added. "The boy in front of you, I don't have any memory of him in our records and the way he acts, would also suggest he has a young mind. If I was to take a guess, he should be no older than you."

Watching this fight would be an excellent insight for Quinn. He still had no idea how strong other vampires were and this would be the first look at another one for him.

Leo got into the same fighting stance as before and moved his fingers, telling Fex to come forward. Unlike Quinn, Fex didn't rush ahead and calmly walked over. Then when their fists were a touching distance away. Fex got into a fighting stance of his own.

When looking at the two, their fighting stances were quite different. Leo had both hands out in front of him, similar to Karate or a little like boxing, while Fex had both hands down by his side but his knees were slightly bent. Slowly Fex was circling Leo.

The tension was high, not knowing when either of them would attack.

Fex was the first to strike; he came in throwing his fists in quick succession, two to the head and then another to the body. However, just like before, by using his palms, Leo was able to knock them away.

'He could block them!' Fex thought. 'But I only pulled back on my speed a little, I was sure from watching the match earlier this would be fast enough.'

After blocking the attacks, Leo followed up with a kick aiming towards Fix's head.

Seeing this, Fex jumped Back and tried to grab the leg, but at the last second it seemed like the angle had changed causing Fex's grab to miss.

'Again, it's like he knows what I'm going to do.' Fex inwardly was starting to get annoyed.

Then while bringing his leg back, he was able to catch Fex on the head with the heel of his foot.

"He didn't use that against the last student? " Someone from the crowd said.

Touching the mark on his face Fex smiled. "Looks like I need to bring it up a notch."

Fex went in and did the same, throwing punches rapidly only this time, in the same amount of time he had thrown three to the head and three to the body. Leo was able to block the first three and the second two but the last one had gotten in and hit him in the stomach. He felt the powerful blow that had the weight of a hammer but didn't let it distract him throwing out his own sequence of kicks.

The fight now continued with no breaks in between, while one focused on their fists, the other focused using their legs to attack. They would block each other's strikes while hitting each other once in the while.

'Ha, I don't know what father was talking about, they aren't weak at all.' As the fight continued, Fex got more excited, and he started putting more power into his punches. It got to the point where it was power beyond a regular human with no ability.

Leo could feel this and could sense the energy inside him getting wilder. At first he thought he had never seen such a fighting style or martial art before, So Leo decided to lead him on, hoping he would reveal everything he had, but perhaps he had played with the boy too long.

While looking at his energy grew wilder and stronger, it started to remind Leo of the Dalki and in turn, this soured his mood.

It brought back specific memories. He started to remember that there was one time he had faced something similar. It was a Dalki. Usually, the Dalki were reckless when they fought, but the toughest opponent Leo ever had to face, was one which knew how to use martial arts skills and right now, the resemblance was too close.

'Why was this boy's and the Dalki fighting style so similar?' Leo thought.


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