My Vampire System
164 Plan B initiated
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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164 Plan B initiated

Running as fast as he could, Vorden desperately tried to catch up with Quinn who was running in front. However, no matter how fast he went he couldn't keep up and he even lost sight of him, Quinn and could no longer be seen in the vicinity. Nevertheless, he didn't give up, for he knew that Quinn would need him once they found Peter.


When he was only a short distance away from the park, where he assumed Quinn was heading to, his watch lit up and the sound of a notification was heard. When he looked at the watch, the time stated that it was 9:45. This meant that they only had fifteen minutes before curfew time. In most cases, it wouldn't be so bad, since students would just be brought in and be punished a little.

But for Quinn and Vorden, who were already suspected in perpetrating a murder, it would look awfully suspicious if the two of them were out at night after curfew and didn't have a good reason for it. Knowing this, Vorden had no choice but to turn around and head back to the dorms. He had to trust that Quinn would find Peter, and catch up to him in time.


Seeing the message on the watch, Quinn started to Panic. If he wanted to make it back in time, he would need to leave now. He didn't have time to rescue Peter. Once again, when Quinn tried to move, he was stopped by the bond. He tried to force through, but it was pulling him down to the ground.

Fex could see something was up. "Hey, we need to get back, right?" Fex said. "That skinny guy said something about being in our rooms before ten. I don't know why you're attacking me, but you need to understand were on the same side."

Fex looked at Peter and had a little hunch on what the latter was thinking, but it wasn't something he could confirm right now.

"Look, you aren't meant to be here, neither am I, so I won't tell anyone about you. I'll leave it in your hands, but if you need any help, then I suggest that you come to me."

Soon after, a cloud of mist filled the air where Fex was once standing. As the mist started to disappear, it looked like Fex was vanishing away with it.

"Is he really gone?" Quinn asked.

"That mist is a transformation spell." The system explained. "Most likely, he has turned into something that allows him to pick up more speed."

With that knowledge, a weight was lifted from his shoulders, but there was still another problem weighing on his mind, and he was soon reminded by it.

Peter started to scream at the top of his lungs. It felt like he was being stabbed repeatedly in his stomach, and as his hunger grew, so did his strength. The tight strings that were once holding him down were starting to snap one by one.

"Quinn, quickly, give him some of your blood. It will only be temporary, but it should calm him down as you have more control over him." Said the system.

Quinn used shadow equip to put his equipment back into his dimensional space, including the suit and the mask he was wearing. Then, using the tip of his tooth, he bit down on his thumb, causing blood to be drawn. He walked closer to Peter, and after just taking a few steps, Peter lifted his head and turned it towards Quinn.

A snarling sound was made as if to give a warning for Quinn not to get any closer. Peter's eyes were now red once again, and his fangs were on full display.

"Are you sure he won't hurt me?!" Quinn said.

"Positive, vampires have a set of rules that they must follow, otherwise, their own powers will begin to retaliate to them. Remember how you felt just moments ago when you tried to flee, right? No matter how hard you fought against it, it was impossible to fight back. It will be the same for him if he tries to hurt you."

Looking at Peter who continued to snarl at him, he still wasn't quite sure whether to believe the system or not, but he had no choice. Peter was like this because of him, and now, there was no going back.

The snarling persisted as he went forward, but exactly as the system had said, even though Quinn was practically holding Peter's head, he never tried to bite him. Quinn then lifted his hand and started to squeeze the blood from it, allowing it to drip into Peter's mouth. Just like that, in almost an instant, Peter started to calm down.

"How long will this last?" Quinn asked.

"Long enough." The system replied.

Placing Peter on his back, and equipping his Beast boots, he activated his wind walk. He no longer had any time to take it easy, so he ran as fast as he could back to the school without any intention of slowing down.


Vorden had safely made it back into the room on time, and Layla had left long before to go back to her dorm room. In the kitchen, laid out on the table, he had gotten what looked like a meat cleaver. "Okay Vorden, you can do this."

"I can't believe you're going this far!" Raten said.

"I have to, otherwise Peter will endanger us all."

"Then just kill the guy! I'll even do it for you like the last time," Raten replied.

"But Quinn doesn't want that, and Sil is finally starting to change. We can't have him go back to how he once was." Vorden said, for once Raten didn't have a stinging reply.

Vorden then placed his arm on the table, laying it flat, while grabbing the meat cleaver with the other. "Here goes nothing!" He swung it down, but at the last second, he stopped just inches above his limb. "I can't do it. How can anyone cut their own arm off?"

A thud sound was heard in the room, and as Vorden looked up, he could see that Quinn had arrived while bearing Peter on his back. The two of them had come through the broken window.

"Looks like I just made it in time," Quinn said relieved.

The sound on their watches went off again, indicating that it was now ten o'clock. A ping would then be sent to the security office, revealing the location of all those who were not located in their rooms at that moment.

However, as soon as Peter had entered the room, the smell of a fresh human flesh had entered his nose, and he once again succumbed to his crazed self. Quinn quickly held him down using all of his strength, but the struggle was tough. It felt like Peter was just as strong as Quinn. The only thing that he could do was to put on his gauntlets, but if he did, the second he let go of Peter, he knew he would go after Vorden.

"Now is not the time to be hesitating!" Vorden said, but once again, as he looked at the meat cleaver and his hand, his heart started beating like crazy.

"Argh, you big Pu*sy. Let me do it," Raten said as he took control of the seat. Without hesitation, Raten swung the meat cleaver down on to his own arm. Unlike Vorden though, he didn't hesitate one bit.

Still, the bone was thick and he wasn't able to be cut off the arm cleanly in one go. Blood kept on spilling out of the wound. Raten lifted it up and continued to hack at his own limb until eventually, his arm had completely come off.

"Here you go!" Vorden said as he chucked over his arm towards Quinn and Peter.


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