My Vampire System
140 Sanguinis Family
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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140 Sanguinis Family

Walking down the street with his backpack in his hand, Fex was smiling broadly. His grandpa had looked after him nearly his whole life and it was only a few years ago that he had decided to go into an eternal sleep and give control of the family over to Fexs father.

But Fex never forgot the stories his grandpa used to tell him, the countless things earth had to offer them as vampires. Of course, it had been many years since his grandpa had visited earth but the one thing he would never stop talking about was this drink called wine.

This was why Fex put it at the top of his to-do list when he would finally visit earth.

"You're being followed you know," Ham said.

"Yeah, I can tell," Fex replied.

"Did the family find us already?" Ham asked.

Fex started to sniff the air when he noticed that there were at least four people following them from a distance.

"No they don't smell like vampires, most likely they are humans. But why are they following us?" Fex said.

Although Fex didn't pay much attention during his lessons, there was one law that was hammered into his head. Never, under any circumstance, reveal yourself to humans. If they found out what you are you only had two options. Bring them back with you to turn them into a blooded, or kill them.

Right now he was sure he hadn't done anything to make him look suspicious. Although there was a law against revealing that you're a vampire, there was no such law saying anything about fighting with humans. Fex decided to turn around a corner into a dark alleyway, to confront the humans following him.

"I know you're following me." Fex said. "Is it because I bought this?" He lifted up the plastic bag that contained the bottle of wine.

"Look I know times are rough but I heard the cities were quite wealthy, if you want I can buy another bottle for you." Fex offered.

The two men stepped towards Fex. "Relax, we are not looking for trouble." One of them said. "We just want to confirm your age and if you have any ID on you?" The other one said.

"It's about my age again, what's with this place? I already said I'm 16 and about the ID I must have lost it somewhere." Fex exclaimed.

The two men then looked at each other. When people were trying to avoid the military draft it was quite common for them to get rid of their IDs. They would try to live their life by other means never showing their ID card.

But Fex looked young and he had also confirmed his age to them. No more questioning was needed, the actions they had to take where clear.

"Fire when you're ready." The first man said.

'Looks like I might have to fight my way out of this one.' Fex thought. But he knew he had to be careful not to use any of his vampire abilities. But that didn't mean he had to hold back from using his regular abilities.

He took a step forward and a small sharp pain was felt in the side of his neck.

���What the..?" as he looked to the side he noticed that something that looked like a dart had been shot into his neck, inside the dart a green liquid could be seen.

"Why am I suddenly ….feeling…so..sle.." His eyes started to close and he had collapsed onto the floor.

The two men walked up to the sleeping boy. "Luckily he didn't have a hardening ability, I was ready to get into a scrap there." One of the men said.


Back at the castle, a certain man was sitting in a large throne-like chair. In his left hand, a single glass contained a red liquid inside. While his other hand was busy restlessly tapping on the arm of his chair.

The man looked like the mature version of Fex, they were almost identical with the exception of the goatee that slightly covered his chin. While sitting in the chair he had a deep frown on his face. This man was Fex father Lee, Lee Sanguinis.

"Is there any update." He said.

Kneeling down in front of him were five of his subordinates.

"Yes Sir Lee, we discovered that Fex has arrived at the city of Toklon. Unfortunately, it seems like the humans have managed to get to him before we could sir." One of the subordinates said.

Just then Lee slapped his hand across his forehead while continuing to shake his head.

"That boy will be the ruin of this family." Lee said. "The silly boy never paid any attention to his classes, yet he always listened to my father's crazy stories. Do we know where they have taken him?"

"Our resources say that he was taken to one of the military bases, to be admitted into military school. When they found him they thought he was a draft evader." The same subordinate replied.

Lee was busy thinking about what to do. If the other families got word of what had happened then his family would become the laughing stock of the vampire community. Even more worrisome was if their secret was discovered then their family would also be punished.

Luckily it seemed like the news hadn't spread yet. The other vampire families were all too busy discussing the new family that had appeared.

Lee then looked at the five subordinates in front of him and was deciding who it would be best to send.

"Silver." Lee said.

"Yes sir." A female subordinate replied as she stood up. Just like her name suggested she had bright long silver hair that was tied in a ponytail that nearly went down to her knees.

"As you are the faithful Blood Knight of the Sanguinis family, I task with retrieving and returning Fex back to us. Make sure nobody knows about this. You are free to use whatever resources from the family as you see fit."

Sliver then bowed down once again.

"I shall complete my task without fail." She said, with confidence in her voice.

The meeting had ended and each of them had left the room, leaving Lee with his own thoughts.

"The human world huh, it has been a long time since I have ventured there. Perhaps this will be a good learning experience for him." Remembering his own time on earth, a rage inside his body started to consume him and the glass he held in his hand shattered to pieces. "It will be a teach him just how cruel those damn humans are to the other worlds!"


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