My Vampire System
136 Cursed Family
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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136 Cursed Family

The system had given him an option at the most crucial time whether to make Peter into a Blooded one or not. If the system had just asked him out of the blue, then Quinn probably would have said no. Peter had betrayed them, and although he might not do it again, there was no way to be sure.

He would have much rather Blooded Layla or Vorden when the time was right. The two of them had done nothing but help him out during these times.

But right now, it wasn't about loyalty, it wasn't about what was right or wrong but about whether or not Quinn wanted to save his life.

Surely becoming a vampire was better than dying, right?

"I'll do it!" Quinn said.


After confirming he wanted to make Peter into a Blooded one, a new screen had appeared in front of his face. One that had given him detailed instructions.

"Quinn, what's up with your eyes?" Layla asked.

Quinn didn't know it himself, but as soon as he had accepted to activate the skill of his blood ritual, his eyes started to glow. Faint red circles were seen around the iris. Similar to when he activated his Influence skill.

Right after, he started to follow the instructions one by one.

[Please proceed by inserting the Host's blood into the mouth of the target]

Quinn unequipped his equipment and placed it back into the dimensional space. Then using one of the tips of Layla's arrow, he inflicted a cut on his hand, creating a brand new wound. He held his hand just above Peter's mouth, who was now barely breathing and allowed for the blood to drip in.

It touched the tip of his mouth slowly started to fall inside his body. His fingers that were once unmoving now started to twitch, and a warm feeling had started in his body.

Inside the blood cells from Quinn's could be seen latching on to the blood cells of Peter's and slowly, they were all starting to change throughout his body.

Peter's eyes then opened wide, and now he had red rings around his eyes. Quinn couldn't quite explain it, but for a moment, he could feel a connection with Peter and could see what was happening inside his body.

"Quinn this isn't enough, the transformation has only just begun, but he now needs the blood of the others to live." The System shouted.

"Guys, please, I need you all to do the same," Quinn asked.

Just then, Peter's body started shaking uncontrollably. His wound still hadn't healed, but he was moving as if he was back alive once again. Quinn quickly grabbed both of his hands.

"Someone hold his mouth open!" Quinn shouted.

Vorden quickly moved to the top of Peter's head and held his mouth open wide. It was a struggle as Peter swung his head left and right. "What's happening to him, Quinn?! It's like he's turned into a crazy beast!"

Just as he said those words, he started to realize what was happening, the look on Quinn's face said it all. Quinn was going to save his life by turning him into a vampire.

The others did as instructed, and each one squeezed out the blood from the previous wound they had made before, re-opening them.

Finally, a result. The wound around Peter's stomach started to heal as his cells slowly patched them together. It was at a speed unseen unless one was to use a healing ability.

"What magic is this?" Erin said out loud.

But the other two had a concerned look on their face as they knew exactly what was happening. Peter started to struggle less and less until he eventually calmed down, and his eyes were finally closed.

"Is he still alive?" Layla asked.

Vorden then placed his head onto Peter's chest, and for a while, a heartbeat wasn't heard, but then ever so faintly he could hear a beat.

"I think so?" Vorden said, half confused. Then when checking his breath, they realised he was indeed still alive.

At that moment Quinn received another message.

[The ritual was a success!]

[The human has successfully been blooded 1/2]

[A Vampire Ghoul has been created]

[A new family has been created]

[What would you like to name your family?]

When seeing the notifications, there was a couple of things that had surprised him, and Quinn wanted immediate answers. But the first thing he needed to do was get rid of the screen in his face which wanted him to name his family.


"Now that you have turned someone, he falls under your ranks, he has your blood, so he is a part of your family. Every Vampire that turns someone has the responsibility to look after their family." The system explained.

Right now Quinn could only think of one thing, although he had gotten stronger thanks to the ability, he now relied on one thing, blood. Without it, he didn't know how he would survive.

If he went two days without a human by his side, then what would he do? He couldn't eat the blood of beasts or animals, and if he started fighting using his blood abilities, it would only cause him to rely on it even more.

[Family name: The Cursed]

This was how Quinn felt at this moment and time.

Just then a loud crash was heard, as the group turned their head they could see a Dalki on top of one of the Mech's ripping off one of its arms. It was covered in more blood than before, and it no longer looked human but just that of a pure beast.

"Well, well, looks like we lucked out and it's only a single spike." A voice was heard from behind the group of students, and when they turned to look, they could see Leo standing there.

Although he didn't look like his ordinary self—usually he would be wearing his military uniform and have his katana by his side. But right now, he had a light set of Black and Red Beast gear on, and his chest had the design of a Japanese demon. An Oni with horns.

"There will be no need to call the others, or use my soul weapon for something like this."


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