My Vampire System
122 Crash Landing
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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122 Crash Landing

As Peter heard the footsteps enter the small little building, he was in. He quickly realised that he had no way of escape. It was a small room with only one entrance, and the two men stood in front of him were completely blocking his path. He was trapped.

"Now this can be nice and easy for you," Ben said. "All we want are those crystals in your bag."

Peter then reached out for the earth staff that was placed on his back and pulled out in front of him.

"Really." Ben said, looking at the thing." Look, we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. I'm really not into hurting others like some of those sick psychopaths, all I want is a good score on the test."

As soon as Ben stepped forward, Peter lifted the Earth pole towards Ben's face and then using his ability transformed the end of it into a sharp tip.

"Please…" Peter said. "Let's not do this, I can't, if you take the crystals away. They'll hate me even more." Tears were now visibly running down his face and falling to the ground.

"They already hate me too much, I just can't have them hate me more." Peter cried.

Peter stood firmly, not allowing the spear to move. It was pointed at Ben, who was standing in front of the other person just below his chin.

"Look its Peter, right?" Ben said.

Suddenly, Peter's face changed a little when he heard his name.

"Do you know why I know your name, we're part of the military to, in fact, Duke was the one who gave us all the information. I promise you that Duke will reward you if you hand those crystals over to us."

Although Ben and his group did belong to the military and helped Duke out from time to time. Duke had requested no such thing. Ben knew using his name would cause a reaction out of Peter. The low levels always ended up in Duke's hands one way or another, and it was the same for him.

But by the time Peter knew Ben was lying, he knew Peter wouldn't say anything. He could complain to Duke, but what would he do, what would he care for a level one ability user while Ben was a level four.

Seeing the change in Peter' eyes, Ben thought his words were a success, but when he stepped forward again, Peter decided to go in for a stab.

"I said I'm not letting anyone take them!" He shouted.

As the spear was thrust forward, one of Ben's friends from the side lifted his hand, and with it, an earth wall was placed between the two of them. The wall manged to catch the spear in the centre and snap it in half.

Unlike higher-level Earth users, Peter could only control the earth when he was touching it. As he saw the wall being placed in front of him, he immediately dashed forward and touched the wall. Using his ability, he created multiple spikes sticking out from the other end.

While doing so, Peter closed his eyes, waiting to hear the screams from the other end, but they never came.

Instead, a few seconds later, a huge club had been swung and smashed the wall into pieces also hitting Peter and sending him flying back. The blow was so powerful that Peter didn't just crash into the wall, but caused it to collapse and was now outside covered in rubble.

The wall wasn't very strong and stable from years of decay, and it wasn't very well built either. But still to be able to knock a human through such a thing an immense amount of power was needed.

"What a useless struggle, I would have thought someone like you would have been broken in by now," Ben said as he walked through the hole in the wall and stared at Peter on the ground.

Peter was barely conscious, a small trail of blood was appearing from his mouth, and his whole face and hair were covered in debris from the wall.

"Please…Don't… hate me..." Peter said.

Peter mind was a mess, he didn't even know where he currently was or even who was in front of him.

"I'm sorry, Peter, this is just how the world is." At that moment, Peter passed out.

Ben went through Peters bag and took the 15 crystals that were obtained in yesterday's expedition. They then also took Peter's money card, which was white in colour, the lowest possible card you could get.

They decided to leave everything else intact, the food pills, the water purifiers and the first aid supplies. Although they were thieves, they were just doing as the system suggested, they weren't cold-hearted murders.

Ben and his friend had decided they would head to the shelter together, but before heading back, they would make a stop at the oasis to hunt some more Teethworms. That was the meeting point to meet the other three who had gone after Quinn.

As they were walking, one of them spotted something large and black in the sky coming towards them in their direction. It was flying in the air, and it seemed like black smoke was coming from the back.

"What is that?" One of them asked.

"I don't know, I think it's a space ship, but I've never seen one designed like that before?" Ben replied.

The black object drew closer, and it was roughly the same size as a large car. Then finally just in front of them in the sandy desert, the ship had crashed. It continued to skirt across the sand and was heading straight for them.

"Get out of the way!" Ben shouted.

The large black ship continued to bump and skirt across the sand until eventually, it had come to a stop, around fifty meters from their direction.

The space ship was black in colour, but it didn't look like it was made of a type of metal material like earth's ships. Instead, the outside was bumpy and looked scale-like. As if it was carved using the outside of beasts. Then in the centre was an oval-shaped sphere.

But the glass was too thick to see through.

"Do you think they're okay? They're lucky the ship didn't blow up." he said, "I wonder what happened?"

But while Ben's friend had no clue what it was, Ben was visibly shaking with fear. He had seen images of one of these before.

"Run, run now!" Ben shouted.

The Sphere like shape opened up and out stepped what was known as a Dalki.


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