My Vampire System
113 You“re Changing
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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113 You“re Changing

As the group scanned the map for guidance, they noticed that all the areas closer to the shelter were more green while the areas that were a bit further away were redder. The one area which had the darkest red of them all was the harsh sandy desert.

"Is it possible for users to get a list of the beasts that are in that area?" Quinn asked.

"The man we met at the shop earlier might have one. You could probably go ask him. Let me know if you need any credits, I have a few left." Vorden replied.

While the group was discussing on where they should go, Quinn went back to the shop. As they guessed, there was a bestiary. It contained information on all the beasts in the local area. Quinn looked behind him to see the shop keeper talking to a group of other students. The group seemed to be doing what Quinn's group was doing earlier.

"Excuse me, how much will a map cost?" A student asked the shop keeper.

"A map will cost you 100 credits."

"Does that include those that are registered with the base?"

"Oh, hahaha, no, of course not. That will cost you just fifty credits." The shop keeper said with a slight laugh.

As Vorden told him before, certain students had already decided that once their two years of service finished, they would then join the military. For the students that choose that, they would get special privileges compared to other students while out on missions. And that was especially true when they were in a shelter belonging to them.

Annoyed by the fact their group was being mistreated. Quinn decided to pick up the book which was sealed by a lock so that others couldn't open it and read it unless they paid for it. Quinn, however, had a suspicion that the lock would become irrelevant.


[A book containing information on beasts belonging to the planet Caladi]

[Teethworm basic tier beast]

[Wingedlizard basic tier beast]

[Burningsnake intermediate tier beast]

[Please select one to find out more information]

It was a success.

'That's what you get for trying to cheat us.'

As he looked at the list of names, Quinn was deciding which one of the three was the beast that Nate had talked about. Out of the three of them, only one had matched the description. It was the winged lizard.

[Winged lizard: Although this beast contains wings, it cannot fly. The wings are often used to spread above its head to intimidate other beasts from attacking. They are also the hardest part of the beast's body. The weak point of the beast is its underbelly. It can be found in the deepest parts of the desert]

The description seemed to match the material of Sam's cape, but if Quinn wanted to make a full set of clothing from it, he would definitely need a large amount of beasts cores.

While he was there, he decided he might as well look at the other beasts. There was always the chance to encounter them, and if they did, it would be handy to know their strengths and weaknesses.

"Hey you, if you're not buying anything then get out of here."

"I was just looking," Quinn said.

The old man then walked over and snatched the book out of Quinn's hand.

"I said, get out now! Or else."

Quinn stared at the man dead in the eye.

"People like you deserve to be eaten," Quinn said out loud.

"What did you say!" The old man then lifted his hand. "I guess no one taught you to respect your elders." He swung his hand, aiming right towards Quinn's face to give him a big slap.

[Skill activated Daze]

[User has been stunned]

Suddenly as the old man's hand was mid-motion, it was suddenly frozen in place. A second passed, and a shiver was sent down the man's spine.

"You're lucky that people are around," Quinn said as he walked away.

Quinn's blood was boiling, it was people like him that allowed this society to work in the first place. They just watched and let it happen and although the shop keeper was weak himself. He still chose to treat the weak differently compared to the strong rather than help others like him.

'Quinn, your starting to change.' The system thought.

When Quinn arrived back at the group, it looked like they had already decided where they would head off to.

"Did you get the book?" Vorden asked.

"No, it was too expensive," Quinn replied.

The group had decided that for the first day they would head to one of the green areas nearby. They were unsure of how powerful the beasts were or what they were like. After defeating a few basic tier beast, they would make their way into the red zone.

Although Quinn was eager to go into the red zone to get his crystals, he was happy with the decision, they had made. It was better to be cautious, they only had one life after all, and for the first two days, he would be at his weakest.

One day of sunlight had already passed before they had come here, so there was only two more to go.

As the group made their way towards their destination, Quinn and Vorden were in the lead and were talking about different things.

"You know, while you were in that shop, Peter kept saying some weird things," Vorden said.

"What do you mean?" Quinn responded, confused.

"Well, the truth is, Erin wanted to head straight to the red zone. She was confident that even if we came across an intermediate beast with the five of us, we should be able to take one down. But that's when Peter started to shiver. He was adamant about staying close to the shelter."

"Do you think they might plan to do something on this trip?" Quinn asked.

"I doubt it, unlike the red portal places, there are too many people here. Unless we went completely off the map, there would be no way they would dare to try anything. But the important thing is that Peter believes that they will."

The group had finally reached the exit where several guards where stood just inside of the wall. The whole shelter was surrounded by Galthreium. So the place was impenetrable to the beasts on this planets attack.

And even then stood up on the wall there were two mechs stood side by side. After declaring they wished to go outside the gates were opened and the group was free to travel.

The area they chose to go to on the map was a small little oasis. There was a hill of sand, and just over it was a pool of water and the first bit of greenery and plant life they had seen. Sure enough, though they weren't the only group that was here and it looked like the other groups were already engaged in combat.

The area was filled with beasts known as Teethworms. They would travel under sand but were easy to spot, as a big lump of moving sand was coming towards you. When they were close enough, they would pop out from the sand and open their circular mouth, displaying thousands of small razor-sharp teeth inside.

The worms were about the same size as an average dog but were tricky to deal with for some, as the only time they would emerge from the sand was when they would attack.

Peter and Quinn stayed in the middle while they allowed for the others to attack the worms. Vorden and Erin found it the easiest to deal with the worms. There was no need for her to even use her sword, as the worms jumped in the air, she would throw an ice spike through its mouth, and Vorden would do the same.

Layla, on the other hand, found it a little more difficult. When they jumped from the sand, the attack was fast, and they would soon be inside the sand again. Even when using her telekinesis ability, her arrow was too slow, the arrow would hit the sand before even hitting the beast.

The only way she could overcome this was to not use here ability at all, and just fire at the worms with no fear. Still, it would take a couple of arrow shots for her before the worms were dead.

As Quinn saw the group killing basic beasts left and right, he felt a little sad. Not because he couldn't join in. He was happy that others were fighting but the fact that all of these kills could have been precious exp for him.

As he had this thought, a familiar voice sounded in his head.

"You know, if you blooded one of them, you would be able to gain exp of all their kills." The system said.

"What seriously!"

"Yeah, as a vampire you are the one who blooded them, which means they would become a part of your family."

Quinn thought about it seriously for a while. Although Vorden had already declined, there was still Layla. She had already asked him to turn her into a vampire and know he really could. The only thing that was holding him back was that she was a kind of second blood bank to him.

But now Quinn could also rely on Vorden for that. Perhaps it was something he seriously needed to consider.


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