My Vampire System
107 Blood Hammer
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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107 Blood Hammer

Unlike the other users Quinn fought with before this one. He was more skilled. It reminded him of Vorden a bit. Creative and skilful when using his abilities even though he wasn't the highest when it came to power level.

[Wind walk]

[Boots activated]

Using the boots skill, he was able to increase his speed and avoid all the spears coming towards him from the ground.

"Wow, he's quite fast, isn't he?" Someone from the crowd said.

"I think it's those boots, they look pretty plain, but they might be at the intermediate tier or even the advanced tier."

Although Quinn could finish the match by continually throwing out his blood swipe, he didn't want to win that way. Right now, this was an excellent experience for a battle in the real world, where he would have to be careful of losing his health.

"What an annoying little fly!" the earth user shouted. He then lifted both hands together to create two long walls that went past Quinn.

As he brought his hands together, the walls moved with it.

"Now you can only go in one direction."

With no other options, Quinn had no choice but to run straight ahead, but he had a plan.

"Skill Daze!"

[Daze Failed, user not stunned]

"Oh, crap."

Right now, Quinn's charm stat points were incredibly low, meaning it was unlikely for it to work against stronger opponents. The higher they were, the lower the chance it had of working. But so far it had worked every single time.

Part of this was due to Quinn's luck, but the other part was the fact that they were only Level one's and level twos he was facing before.

Just then the earth user created another wall Infront of him, then started to punch the wall several times. The parts of the wall came flying out at incredible speed. The attacks were to fast for Quinn to react in time.

The pieces of rock ended up hitting him one by one and sending him back.

[42/55 HP]

[38/55 HP]

[34/55 HP]

But Quinn gritted his teeth and managed to not fall over, as the next set of rocks came towards him, he flashed stepped Infront of them all, causing them to miss and go behind him.

"I guess even with his strange Red powers, he just can't beat a high level."

"Well, did you see the other guys strength? It must be because he's using a full set of beast gear. No way a normal Level four user could hit a solid wall like that and cause those rocks to go flying at that speed."

"Well, I guess it was all just hype in the end."

But one person thought differently. "Come on Bloodevolver, I could beat this guy in my sleep. I know you're better than this." Nate said.

"You know, your lack of experience when it comes to fighting ability users is really starting to show." The system said.

"Shut up, I know," Quinn said. "Screw this."

Quinn had, had enough, he started charging forward once again. The earth user created another wall in front of him and had done the same attack as last time, punching the wall, causing rocks to fly out.

"Let's see what's stronger."

Matching each rock, Quinn started to throw out a blood swipe for every rock thrown at him. Quinn's Blood swipe was clearly stronger, destroying the rocks and continuing to go forward.

Seeing this the Earth user had no choice, he jumped back and had put up rows and rows of walls between the two of them creating a barrier around 3 meters thick.

"Screw your wall!" Quinn then started to make the motion of the Hammer strike, bringing the energy up from his toes to the top of his body.

"That's it, that's the strike that was used against me!" Nate said excitedly. "But I don't think it's going to be enough, why not use some more of the red stuff to weaken the walls first. Or break the walls to your side, which are thin and get behind him."

Nate was worried, although it was clear the Bloodevolver was strong, it was also clear he was an amateur when it came to fighting.

"Take this, Blood Hammer!" Quinn screamed as he let out the hammer strike, and at just the right moment activated his Blood spray at the same time.

The 22 strength, with the additional 5 percent and now combining the hammer strike with Blood spray, created a powerful attack.

As his fist hit the wall, it instantly started to shatter and burst into pieces all over the arena. Fragments of the wall came flying out into the stadium. Some of the audience members dodged avoiding them, while others just stood there.

"Idiots, you do remember this is a game, right? The attacks from there can't hurt us."

The strike continued to blast through the wall. This was something the earth user had never expected.

"I'll just have to take the hit then," He said, but as the attack hit him, he instantly burst into blue particles ending the game.

[Victory Bloodevolver]

At that moment though Quinn had collapsed to the floor. Combining all of the attacks and using his skills from before had taken up all his stamina. Soon after though he was transported back to his own lobby space where his strength would be returned.

The whole crowd was silenced. They didn't know what to say or what they had just seen. During the entire match, the earth user hadn't been hit once. Even though he was wearing a full set of Beast gear, he still lost. This would have increased his defence as well as overall strength, yet it was useless in front of the single attack.

"Just who was that guy?" Someone said.

"I told you he was strange and did you see his weird Red ability?"

"Yeah, I've never seen anything like that, did you?"

"Hey, can one of you upload that, and put it on the forum. Maybe an original has managed to get their ability in the game somehow."

While the others were exited and chatting away, Nate's whole body was shaking. He had goosebumps and shivers running all over his body after seeing the last attack.

"That attack, it wasn't the same one he used against me. It looked the same but was different."

He knew that if he had taken that attack head-on like he did the Hammer strike last time, Half of his health wouldn't have gone down. It would have been the whole thing, and he would have been just as dead as the user in front of him.

"So you really did get stronger, well I will just have to get even stronger then."

Back inside the lobby all of his stat points had been returned, So Quinn was no longer on the floor gasping for air like he had just sprinted a whole Marathon.

"The Blood hammer strike skill took up a lot more stamina then I thought."

Although he had performed the Blood hammer skill several times in the lobby, while in the lobby the game did not take away any of his strength. Only during matches would his normal stats be used and it was the first time he had used Hammer strike in a game.

But a smile was suddenly on Quinn's face.

[User defeated 25 exp Gained]

[40/100 Exp points]

Finally, after defeating a level four ability user, the system had rewarded him for his hard work. Although Quinn wasn't physically tired the last match had taken a lot out of him mentally. It was hard to go into the match after the match when it was that intense.

It was fine when the matches only lasted a few seconds, but it was different when it was like that. So he decided for today he would take a break.

He exited from the pod and to his surprise, what looked like a little boy was standing in front of him.

"Hello, Bloodevolver." Logan said. "Looks like we finally meet."


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