My Vampire System
106 No Experience points!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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106 No Experience points!

Up in the stands, Nate found it hard to keep his mouth closed after what he had just seen. The last time to two of them fought each other, Nate had come out as the winner but now looking at the new Bloodevolver, he seemed so much stronger compared to before.

"But how? We only fought a couple of weeks ago, was he holding back, or did he really just get that much stronger in the short amount of time?"

The speed, the strength and even that weird red energy seemed stronger than before. Nate knew he also still had the flash step and the Hammer strike in his arsenal of skills. The more he watched this person, the more excited he started to get.

After Quinn won his first match, he had a feeling that something was missing, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Ah, wait a minute, where is my exp?"

Before when defeating an opponent, the system would reward him half the amount of exp he would get for defeating a person on the outside, but this time there was nothing.

Just to make sure, Quinn quickly searched for another level one opponent. His opponent was found, and in this match, he wasted no time in dealing with the enemy.

He dashed forward and cast Daze stunning his opponent and at the moment used flash step to get behind them. Then finishing the opponent off with another standard Blood punch.

[Bloodevolver Victory]

Again though, there was no system message for exp.

"System, what's the meaning of this?"

"Seriously, do you only like speaking to me when you have a problem." The system replied. "Anyway, this was obvious, don't you think? You evolved, you're now a level 10, the experience needed was reset. In simple terms your opponent was too weak for you, so the system didn't reward you any exp."

Quinn cursed underneath his breath, every time he seemed to be getting somewhere and felt like he could really make progression, the system seemed to get in his way.

Quinn then used the search function again this time searching for level 2 ability users. He was quickly put in another match again.

This time when fighting, Quinn wanted to still finish the match fairly quickly but was a little more cautious. He threw out a barrage of blood swipes to distract the opponent. Then running behind his attacks, he would use Flash step to appear behind them just in case they were able to block the initial attack.

However, that wasn't needed, his blood swipe skill was now a level 2, and because his opponent had never seen such a thing before, he tried to hit it with his basic tier sword. As soon as the two had made an impact, his sword had shattered. The blood swipes hit his body and sent him to the ground.

He wasn't dead yet but badly hurt. Then it only took one more hit to finish him off.

[Bloodevolver Victory]

But still, there were no experience points. Frustrated by the situation, even more, Quinn went to quick search for his opponent. Hoping it would find him a random user of a higher level, that would at least give him some experience.

As he used his inspect skill on his new opponent, he was now going up against a level four user with an earth ability. He was wearing a full set of basic tier equipment head to toe.

Before the match had started, Quinn failed to notice the stands around him were getting filled. More people were starting to watch his games.

After the last two opponents he faced had two quick losses, they decided to inspect his next few games. The users were able to search for the previous opponent they played against and then inspect their matches.

They had also invited their friends saying they had met a person with a strange ability they had never seen before. Explaining how they lost in only a few seconds. Their friends had invited their friends, and now the stands were filled with around twenty different people inspecting Quinn's next match.

"It seems others are starting to notice you as well," Nate said as he heard them talking.

"Hey, so do you think this is that Hacker?���

"Oh yeah, I remember seeing a forum post about it a few days ago on their website. A user who used red energy. I thought It was fake though."

"Well, we will just have to wait and see."

Quinn looking at his opponent, was wondering just how strong he might be. It was the first time he was fighting against a user who wore beast equipment over his whole body which meant he would have added stats from the equipment.

"Actually, there was another person." The system said, "But you kind of ate him."

Hearing those words from the system reminded him of when he was in the Bloodsucker mode, and suddenly he felt a little strange.

"Thanks for reminding me just before a fight."

"3…2…1.." The match had finally begun.

This time though Quinn wasn't going to charge in on the get-go. He moved forward until he was within the five-meter range of blood swipe and swung a single attack out as a tester.

The earth user then stomped his foot on the ground, and a solid wall of earth rose from the floor blocking the attack. However, the blood swipe was powerful and managed to chip away at the wall. Seeing this, the user stomped several times more adding to the first wall making it even thicker.

Eventually, the red lines disappeared, and the attack was stopped.

While Quinn was thinking how to make his next attack and how to make it go through. A hard earth spear had risen from behind and stabbed Quinn in the back, causing him to stumble to the floor.

[46/55 HP]

"Damn, that's what I get for staying still!"

But before Quinn could even fully recover several more spears had risen from the ground coming straight for him. He rolled and dodged the first few before getting back up on his feet.

This match was going to be harder than he initially thought.


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